Podcast Guest Questionnaire Free Template

Podcast Guest Questionnaire – Free Template

A podcast guest questionnaire is an essential tool that allows podcast hosts to gather direct feedback from their guests. By using a guest questionnaire, podcast hosts can gain valuable insights into how to plan future episodes and improve the overall quality of their show. Not only does it benefit the host, but it also benefits the guest by giving them a chance to provide feedback and make suggestions for improvement. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of a podcast guest questionnaire and how it can benefit both the host and guest.

What is a Podcast Guest Questionnaire?

A podcast guest questionnaire is a series of questions that podcasters ask their potential guests before inviting them onto the show. Its purpose is to help the podcaster get to know the guest better, understand their expertise and interests, and ensure that they are a good fit for the show. This questionnaire is typically designed to gather information on the guest’s background, experience, and their potential contribution to the podcast.

Why is a Podcast Guest Questionnaire Important?

A podcast guest questionnaire is important for several reasons. First, it helps the podcaster decide whether the guest is a good fit for their show. Second, the questionnaire helps the podcaster prepare for the interview by providing them with an understanding of the guest’s background, expertise, and interests. Third, the questions can be used to fuel the conversation and provide structure for the interview. Lastly, by using a questionnaire, podcasters can ensure that they are asking the right questions and covering all relevant topics, making the guest feel more comfortable and prepared.

What Questions Should be Included in a Podcast Guest Questionnaire?

The questions in a podcast guest questionnaire should be tailored to the specific show and topic, but some general topics that could be covered include the guest’s background, expertise, current projects and interests, and potential contributions to the podcast. Sample questions could include:

– Can you tell us a little about your background and how you got into your current field?
– What are some current projects or initiatives that you are working on?
– What topics are you passionate about and would be interested in discussing on the show?
– In your opinion, what are some of the biggest challenges facing your industry at the moment?
– Are there any questions or topics that you would prefer not to discuss on the show?”

It’s important to keep in mind that the questionnaire should not be too long or overwhelming for the guest to complete, but it should be comprehensive enough to give the podcaster a good understanding of the guest’s background and interests.

How Can Podcasters Use a Guest Questionnaire to Improve Their Shows?

Podcasters can use a guest questionnaire to gather direct feedback from their listeners on what topics interest them and what they want to hear more about. By using the responses to these questions, podcasters can create more engaging content and improve their shows by covering topics that their audience wants to hear about. Additionally, by understanding their guests’ expertise and interests, podcasters may be able to bring a unique perspective or fresh take on a topic. Moreover, using a guest questionnaire can provide an opportunity for podcasters to create more interesting and relevant shows.

How to Create a Podcast Guest Questionnaire Template

Creating a podcast guest questionnaire template is a critical step towards conducting a successful interview. It is the ideal way to get the information you need from your guest to create high-quality content that resonates with your audience. In this article, we will take a look at the essential steps required to create an effective questionnaire.

Step 1: Determine the Information Needed

First, you need to determine the type of information required from your guest to make your interview captivating. You may want to know your guest’s expertise, background, availability, and contact information. To get the most out of your questionnaire, you need to be creative with your queries while also ensuring they are informative and engaging.

Step 2: Choose a Platform

When choosing a platform to create your questionnaire, you should select one that is convenient for both you and the guest. Some popular platforms include Google Forms, Typeform, and SurveyMonkey. These platforms ensure that you receive real-time responses from your guests.

Step 3: Design the Questionnaire

When designing the questionnaire, keep it concise and engaging. Avoid lengthy questions that may bore your guests. Instead, utilize open-ended questions that encourage your guest to elaborate on their responses. Make sure that each query is relevant and aligns with the theme of your podcast. Additionally, make use of graphics and other visuals to create a visually appealing questionnaire.

Step 4: Test and Refine

Before sending out the questionnaire to guests, it is essential to test it yourself. Ensure that the template is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Once you are sure of its quality, send it to some of your guests to test it as well. They can provide constructive feedback which can help you refine the template to make it even more engaging.

In conclusion, creating a podcast guest questionnaire template is an invaluable tool for ensuring successful interviews. It helps you develop a better rapport with your guests while providing you with insights into their areas of expertise. By following the above steps, you can create a clear and concise questionnaire that resonates with both you and your guests.

