Hide iPhone Keyboard Simple and Quick Way

Hide iPhone Keyboard: Simple and Quick Way

Knowing how to hide the iPhone keyboard can save you time and effort when using the device. Some applications require a lot of typing, which can be problematic when the keyboard takes up the majority of the screen, making navigation difficult. Fortunately, hiding the keyboard can be done with just a few simple steps. In this article, we will go over the steps needed to hide iPhone keyboard, without having to close the application.

What is the iPhone Keyboard?

The iPhone keyboard is a virtual keyboard that is built into the iPhone. It is used to input text on an iPhone device and includes several convenient shortcuts to make typing easier.

How can I hide the iPhone keyboard?

To hide the iPhone keyboard, follow these simple steps:

  1. From the page where you want to hide the keyboard, open the notification area by sliding the screen from the top.
  2. Swipe right to go to the search panel from the notification area.
  3. Click on the search input box.
  4. Now just swipe up the screen from down to close the search panel.
  5. The keyboard will disappear from the application.

Why would I want to hide the iPhone keyboard?

You may want to hide the iPhone keyboard to view more content on the screen or to access other functions within an application.

Are there any other ways to hide the iPhone keyboard?

Yes, there are other ways to hide the iPhone keyboard. For example, you can tap outside of the input field or press the “Done” or “Return” key if available. Some applications may also have a dedicated “Hide Keyboard” button.

Can I customize the iPhone keyboard?

Unfortunately, you cannot customize the iPhone keyboard beyond changing the language and enabling/disabling auto-correction and auto-capitalization. However, there are third-party keyboard apps available on the App Store that offer more customization options.

Reasons to Hide iPhone Keyboard

There are many reasons to hide the iPhone keyboard, which include reducing the amount of screen clutter while using an app, improving visibility by allowing users to see what is behind the keyboard, and preventing unintended clicks on buttons or links that may be close to the keyboard. Additionally, hiding the keyboard can provide more space on the screen to focus on other elements of an app or website.

How to Hide iPhone Keyboard

Method 1: Hiding the Keyboard on Current iPhone Models

If you have a newer iPhone model, hiding the keyboard is simple. All you need to do is swipe down from the middle of the screen while typing. This will minimize the keyboard and show more of the screen. You can also tap on the keyboard icon in the bottom right of the screen to hide it as well.

Method 2: Hiding the Keyboard on Legacy iPhone Models

For older iPhone models without the swipe down feature, hiding the keyboard requires a few more steps. First, tap on the text box where you’re typing. Then, press the “done” button on the keyboard. This will hide the keyboard and allow you to see more of the screen.

FAQs about Hiding iPhone Keyboard

How can I show the keyboard again after hiding it?

To bring back the keyboard, simply tap on the text box on the screen where you want to input text. The keyboard should automatically pop up again.

Can I change the keyboard layout after hiding it?

Yes, you can easily change the keyboard layout on your iPhone. To do this, go to the “Settings” app, select “General,” followed by “Keyboard” and then “Keyboards.” From there, you can add or remove keyboards, as well as rearrange their order.

Benefits of Hiding iPhone Keyboard

There are several benefits to hiding the iPhone keyboard. One of the main benefits is reduced eye strain. With the keyboard hidden, users can focus more on the content of their messages or emails rather than the keyboard itself. Additionally, hiding the keyboard can lead to increased texting speed, particularly for those who use alternative ways to input text, such as voice-to-text or predictive text. Users can also benefit from more screen space when the keyboard is hidden, making it easier to view content or perform other tasks on the device. Finally, hiding the keyboard can provide a more streamlined and distraction-free experience, particularly for those who use their iPhone for work or productivity purposes.


In conclusion, hiding the iPhone keyboard is an essential feature that every iPhone user should know. It can be achieved easily by following the steps mentioned above. Furthermore, iPhone keyboard offers several shortcuts that can make typing easier and faster. Utilizing keyboard tips and tricks can definitely enhance the users’ typing experience. So, keep on exploring iPhone keyboard and make the most out of it.


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