Set 8 Augment Tree Unleash Your Ultimate Combinations

Set 8 Augment Tree: Unleash Your Ultimate Combinations

The Set 8 Augment Tree is a new addition to Teamfight Tactics (TFT) that enhances the gameplay experience for players. The Augment Tree is a talent tree system that allows players to unlock powerful bonuses and effects for their champions throughout the course of the game. It is an important element for players to strategize and utilize in-order to gain an advantage over their opponents.

Understanding Set 8 Augment Tree

The Set 8 Augment Tree provides players with many choices to improve their champions’ strengths through the Hero Augments mechanic. The augmented bonus offered on this set is even greater than the previous sets. It comes with some additional mechanics that benefit the players while making the game more engaging and challenging for them.

Explanation of the Augment Distribution table for Set 8

At the time of this writing, the newly released Set 8 Augment Tree is still not available for public use, but it is expected to be available soon. Similar to the previous augment systems, the Augment Distribution table for Set 8 will lay out all the possibilities for each of the characters, how to attain those augment choices, where to put them, and what other characters could benefit from them. Once the table is available, players can determine which augment is beneficial to their characters and when to use them to achieve success.

The mechanics of Set 8

The Monster Attacks are a prominent feature of Set 8, which pose additional threats to players throughout the game. The boss monsters do not only attack the players, but they can also attack other characters, which makes the game more challenging. The players’ characters will suffer from the monster attacks until the monsters are defeated. The new mechanic requires thinking ahead and setting up an effective strategy to counteract the monster attacks that could occur at any moment.

Explanation of the Hero Augments

The Hero Augments represent a new reward system with the release of Set 8, which can help or bite players back depending on their choices. With 5% chance in PBE, players could augment one of their characters into a hero, providing a powerful finished bonus to that character, making it more efficient, stronger and able to impact the game better. What makes it even better is that it could also benefit other characters based on their combination. However, if the augmented character is defeated in battle, the finished bonus will expire, and the player will lose that added advantage. With this new system, players need to carefully consider which of their characters they will augment to heroes strategically and efficiently to improve the chances of success.

Set 8.5 TFT Augment and Hero Augment Rolling Chances

Set 8.5 TFT Monsters Attack is bringing in a new mechanics called the Hero Augments. These Augments will be a combination of the current augment system and the Chosen. The current Augment system is a mechanic in which players are given a chance to choose a random augment that enhances the abilities of their champion. Whereas, the Chosen mechanic makes players choose a particular champion that is bestowed with unique abilities and have two-star rank from the get-go. Hero Augments work in a similar way as the current Augment system but players don’t have to choose a champion like in the Chosen mechanic.

With regards to the Set 8.5 TFT Augment and the Hero Augment, the rolling chances have changed. The chance of rolling a Hero Augment was changed to 5% during the PBE. However, the new tables to adjust the tree is not yet available. There is no definite information on what is the total number of champions in the pool and the probability of getting them depending on the player’s level. But, players can expect changes on the probabilities of tier upgrades on Set 8.5 TFT Augment and the Hero Augment.

Tier List of Set 8 Augments

Set 8: Monsters Attack introduces a new game mechanic called Hero Augments. These Augments are like a combination of the current Augment system and the Chosen mechanic. They appear at three stages of the game: Stages 2-1, 3-2, and 4-2. The Augments are categorized based on their tier: Silver, Gold, and Prismatic.

God Tier / S+ Tier

The God Tier or S+ Tier Augments have the strongest effects and can significantly improve a player’s chance of winning. Some examples of S+ Tier Augments are Bounty Hunter, Demolitionist, and Dragonslayer.

Strong Tier / S Tier

Strong Tier or S Tier Augments also have powerful effects but are not as game-changing as the ones in God Tier. They can still give players a significant advantage. Examples of S Tier Augments are Adept, Assassin, and Brawler.

Good Tier / A Tier

Augments in the Good Tier or A Tier are solid options that can improve a player’s comp. They are not as strong as the previous tiers, but they can still be valuable to use. Examples of some A Tier Augments are Cavalier, Druid, and Mystic.

Fair Tier / B Tier

Augments categorized in the Fair Tier or B Tier have decent effects but are not as impactful as the ones in the higher tiers. They can still work well in certain situations. Some of the B Tier Augments are Divine, Knight, and Revenant.

