Mid Sub T100 Transforming Mobile Identities

Mid-Sub-T100: Transforming Mobile Identities

The HID MID-SUB-T100 Origo Mobile Identities 1-Year User License is an essential offering for those looking for a reliable and trusted virtual credential for authentication to physical access and extended applications in workplaces. This subscription provides extended capabilities for user, device, and credential management that can be easily integrated into custom applications through its API. In the current mobile identity industry, having trusted and efficient virtual credentials is crucial, and HID Origo Mobile Identities provides just that.

The Importance of Mid-Sub-T100

Mid-Sub-T100 is a crucial factor in the advancement of mobile identities. The security, accessibility, and convenience of virtual credentials are largely dependent on the implementation of Mid-Sub-T100. Mid-Sub-T100 offers a higher degree of security than traditional authentication methods as it allows for identity verification through multiple factors such as biometrics and location tracking, reducing the risk of identity theft or fraud.

Moreover, the use of Mid-Sub-T100 improves accessibility by enabling users to access physical access points and applications remotely, without the need for physical identification cards or fobs. This allows for seamless integration of mobile identities in the workplace, resulting in more efficient and streamlined processes.

Finally, Mid-Sub-T100 enhances convenience by providing a single virtual credential for access to multiple access points and applications. This eliminates the need for multiple identification cards or fobs and reduces the potential for loss or misplacement. Overall, the implementation of Mid-Sub-T100 in mobile identities is a significant step towards a more secure, accessible, and convenient future.

Understanding Mid-Sub-T100’s Solution Components

Mid-Sub-T100 is a solution that provides trusted virtual credentials for authentication to physical access and extended applications in workplaces. It is composed of different components that make up its API, SDK, and mobile app.

The ORIGO Web Portal is a solution component that serves as an admin platform. It allows users to manage their mobile identities, devices, and credentials. In addition to this, it also allows developers to integrate administration capabilities into custom applications.

The Mobile Identity or the virtual card is another component of the Mid-Sub-T100 solution. It is sent by the cloud through an email and serves as the trusted virtual credential for authentication.

The Mid-Sub-T100 API is another essential component that allows developers to integrate the solution into their custom applications. The API enables developers to access different features such as user, device, and credential management.

Related Products That Work With Mid-Sub-T100


The 0J-0W3163A works with Mid-Sub-T100 by providing an added layer of security. This product is a high-performance access controller that is designed for high-speed, high-security applications. It features advanced encryption technology to protect data, as well as a tamper-proof design and a rugged metal case to secure the device. The 0J-0W3163A communicates with Mid-Sub-T100 through a secure network connection to ensure complete security.


The AP5717 works with Mid-Sub-T100 by allowing for remote device management. This product is a rack-mounted KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) switch that provides remote access to servers and other devices. It features advanced security technology to protect data, as well as a user-friendly interface for easy device management. The AP5717 communicates with Mid-Sub-T100 through a secure network connection to ensure complete security.


The 0J-0011 works with Mid-Sub-T100 to allow for multifactor authentication. This product is a multifactor authentication device that provides an additional layer of security beyond traditional passwords or PINs. It features advanced biometric technology to authenticate users, as well as a user-friendly design for easy operation. The 0J-0011 communicates with Mid-Sub-T100 through a secure network connection to ensure complete security.

Use Cases for Mid-Sub-T100

Mid-Sub-T100 has a wide range of use cases in various industries and scenarios. Healthcare providers can use it for secure access to patient records and medical devices. Finance institutions can utilize it for secure customer authentication and access control. Educational institutions can also benefit from this technology for secure access to sensitive student data.

Additionally, Mid-Sub-T100 can be used in government and military environments for secure physical access control and identification verification. Industrial and manufacturing companies can also implement Mid-Sub-T100 for secure remote access to sensitive data and equipment. Finally, it can be used in the transportation industry for secure access to restricted areas.

Mid-Sub-T100 provides a versatile and secure solution for various industries and scenarios that require access control and identity verification.

Challenges and Counterarguments

The implementation of Mid-Sub-T100 has raised concerns and challenges that need to be addressed. Privacy issues have been a major concern since the personal data is stored and transmitted over the cloud. Ensuring the protection of users’ data is crucial to maintain trust and credibility. Moreover, costs considerations have also been raised since getting the required licenses and infrastructure can be expensive for some organizations.


Mid-Sub-T100 is a crucial part of the mobile identity industry, providing unparalleled security and privacy to users. It enables user, device, and credential management, making it an essential tool for developers who aim to integrate administration capabilities into their applications. Proposed IoT security laws in the UK also mean that the features provided by Mid-Sub-T100 are, and will continue to be, necessary for smart devices. The mobile ID is safely transmitted to mobile devices through the cloud, ensuring privacy, security, and superior protection. The virtual credentials sent electronically to the secure identity services portal account linked to the Organizational ID assure users of its authenticity. Implementing best-practice policies would help to ensure that Mid-Sub-T100 continues to operate effectively and securely. Overall, Mid-Sub-T100 is an indispensable tool that guarantees the highest level of data security, digital identity management, and access control.


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  • Smartphone apps, which can hold a virtual version of an existing identity credential
  • SIM-based PKI or Public Key Infrastructure, which utilizes the mobile device’s SIM card to store digital certificates for secure authentication and access
  • Server-side PKI, which involves a trusted third party that issues certificates and manages the authentication process
  • User-managed PKI, which allows users to manage their digital identities and credentials themselves, similar to how they would manage their social media profiles
  • Cloud-based solutions like HID Origo, which provide a convenient and secure way to manage and access virtual credentials for authentication and identity verification
  • Unique passwords that are not resettable to any universal factory-set value
  • A public point of contact for reporting vulnerabilities so that they can be resolved promptly and efficiently
  • Ensuring that software is updated to address known vulnerabilities.
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