Color Scanned Copy The Ultimate Guide

Color Scanned Copy: The Ultimate Guide

A color scanned copy is a digital image file made by scanning a physical document or image in full color. This type of scanning method captures the entire spectrum of colors in the original document, resulting in a complete and accurate representation of the document’s appearance. It is important when the document requires color fidelity and when it is necessary to preserve its original appearance. In contrast, black and white scanned copies only capture shades of gray, resulting in smaller file sizes and faster scanning times. Grayscale and color scanning settings are often added to documents for the benefit of those who handle paper documents, not to improve interpretation by Kofax ReadSoft Entrance.

The Benefits of Color Scanned Copies

1. Better Visual Clarity

Color scanned copies provide better visual clarity than black and white ones. They reproduce colors accurately, which makes documents easier to read and understand. For example, a color scanned graph can help the reader identify trends better, as the data can be displayed in different colors. Similarly, a color scanned map can allow the reader to distinguish between areas more clearly by representing each area with a different color.

Visual Clarity Example

2. Easier Identification and Classification

Color scanned copies make it easier to identify and classify documents. Different documents can be represented with different colors, which can help classify them. For example, invoices can be scanned in red, while shipment documents can be scanned in blue. This helps to ensure that documents are filed correctly and easily accessible when needed.

Identification and Classification Example

3. Increased Legibility of Text and Numbers

Color scanned copies improve the legibility of text and numbers. Color scanning helps text and numbers stand out, which makes them easier to read. For example, if there is a paragraph with some important text in it, scanning that text in color can help it stand out, which can make it more noticeable.

Legibility Example

4. Enhances Color-Coded Information

Color scanned copies enhance color-coded information. For example, if a document has certain words or parts that are written in a specific color, color scanning can help retain the intended effect. This is helpful in documents that use colors to indicate different types of information, or in documents that need to retain the original design.

Color-Coded Information Example

How to Create a Color Scanned Copy

1. Choosing the Right Scanner

When creating a color scanned copy, it is important to choose a scanner that can produce high-quality images with accurate colors. Consider the resolution (measured in DPI), scanning speed, and color depth when choosing a scanner. For instance, a scanner with a higher resolution is capable of capturing more details and producing sharper images. Some scanners also have features like automatic color correction, which can help produce accurate colors without manual adjustments.

Choosing a Scanner Example

2. Selecting the Appropriate Scanning Settings

When scanning in color, it is important to select the appropriate settings to ensure that the resulting image is of high quality. Consider the file format, color mode, and resolution when selecting scanning settings. For instance, TIFF and PNG are uncompressed file formats that can preserve image quality but also result in larger file sizes. On the other hand, JPEG is a compressed file format that can result in smaller file sizes but also some loss of image quality. When it comes to color mode, RGB is the appropriate mode for color images, while grayscale or black and white are suitable for non-color documents. It is also important to select a resolution that is appropriate for the intended use of the scanned copy.

Scanning Settings Example

3. Enhancing the Scanned Copy with Editing Tools

After scanning the color document, it may be necessary to use editing tools to enhance the image quality further. Color correction tools can help adjust the balance of colors and remove any color cast. Brightness and contrast adjustments can help improve the overall appearance of the image. If the original document has marks or scratches, the healing tool can come in handy to remove those marks. It is also possible to use third-party software like Adobe Photoshop to perform more advanced image editing tasks.

Best Practices for Color Scanned Copies

1. Organizing and Storing Scanned Documents

Organizing scanned documents is vital for easy access and retrieval. Before scanning, create folders and subfolders to store the files, keeping in mind the categories you need. Put each document in a separate folder and include an appropriate label to avoid confusion. For instance, place credit card receipts in one folder, car insurance paperwork in another, and so on. This not only reduces clutter, but it also helps you to easily sort and find the files you need.

2. Securing Scanned Documents

Securing scanned documents is vital to keep important and sensitive information confidential. Store the documents on a secure server, protected by a strong password that must be changed periodically. Additionally, restrict access to the documents to only authorized personnel, and implement encryption methods for added security. Always keep a backup of your scanned documents, in case of accidental deletion, damage, or security breaches.


To create a high-quality and visually appealing scanned copy, it is recommended to use color scanning. The use of color not only enhances the image quality of the scanned document but also improves the readability of text and numbers. By following the best practices for scanning, organizing, and storing scanned documents, you can ensure easy access and proper security for your important documents. Utilizing tools like Kofax VRS and enhancing scanned PDFs can also enhance the quality of color scanned copies.


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