30.72 TB SSD Unleash the Ultimate Storage Power

30.72 TB SSD – Unleash the Ultimate Storage Power!

Introducing the latest in data storage technology, the PBlaze6 6930 NVMe SSD with a maximum capacity of 30.72TB. This powerful SSD has been designed specifically for data center applications, providing unparalleled performance and reliability for organizations dealing with massive amounts of data.

What is a 30.72TB SSD?

A 30.72TB SSD is a type of solid-state drive that offers a storage capacity of 30.72 terabytes. It is a high-capacity storage solution that is ideal for organizations that deal with large amounts of data.

Specification Details

The 30.72TB SSD is an internal storage solution that is designed for use in data centers. It comes in a 2.5-inch form factor and uses the SAS 12Gb/s interface for fast and reliable data transfer. The SSD uses NAND flash memory for superior performance and has a read speed of up to 3.2GB/s and a write speed of up to 3.0GB/s. It also has an endurance rating of up to 13.88 petabytes written (PBW).

Benefits of a 30.72TB SSD

A 30.72TB SSD offers numerous benefits for organizations dealing with large amounts of data.

Cost Savings

Using a 30.72TB SSD can result in significant cost savings for businesses. By consolidating data storage onto a single drive, organizations can reduce the number of servers needed, which can lead to lower energy and maintenance costs.

Increased Performance

Compared to traditional hard drives, a 30.72TB SSD offers much faster read and write speeds, resulting in increased performance for data center applications. Access times for data can be reduced, and overall system performance can be improved.


A 30.72TB SSD can also improve a company’s efficiency, allowing data to be accessed and processed more quickly. This can result in faster turnaround times for tasks and greater productivity overall.

Note: While a 30.72TB SSD offers numerous benefits, it may not be necessary for all businesses or applications. Consider the specific needs of your organization and consult with IT professionals to determine the most appropriate storage solution.

Applications of a 30.72TB SSD

A 30.72TB SSD offers endless possibilities in data-heavy industries such as data centers, media and entertainment, and gaming. With its high capacity, read/write speeds, and reliability, the potential applications are limitless.

In data centers, a 30.72TB SSD can accommodate large amounts of data storage and offer faster processing times. This is beneficial for organizations that deal with data-intensive tasks such as virtualization, cloud applications, and analytics. The Micron 9400 SSD, Samsung’s all-flash solutions, and Intel P5316 SSD are examples of 30.72TB SSDs that can be used in data center applications.

In the media and entertainment industry, a 30.72TB SSD can be used to store and edit high-resolution videos, graphics, and audio files. This is important in post-production when the data size can be massive. A 30.72TB SSD can improve workflow and efficiency by allowing data to be processed faster.

For gamers, a 30.72TB SSD provides quick loading times and smoother gameplay. It allows gamers to store their games and data on a single drive, freeing up space on their computer. This can be a game-changer for esports professionals who require lightning-fast speeds and minimal lag times.

In conclusion, a 30.72TB SSD is a crucial component for businesses and individuals that rely on high-capacity and fast data processing. The Micron 9400 SSD, Samsung’s all-flash solutions, and Intel P5316 SSD are great examples of 30.72TB SSDs that can cater to various needs and applications.

How to Choose the Right 30.72TB SSD

When it comes to choosing the right 30.72TB SSD, there are several important factors to consider. Below are some key factors that can help guide your decision:


One of the most important factors to consider when selecting a 30.72TB SSD is the price. It is important to consider the cost of the SSD when compared to other options on the market. Often, high-end SSDs are more expensive than traditional hard drives, so it is important to ensure that the cost is justified by the performance and reliability benefits.


Another factor to consider when selecting a 30.72TB SSD is endurance. Endurance refers to the ability of the SSD to withstand a certain number of write cycles before it starts to fail. This is particularly important for data centers and organizations that deal with large amounts of data. To ensure that your SSD is both fast and reliable, choose one with high endurance and a long warranty period.


Lastly, it is important to consider compatibility when selecting a 30.72TB SSD. Ensure that the SSD you choose is compatible with your existing hardware and software configuration. Additionally, check with the manufacturer to obtain a complete list of compatible devices and software to ensure optimal performance.

Consider the price, endurance, and compatibility of an SSD when selecting the right option for your organization’s needs.

Challenges and Limitations of a 30.72TB SSD

Despite the benefits of a 30.72TB SSD, there are some considerations to keep in mind. One major challenge is the cost – these high-capacity drives are significantly more expensive than smaller options. Another issue is security concerns, as larger capacity drives may contain more sensitive data. Additionally, upgrading system hardware may be necessary to accommodate the larger size and speed of a 30.72TB SSD.

Real-World Examples

Many companies and organizations have started to implement 30.72TB SSDs to improve their storage capabilities and performance. Here are some real-world examples:

Memblaze PBlaze6 6930 NVMe SSD

The Memblaze PBlaze6 6930 NVMe SSD is designed specifically for data center applications and is ideal for organizations dealing with large amounts of data. With its maximum capacity of 30.72TB, it offers unparalleled performance and reliability.

Micron 9400 SSD

The Micron 9400 SSD has industry-leading 30.72TB capacity, doubling the maximum capacity of their prior generation performance NVMe SSD. This helps data center operators to potentially save space, energy, weight and budget through rack consolidation, while reducing the management burden of unneeded servers.

Intel P5316 SSD

The Intel P5316 SSD is built for use cases such as content delivery networks, hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), and Big Data. It also offers a massive capacity of 30.72TB for data-intensive workloads.

Samsung PM1643a

The Samsung PM1643a is another 30.72TB SAS SSD that can deliver unrivaled performance, reliability, and scalability for modern data centers.

Many companies and organizations are upgrading to high-capacity 30.72TB SSDs to meet the ever-increasing storage needs of modern data centers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lifespan of a 30.72TB SSD?

The lifespan of a 30.72TB SSD, like any other SSD, depends on several factors such as usage, erase counts, and environmental conditions. However, its lifespan is generally longer than traditional hard drives because SSDs have no moving parts, meaning they are less prone to mechanical failure.

How does a 30.72TB SSD compare to traditional hard drives?

A 30.72TB SSD has several advantages over traditional hard drives. SSDs are faster, more durable, and efficient. They also generate less heat, consume less power, and create less noise. Moreover, SSDs can last longer than hard drives and offer higher capacities.

What kind of system requirements are needed for a 30.72TB SSD?

A 30.72TB SSD requires a system with the appropriate connectivity options such as SAS 12Gb/s for internal use. It also needs to have the necessary firmware and software support to take advantage of its full capabilities. Besides, the system should have sufficient power and cooling to accommodate such a high-capacity drive.


The 30.72TB SSD is a game-changer in the world of data storage, providing massive capacity and unparalleled performance for data center applications. With its ability to handle heavy workloads and reduce the management burden of unneeded servers, it offers benefits for organizations dealing with large amounts of data. Plus, its high capacity offers significant space, energy, weight, and budget savings through rack consolidation. Overall, the 30.72TB SSD provides an efficient and reliable solution for data storage needs.



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