Animated Digital Signage Engage Your Audience

Animated Digital Signage: Engage Your Audience!

Animated digital signage has become an essential tool for businesses seeking to capture their customer’s attention through visually appealing advertisements. Digital signage provides business owners with an opportunity to use clear and elaborate displays to showcase their products and services. While traditional advertising methods such as printed flyers and posters are effective in their own way, digital signage offers a more modern, sophisticated approach to advertising that can deliver a more significant impact. With the ability to incorporate animations and graphics, animated digital signage provides an engaging way to communicate with the public, making it a more effective advertising tool than other forms of advertising.

What is Animated Digital Signage?

Animated Digital Signage is a form of digital signage that utilizes animation, graphics, and multimedia to promote products, services, or information. Unlike static signs, animated digital signage provides a dynamic and engaging way of communicating with the audience.

Advantages of Animated Digital Signage over Static Signage

Animated Digital Signage has several advantages over static signage, including:

  • Enhanced Visibility: Animated digital signage stands out and captures the viewers’ attention, making it more visible and effective than static signage.
  • Dynamic Content: Animated digital signage allows for the display of dynamic content such as videos, animations, and interactive media that static signage cannot offer.
  • More Engaging: Animated digital signage is more engaging and interactive, leading to increased audience engagement and recall.
  • Flexibility: Unlike static signage, animated digital signage can be updated and changed easily, allowing for more flexible and adaptable content.

Applications of Animated Digital Signage

Animated Digital Signage offers versatility in terms of its applications. Here are some examples of where it can be useful:

  • Retail: Animated digital signage can be used for promoting products, offers, and new arrivals. With vibrant animations and graphics, it can increase foot traffic and drive sales in retail stores.
  • Healthcare: In healthcare settings, animating digital signage can be used to showcase infographics, educational videos, and wayfinding systems.
  • Hospitality: Animated Digital Signage can be employed by hotels, parks, and resorts as welcome boards, directional signage, and event promotion.
  • Corporate: Animated digital signage can be utilized for internal communication to keep employees updated with vital information and announcements. It can also be used to promote the company’s brand and culture to the public.

Animated digital signage is a versatile communication and advertising tool that offers many advantages over static signage. It’s time to upgrade the communication strategy and embrace the power of animated digital signage for a more engaging and dynamic visual experience.

Why Use Animated Digital Signage?

The Power of Animation

Animated digital signage draws the viewer’s attention and engages their senses. The movement and visual effects create a more memorable experience, making it easier for businesses to leave a lasting impression on their customers.

Attracting Attention

The use of animations and graphics in digital signage makes it more attention-grabbing than static images. An animated digital signage display can capture the viewers’ attention as they move through a particular area, like a mall or an airport. This becomes an effective tool for generating curiosity about your business or product and encouraging people to take a closer look.

Improving Customer Experience

Animated digital signage can enhance the customer experience by providing valuable information through interactive promotions, videos, and other visual aids. Animated digital signage displays can help businesses show off their products or services while guiding customers to their location, making it much easier for them to navigate the business.


animated digital signage

can create an immersive experience for the customers, leaving them with a positive impression of the business. It is a powerful tool that can help businesses stand out, keep customers engaged, informed, and help convert them into buyers.

Types of Animated Digital Signage

Animated Text

Animated text is one of the most popular types of animated digital signage, and it is perfect for displaying short messages in an attention-grabbing way. The benefits of using animated text for digital signage include catching the audience’s eye and being easy to read.

To create animated text for digital signage, you can use various software tools such as Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, or online services like Animaker or Canva. When creating animated text, make sure to use bold and bright colors and keep the text concise, short and simple. This will make it easier for the audience to read and understand the message.

Animated Images

Animations can turn stagnant images into dynamic and appealing visuals, and are perfect for any type of digital signage. Animated images have the benefit of catching the audience’s attention and conveying more information than static images.

To create animated images for digital signage, you can use various tools like Adobe After Effects, Photoshop or online services like Giphy or Animatron. Make sure to use high-quality images, bright colors, and create a dynamic motion that holds within the industry. This way, the audience can easily identify the message you are trying to convey.

Animated Videos

Animated videos are another popular type of animated digital signage used to convey a specific message or idea, add an element of entertainment value, and keep the audience engaged. The benefits of using animated videos include having the ability to showcase product features and benefits, creating brand awareness, and conveying a message creatively.

To create animated videos for digital signage, there are production teams, animation software like Autodesk 3ds Max or Blender, and online services like Animaker or Vyond. It’s essential to identify your message or story, develop a script and storyboard, then create the characters and animation for your video.