Weak Tier / C Tier

Weak Tier or C Tier Augments have less impactful effects and are not typically considered the best choices. They can still be used if a player can’t find something better. Examples of some C Tier Augments are Ironclad, Skirmisher, and Spellweaver.

Bad Tier / D Tier

Lastly, the Bad Tier or D Tier Augments have the weakest effects and are generally not worth taking. They are usually outclassed by other options. Examples of some D Tier Augments are Abomination, Blacksmith, and Legionnaire.

Types of Set 8.5 TFT Augments

Set 8.5 TFT Regular Augments

The Set 8.5 TFT Augments system comprises Regular Augments and Hero Augments. Regular Augments are a mix of existing Augments and the Chosen mechanic. Players can access different variations of these Regular Augments at three stages during a game of TFT: Stages 2-1, 3-2, and 4-2. Regular Augments are divided into three tiers: Silver, Gold, and Prismatic. Silver Augments are the simplest, while Prismatic Augments are the most complex.

Set 8.5 TFT Hero Augments

Set 8.5 TFT Hero Augments are a new mechanic introduced in Monsters Attack. Hero Augments are a hybrid between the current Augment system and the Chosen mechanic. Players might receive a Hero Augment as a bonus with a specific separate unit. The opportunity of getting a Hero Augment has increased to 5% during the PBE cycle. However, players are currently unaware of the new tables to modify the tree yet.

Multiple-tier Set 8.5 Augments

The Multiple-tier Set 8.5 Augments are a distinct group of Augments. The concept of two tiers exists within the Multiple-tier Set 8.5 Augments. The first tier provides a new mechanic that generates an Augment with an additional third augment slot for all of a player’s units. The second tier generates two Augments: one tier 1 augment that all of a player’s units can use and a tier 2 augment that works only for specific heroes.

Silver tier Set 8.5 Augments

Set 8.5 TFT Regular Augments are divided into three tiers: Silver, Gold, and Prismatic. Silver Augments are the simplest tier of Set 8.5. These Augments are divided into three categories: Heart, Threat, and Crest. Silver Heart Augments are an example of Silver-tier Augments. The Heart Augments generally improve the health, attack speed, or attack damage of a unit.

Gold tier Set 8.5 Augments

Gold-tier Augments are the next, more complicated tier in the Set 8.5 TFT Regular Augments. Gold Crest, Heart, and Threat Augments are the three types of Gold-tier Set 8.5 Augments. Crest Augments mostly increase a unit’s potential, while Threat Augments monitor the opponent’s actions. Gold Heart Augments improve the health, attack speed, or attack damage of a unit. Examples of Gold Crest, Heart, and Threat Augments for regular units include Reinforced Armor, Combat Training, and Duelist Training, respectively.

Prismatic tier Set 8.5 Augments

Prismatic Augments are the most complicated tier of Set 8.5 TFT Regular Augments. Prismatic Crown and Soul Augments are the two types of Prismatic-tier Set 8.5 Augments. Crown Augments supplement the second Augment slot of a particular unit with a distinct mechanic. Soul Augments incorporate unique powers such as forceful Crowd Control or Silence. Examples of Pruismatic Crown and Soul Augments for regular units include Stay at Arms and Flawless Duet, respectively.

Examples and Counterarguments

When discussing the importance of the Set 8 Augment Tree in TFT, providing examples and counterarguments can be extremely useful for better understanding the mechanic. One example could be the use of Hero Augments in a composition consisting of a variety of units with different origins and classes. With the addition of Hero Augments, players can further strengthen their chosen units and make them even more powerful on the battlefield. On the other hand, a counterargument could be the potential over-reliance on Hero Augments, which may lead to neglecting other important aspects of the game such as economy management and early-game positioning.


The introduction of Hero Augments in Set 8: Monsters Attack in TFT adds a new strategic layer to the game. While the tables to adjust the tree have not been released yet, it is important to take note of the different tiers of Augments and the variations that appear at specific Stages in the game. The probability of getting certain Champions also varies depending on the player’s level. Some of the available Augments include Combat Training and Maximum Threat, which can provide healing, shield, and gold benefits. Overall, the Hero Augments system is an exciting addition to TFT that challenges players to adapt their gameplay and come up with new winning strategies.


Augment Distribution table for Set 8 Launch

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