Discover the Price of iPhone 7 Plus 32GB Used in UK

Discover the Price of iPhone 7 Plus 32GB Used in UK

Knowing the price of a second-hand iPhone 7 Plus 32GB in the UK is crucial in making a wise purchase, whether you’re upgrading your phone or switching to iPhone from another brand. As such, the focus keyword “how much is iPhone 7 Plus UK used 32GB” is a popular search among buyers. In this article, we will delve into the factors that affect the price of a used iPhone 7 Plus and give you an idea of how much you should expect to spend.

Why Buy a Used iPhone 7 Plus in the UK?

If you are on a budget and looking for a reliable smartphone, buying a used iPhone 7 Plus in the UK can be a great option. Not only can you save money compared to buying a brand new device, but the iPhone 7 Plus still offers quality features that make it a desirable choice.

Cost Savings

The main benefit of buying a used iPhone 7 Plus in the UK is the cost savings. You can get a high-quality phone for a fraction of the price of a new iPhone model. This is great news for those who don’t need the latest and greatest technology but still want a reliable smartphone. Plus, since the iPhone 7 Plus was released in 2016, it has already gone through the initial depreciation period, meaning you can get an even better deal.

Quality of the Device

The iPhone 7 Plus is still a highly sought-after smartphone because of its quality features. It has a 5.5-inch Retina HD display, dual 12-megapixel cameras, and a powerful A10 Fusion chip. The device is also water and dust resistant, making it a durable choice. Even though the iPhone 7 Plus is a few years old, it is still highly functional and can keep up with everyday tasks and more.


Since the iPhone 7 Plus was a popular model, there are still many used devices available for purchase in the UK. This means that you can find a device in the color and storage size that you want without having to settle for something less than ideal.


By purchasing a used iPhone 7 Plus in the UK instead of a new device, you are helping to reduce electronic waste. When you buy a used smartphone, the device is given a second life instead of ending up in a landfill. This is a great way to be more environmentally conscious while still getting the device you need.

Buying a used iPhone 7 Plus in the UK can be a smart choice if you are on a budget but still want quality features in a reliable device. Just remember to purchase from a trusted seller and make sure to thoroughly inspect the device before making your purchase.

Product Details: Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB (UK Used)

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB used in the UK has a 5.5-inch IPS display with 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution and a pixel density of 401 ppi. Its camera features a 12MP rear camera and 7MP front camera that can take stunning pictures and videos. The phone runs on a powerful Apple A10 Fusion chipset and has 3GB RAM. It supports iOS 10 and can be upgraded to iOS 13.4. It is water and dust resistant and has 32GB, 128GB, or 256GB built-in storage to store your files and apps. One of its strengths is its battery performance, lasting long enough for daily usage. Furthermore, its compact size enables single-handed use.

Reviews of iPhone 7 Plus 32GB (UK Used)

When it comes to the iPhone 7 Plus 32GB used in the UK, customer reviews have been generally positive. Users have praised its fast performance, amazing camera quality, and attractive design. Its water-resistant and dustproof features also make it a practical choice for those who prioritize durability. Despite being an older model, the iPhone 7 Plus still holds up well for most tasks, especially for those who do not require the latest technology.

One potential downside, however, is the battery life. While it has a pretty decent battery performance, it may not be enough for heavy users who rely heavily on their phones throughout the day. Additionally, the lack of a headphone jack may be a frustration for some users.

Overall, the iPhone 7 Plus 32GB used in the UK is still a reliable and attractive option for those looking for a high-performing smartphone at a more affordable price point.

Price of iPhone 7 Plus 32GB Used in the UK

As of now, the price of a used iPhone 7 Plus 32GB unit in the UK ranges from ₤105,000 to ₤150,000 if you purchase it on Jiji. However, the cost may vary depending on a few factors such as its condition, the color of the device, and the availability of the accessories.

If you want a renewed or refurbished unit, you may be able to save some money as they are sold at a lower price compared to brand new ones. Nevertheless, be cautious when buying a used phone, it is always best to examine the device for any damages that may affect its performance.

Best Places to Buy iPhone 7 Plus 32GB Used in the UK

If you’re looking to buy an iPhone 7 Plus 32GB used in the UK, there are a few reputable sources to consider. One of the best options is Jiji, where you can find the phone for a reasonable price, between ₦105,000 – 150,000. Another trusted retailer is Music Magpie, which is a popular choice for UK consumers looking for refurbished iPhones. They typically offer competitive prices for the iPhone 7 Plus 32GB used.