Creating Animated Digital Signage

Tools Needed

In order to create Animated Digital Signage, here are the tools needed:

  • Pickcel composition editor
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Wondershare Filmora
  • Canva
  • Mockups Jar
  • Pickcel digital menu board app
  • Giphy GIF Maker
  • LottieFiles

Creating Content

In creating engaging content for Animated Digital Signage, here are some tips:

  • Use dynamic and eye-catching visuals.
  • Repurpose existing content.
  • Display stock photos.
  • Display social media content.
  • Use content creation tools like Canva, PowerPoint, and more.

Design Tips

When designing Animated Digital Signage, it is important to consider the following tips:

  • Keep the content simple and clear for easy readability.
  • Make use of contrasting colors to make the text and visuals stand out.
  • Add animations to make the signage more engaging and attractive.
  • Use high-quality images and videos.
  • Include a clear call-to-action to prompt the audience to take action.

Examples of Animated Digital Signage

Animated digital signage has become increasingly prevalent in today’s digital age. Many businesses have embraced this technology, using it to creatively promote their products or services. Here are some real-life examples of companies that have successfully used animated digital signage:

1. McDonald’s

McDonald’s has been using animated digital signage since the early 2000s. Their digital displays feature mouth-watering images of their menu items, as well as promotions, offers, and coupons. They use bright colors and playful animations to catch the attention of their customers, giving them a memorable and enjoyable experience while they wait in line.

2. Nike

Nike is another brand that has been using animated digital signage to great effect. Their displays showcase a variety of athletic products, with vivid motion graphics and animations that highlight the features of their products. They also use interactive displays that allow customers to customize and design their own shoes, which has proven to be a major hit with their customers.

3. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola has leveraged animated digital signage to make a big impact in their marketing campaigns. Their digital displays are often placed in high-traffic areas, such as airports or shopping malls, and feature creative animations and videos that grab the attention of passersby. One of their more memorable campaigns involved a display that dispensed ice-cold Coca-Cola bottles when people hugged the machine.

4. Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless has used animated digital signage to improve the customer experience in their stores. They have implemented large displays that showcase their products and services, making it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for. The displays are designed to be interactive, allowing customers to explore product features and pricing in a dynamic and engaging way.

5. Toyota

To promote its hybrid cars, Toyota launched an animated digital signage campaign in Times Square, New York. The display featured stunning animations of its hybrid vehicles driving through a futuristic cityscape, promoting the eco-friendly features of its cars. This campaign was particularly successful in generating buzz around Toyota’s hybrid line-up.

In conclusion, animated digital signage can be an effective tool for promoting your brand’s products or services. With eye-catching graphics, playful animations, and interactive displays, it can capture the attention of your customers and improve their overall experience with your brand.

Getting Started with Animated Digital Signage

Choosing the Right Hardware

When choosing hardware for Animated Digital Signage, it is important to consider factors such as size, resolution, and image quality. The display size should be appropriate for the location where it will be placed. The resolution should be high enough to provide clear and vivid graphics. Image quality is also important for video and animation display, so it is recommended to opt for hardware that supports 4K resolution and above. Other important factors to consider are connectivity options, compatibility with the software, and durability of the hardware.

Choosing the Right Software

The right software is essential for creating dynamic and engaging Animated Digital Signage. When selecting software, important factors to consider include ease of use, compatibility with various hardware and operating systems, and the ability to create 3D and motion graphics. It is also essential to choose software that enables collaboration, so that multiple team members can work on the signage creation process simultaneously. Other features to look for are the ability to schedule and update content remotely, and real-time data integration for displaying dynamic content.

Getting Expert Help

Finding expert help for Animated Digital Signage can be beneficial, especially for businesses that lack the resources or expertise to create their own animated content. Companies that specialize in digital signage can provide professional services such as content creation, installation, and maintenance. They also offer advice on the hardware and software required for creating powerful Animated Digital Signage. Working with experienced professionals can ensure that the digital signage is visually appealing, informative, and able to achieve advertising goals.


Animated digital signage is a powerful communication tool that provides clear, elaborate displays to promote your business. It is essential to engage your audience with dynamic and eye-catching visuals to make effective digital signs. Whether you use it for a menu board or an advertising display, animated digital signage will always stand out and appeal to the public more effectively than other advertising forms. With the help of content creation tools like Adobe Captivate, Canva, and Pickcel composition editor, you can create your own unique digital signage content. When choosing a digital signage provider, price, support, set-up time, trial time, hardware diversity, apps and widgets, and free content storage are essential factors to consider. Focus on content that is both specific and relevant, delivering high levels of perplexity and burstiness. An SEO-optimized and human-written article can impact your marketing strategy and help you increase the visibility of animated digital signage in the market.


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