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mdb-react-ui-kit: Boost Your Web Development!

mdb-react-ui-kit is a comprehensive library of over 400 React UI components that can help developers create professional-looking websites and applications faster and more efficiently. The library includes essential UI elements like forms, buttons, cards, modals, and much more, all built on top of Bootstrap 4, with customization options that are easy to use. This article will discuss the key features of the mdb-react-ui-kit, its benefits, and how it can help make web development a more streamlined process.

What is mdb-react-ui-kit?

mdb-react-ui-kit is a collection of free Bootstrap templates, themes, design tools, and resources. It is built using React, a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Web developers can use it to quickly create responsive and functional user interfaces with ease. The toolkit is versatile and includes everything necessary for designers and developers to create stunning websites, such as UI components, web blocks, typography, and forms. With mdb-react-ui-kit, designers and developers can easily create beautiful and engaging websites without spending a lot of time in the process.


Simple 3-step installation process

If you’re looking for free Bootstrap templates, themes, design tools, and resources, then you may want to download and install MDB REACT UI KIT. The following is the 3-step installation process:

  1. Step 1 – Download the MDB REACT UI KIT package using your preferred web browser. You can simply search for MDB REACT UI KIT and go to the official website. From there, you may click the download link and wait for the package to be saved on your local drive.
  2. Step 2 – Unzip the downloaded package using any unzipping tool available on your computer. You can use the built-in decompression tool or any third-party tool. Open the extracted package in your desired code editor or IDE.
  3. Step 3 – Install dependencies by running the following command in your terminal or command prompt: npm install

After these simple steps, you can now start using MDB REACT UI KIT for your web app projects.


Overview of 700+ components

MDB-React-UI-Kit offers developers a vast library of over 700 components, making it a one-stop-shop for developers looking for all the components they need in one place. Some of the components offered by MDB-React-UI-Kit are Accordion, AutoComplete, Datepicker, Carousel, Tabs, and many more. Developers can save time and effort by not having to write their own code from scratch, and instead, they can find the necessary components for their projects in this extensive library. MDB-React-UI-Kit makes web development more efficient, convenient, and easier for developers, thanks to its comprehensive component library. Use focus keyword: components.


Buttons are a crucial element of any web page and are often used as calls to action. MDB-React-UI-Kit includes several button styles such as standard buttons, outline buttons, floating buttons, and many more, allowing designers to match buttons that work well with the overall look and feel of a web page. Developers can easily modify these buttons using the provided code snippets, all while avoiding the time-consuming task of creating them from scratch. The ready-to-use buttons offered by MDB-React-UI-Kit make it easier for developers to create beautiful and functional web pages. Use focus keyword: Buttons.


Spinners are visual elements that indicate to users that content is loading. They help in keeping the user engaged and prevent them from leaving the page while the content loads. MDB-React-UI-Kit includes several spinner styles such as classic circle spinners, waves, bars and many more, making it easy for developers to find the right spinner to place on their web page. Using MDB-React-UI-Kit eliminates the need for developers to build spinners from scratch, saving them time, and assisting them in creating seamless web experiences. Use focus keyword: Spinners.


Cards are a design element that improves the readability of content on a web page. It is a content container that allows developers to showcase their content in an organized and visually appealing manner. MDB-React-UI-Kit offers several card styles such as blog cards, eCommerce cards, team cards, and many more. These card styles make it easy for developers to select the best option that suits their web page’s content format. The responsive design of MDB-React-UI-Kit cards ensures readability of content on any screen size, providing a seamless web experience. Use focus keyword: Cards.


The footer is an essential element of any web page, as it provides users with essential information, links to additional content, and access to social media pages. MDB-React-UI-Kit offers several footer examples, including minimalistic footers, social media footers, and contact information footers. These pre-existing examples make it easy for developers to choose the best footer style that suits their website’s overall look and feel. MDB-React-UI-Kit also provides several customization options, allowing developers to tailor the footer to their specific requirements. Use focus keyword: Footer.

Hover Effects

Hover effects add interactivity to any web page and provide emphasis on important elements. MDB-React-UI-Kit offers several hover effect styles, including zooming, flipping, and overlay. These customizable hover effects make web pages visually appealing and engaging for users. Developers can easily modify these pre-made hover effects using the provided code snippets, eliminating the need to build them from scratch. Use focus keyword: Hover.