Benefits of a Podcast Guest Questionnaire Template

1. Saves Time

A podcast guest questionnaire template saves time for both the podcast host and guest. The host is able to create a list of topics ahead of time, avoiding wasting time during the interview figuring out what to talk about. The guest is able to answer the questionnaire on their own time, which frees up more time for the actual recording.

2. Helps with Guest Selection

A guest questionnaire can help the podcast host determine if a guest is a good fit for their audience and topic. By asking questions about the guest’s expertise, experience, and interests, the host can tailor the interview to their audience’s preferences and ensure that the guest is a good match.

3. Organization and Preparation

A questionnaire helps the podcast host stay organized and prepare for the interview. With a set list of topics and questions, the host can gather any necessary research or information prior to the interview. This also ensures that the interview stays on track and covers all important points.

4. Personalization

A questionnaire can help the podcast host personalize the interview for the guest. By asking about the guest’s background and interests, the host can add personal touches to the interview and make it more engaging for both the guest and the audience.

How to Use the Podcast Guest Questionnaire Template

If you’re looking for ways to improve your podcast, creating a podcast guest questionnaire may well be a great place to start. A podcast guest questionnaire is a survey document that helps the podcaster create a list of topics based on the genre preferred by their regular audience.

Step 1: Customize the Template

The first step is to customize the free template to fit the specific needs of the podcast. This includes adding the podcast name and contact information in the questionnaire. Customizing the template helps to make it relevant and accessible to the targeted podcast guests.

Podcasters can take advantage of the many podcast questionnaire templates available online. These templates are free and downloadable in PDF or Word formats. Some templates can be edited online, depending on the software used. It is also advisable to research other podcasts in the niche to have an idea of what exactly makes a good questionnaire.

Step 2: Share the Questionnaire with Guests

After customizing the questionnaire, the next step is to share the questionnaire with potential guests. The questionnaire can be sent via email or communicated via phone call or text message. It is important to make it easy for the guests to access and complete the questionnaire.

Another effective way of sharing the questionnaire is through social media. Podcasters can create a post and encourage potential guests to complete the survey. This is particularly useful if the podcast is targeting a niche audience.

Step 3: Review Responses and Follow-Up

After sending out the questionnaire, the podcaster needs to wait for the guests to respond. Here, it is recommended that the podcaster should give guests a suitable time frame to complete the survey and prioritize follow-up messages to those who have not responded in time.

Once the responses have come in, it is the podcaster’s job to review and analyze them. The questionnaire can reveal useful information about ideas and thoughts from the potential guests. You can use this information to create tailored subject matter that matches the guests’ interests and expectations.

Lastly, it is important to follow up with the guests after the podcast. One way of doing this is to send a simple message thanking the guests for participating in the process. This helps to build a good rapport with guests and potentially acquire new partnerships for future episodes.


What should I include in my podcast guest questionnaire template?

The podcast guest questionnaire template should include information such as the guest’s professional background, experience, expertise, and interests. It should also include questions about the guest’s work, hobbies, and inspirations to help create a personalized interview experience. Additionally, it’s important to ask the guest if they have any relevant products, services, or organizations that they would like to promote on the podcast.

Why is it important to have a podcast guest questionnaire?

A podcast guest questionnaire is important because it helps hosts prepare an effective interview and engage the audience by discussing topics that match their interests. It also shows guests that the host is thoughtful and invested in creating a valuable experience. Moreover, the questionnaire can be used to ensure that the guest is a good fit for the podcast, preventing awkward or irrelevant conversations that could turn off listeners.

How can I best use the podcast guest questionnaire template to select the right guests for my podcast?

The podcast guest questionnaire template can be used in several ways to select the right guests for your podcast. Firstly, it can help screen guests and determine if they are a good fit based on their responses. Secondly, it can be used to research potential guests and their background, which is a useful tool for developing new content ideas. Lastly, it can help personalize the interview experience and make it more engaging for the guest and the audience.


A podcast guest questionnaire template is a crucial tool for the success of a podcast. It provides insight into the preferences of the listeners and helps to plan future episodes. A well-crafted questionnaire can result in engaging and interesting discussions that are based on the audience’s interests. To create great podcast interview questions, it is essential to have the correct information before the guest arrives, have dedicated goals, and be flexible. Close-ended questions should be avoided, and the focus should be on listening to the guest and the audience’s feedback. A podcast survey is a great way to get feedback from both the listeners and the guests and use their ideas to improve the show further.


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