Both of these options have their own benefits. Jiji often has new or slightly older models in stock, so you have a better chance of finding exactly what you’re looking for. They also provide seller ratings and reviews, which can be helpful in finding a reputable seller. Meanwhile, Music Magpie boasts a thorough refurbishing process and provides a 12-month warranty on all refurbished phones they sell.

No matter which option you choose, make sure to do your research beforehand to ensure you’re getting a good deal on a reliable phone. You can also consider checking out other online marketplaces, such as eBay or Amazon, but be sure to thoroughly read listing descriptions and check seller reviews to avoid scams or receiving a faulty phone.

Note: When buying a used or refurbished phone, it’s important to thoroughly check the phone’s condition, including battery life, display, and camera quality, before making a purchase.

Tips for Purchasing iPhone 7 Plus 32GB Used in the UK

Looking to buy a used iPhone 7 Plus 32GB in the UK? Here are some tips to ensure that you get the best deal:

Check the Condition

Before making any purchase, thoroughly inspect the device and check for any damages or defects. Make sure to check the battery life, camera lens, and screen condition as well. It’s always a good idea to test the device out before buying it.

Research the Seller

Make sure to research the seller before buying a used iPhone 7 Plus. Look for reviews and ratings from previous customers to ensure that you’re dealing with a reputable seller. Avoid buying from sellers with no ratings or negative reviews.

Negotiate the Price

Don’t be afraid to negotiate the price with the seller. Look up the average price for a used iPhone 7 Plus 32GB in the UK and use that as a starting point for negotiation. Be polite and respectful during negotiations.

Check Carrier Compatibility

Make sure that the iPhone 7 Plus you’re buying is compatible with your carrier. Check the device specifications and the carrier’s website to confirm compatibility.

Check Activation Lock

Activation Lock is a feature that prevents unauthorized access to your device. Check that the Activation Lock is disabled before making any purchase. If not, ask the seller to disable it before buying the phone.

Protect Your Purchase

After purchasing your iPhone 7 Plus, make sure to protect your investment. Get a protective case and screen protector to help prevent damages. Also, consider getting insurance or a warranty to cover any unforeseen damages or defects.

Remember to always exercise caution when purchasing used electronics, and don’t be afraid to walk away from a sale if something doesn’t feel right.

FAQs about iPhone 7 Plus 32GB Used in the UK

If you’re considering purchasing a used iPhone 7 Plus with 32GB of storage in the UK, you likely have some questions. Here are answers to some common FAQs:

Is the iPhone 7 Plus 32GB used compatible with UK networks?

Yes, the iPhone 7 Plus 32GB used model is compatible with UK networks. However, it’s always best to check with your specific carrier to ensure that it will work properly on their network.

What warranty options are available for used iPhone 7 Plus 32GB in the UK?

When purchasing a used iPhone 7 Plus 32GB in the UK, the warranty options may vary depending on where you purchase it from. Some retailers may offer their own warranty on used devices, while others may not offer any warranty at all. It’s important to check with the retailer before purchasing to see what warranty options are available.

What are the risks of buying a used iPhone 7 Plus 32GB in the UK?

There are some potential risks associated with buying a used iPhone 7 Plus 32GB in the UK. These can include hidden damage or wear and tear, expired warranty, and the possibility of the device being stolen or locked with an activation lock. It’s always important to thoroughly inspect the device and ensure that it is in good condition before purchasing. Additionally, it’s a good idea to purchase from reputable retailers that offer clear return policies and warranty options.


Buying a used iPhone 7 Plus 32GB in the UK can be a great option for those on a limited budget, with prices ranging from ₦105,000 – 150,000. These devices are often refurbished or renewed, and can provide exceptional value for their cost. It is important to consider retail options, carrier compatibility, activation lock status, and device damage before making a purchase. Keep in mind that the iPhone 7 Plus has superior battery life and camera capabilities, but lacks a headphone jack. By following these tips and considering the benefits of a used device, consumers can make an informed decision when purchasing an iPhone 7 Plus 32GB in the UK.


When searching for a UK used iPhone 7 Plus with 32GB of storage, it’s important to consider your retail options such as eBay or trusted refurbished sellers like Music Magpie. Make sure to check if the iPhone will work with your carrier and if the iPhone’s Activation Lock is disabled. Checking the iPhone for damage is also important to protect your purchase. As of now, the price range for a UK used iPhone 7 Plus with 32GB storage is about ₦105,000 – 150,000 if you shop on Jiji, while a refurbished (renewed) iPhone 7 Plus cost about the same.

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