Notes are an easy way to add extra information to any web page. MDB-React-UI-Kit offers several note styles, including success notes for confirmations, info notes for additional information, and others. These customizable note styles make it easy to add extra content in an organized and appealing manner. Developers can use these pre-existing note styles to add visual interest to any web page with ease. Use focus keyword: Notes.

Advantages of using mdb-react-ui-kit

MDB React UI Kit is a powerful library of pre-built, easy to use components that speed up web development. Here are some of the advantages of using mdb-react-ui-kit:

  • Easy to use: With mdb-react-ui-kit, there’s no need to build components from scratch. Instead, simply choose from a library of pre-built and tested components including forms, tables, cards, modals, and more.
  • Customizable: The library’s components are highly customizable, enabling developers to reinforce their unique branding and design elements.
  • Responsive design: The components in the library are built with responsive design in mind, which ensures that they work perfectly on any device or screen size.
  • Cross-browser compatibility: mdb-react-ui-kit is built with cross-browser compatibility in mind, ensuring that your app works on all popular browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  • Reduced development time: By leveraging pre-built components and eliminating the need to develop custom solutions, mdb-react-ui-kit can significantly reduce development time.
  • Flexibility: The library’s components can be used for a wide range of applications, from simple apps to complex enterprise-level systems.
  • Active development community: mdb-react-ui-kit is backed by an active development community committed to continuous improvement and support.

With these benefits, it’s no surprise that mdb-react-ui-kit is becoming an increasingly popular choice for web developers looking for a powerful, flexible, and easy to use UI library.

Examples of websites built with mdb-react-ui-kit

MDB React UI Kit has been used to build a wide range of websites, from small portfolio sites to large-scale ecommerce platforms. Here are some notable examples:

MDB – Free Bootstrap Themes, Templates, and Design Tools

The official website of MDB is built using the MDB React UI Kit. The site showcases the various templates, themes, and design tools available for free to users.

HeyKuya – On-Demand Delivery Services

HeyKuya is an on-demand delivery service that operates in Metro Manila, Philippines. The website is built with MDB React UI Kit and allows users to schedule deliveries, track orders, and pay online.

HeartCare – Cardiology and Heart Failure Clinic

HeartCare is a cardiology and heart failure clinic based in Kentucky, USA. The website is built with MDB React UI Kit and provides information on the services offered, as well as an online appointment booking system.

InvestorMint – Personal Finance and Investing Resource

InvestorMint is a personal finance and investing resource that provides articles, reviews, and expert advice. The website is built with MDB React UI Kit and features a clean, modern design that is easy to navigate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Material Design?

Material Design is a design language created by Google which combines principles of good design with technology and science. By using Material Design, it provides a consistent design experience across different platforms such as Android, iOS, and the web. The importance of Material Design lies in its ability to create a beautiful and intuitive user interface, providing users with a seamless experience. By using Material Design in your website or application, it can enhance your brand, improve usability, and increase user engagement.

What is Bootstrap 5?

Bootstrap 5 is an open-source front-end framework that is widely used in web development. It is designed to help developers create responsive, mobile-first websites quickly and efficiently. Bootstrap 5 comes with a powerful grid system, pre-built components, and JavaScript plugins that make website development easy and straightforward. The importance of Bootstrap 5 lies in its ability to save time and effort in website development, providing a framework that is easy to use, customize, and maintain. By using Bootstrap 5 in your web development, you can create modern, responsive websites that work across different devices and screen sizes easily.

What is the license of mdb-react-ui-kit?

The mdb-react-ui-kit is released under the MIT license. The MIT license is an open-source license that allows users to freely use, copy, modify, and distribute the software. The MIT license also provides users with the right to sublicense, meaning they can distribute the software under a different license as long as the MIT license terms are included. The importance of the MIT license lies in its ability to provide a permissive license that is compatible with other open-source licenses, making it easy for developers to integrate and use the software in their projects.


Overall, mdb-react-ui-kit is a powerful tool for web developers looking to create stunning responsive websites quickly and easily. With 500+ material UI components built with Bootstrap and Material Design 2.0, MDB ensures that your website looks modern and professional. MDB is integrated with popular JavaScript frameworks and comes with pre-built templates, making it easy for beginners to get started.

With easy updates using a single command, free hosting options, backend starter templates, and a WordPress setup in just three minutes, MDB is extremely user-friendly. The extensive documentation and Bootstrap tutorials make it simple for designers to dive in and start creating beautiful websites immediately. Plus, MDB has licensing options available to suit any budget.

So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced web developer, mdb-react-ui-kit has everything you need to create beautiful, responsive websites with ease.





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