Teams Digital Signage Boosting Team Collaboration and Communication

Teams Digital Signage: Boosting Team Collaboration and Communication

Teams digital signage is an innovative tool that uses advanced technology to help businesses improve their team communication and collaboration. It involves the use of digital screens to communicate messages, announcements, and important information to employees in real-time. With teams digital signage, businesses can create a more productive work environment, increase employee engagement and foster better teamwork. In this article, we will explore six examples of how teams digital signage can be utilized for better internal communication.

Advantages of Teams Digital Signage

Increased employee engagement

Teams digital signage can greatly enhance employee engagement within the workplace. By displaying real-time updates and visual communication through digital signs, employees can easily access important information, announcements, and reminders. This helps to keep everyone in the loop and up-to-date, resulting in less confusion and more productivity. Moreover, by sharing team and individual successes through digital signs, employees feel motivated and appreciated, which leads to higher job satisfaction and engagement.

Improved team collaboration

Teams digital signage can improve team collaboration by sharing important information, updates and messages through visually appealing displays. With digital signage placed in common areas like break rooms, employees can easily access information and updates, making it easier for teams to collaborate on projects and tasks. Additionally, by displaying project progress and timelines in real time, teams can stay aligned and updates, leading to smoother workflow and improved team communication.

Enhanced productivity

Teams digital signage can enhance workplace productivity by reducing communication barriers, streamlining work processes, and minimizing distractions. By displaying important announcements, updates, and reminders in real time, employees can stay informed and up-to-date with changes in the business. This, in turn, promotes higher levels of productivity and focus as employees can prioritize their tasks and activities with clarity.

Microsoft Teams Integration with Digital Signage

How to Integrate Your Microsoft Teams with Digital Signage

Integrating your Microsoft Teams with digital signage is easy and can be done in just a few steps. First, you need to ensure that you have access to necessary content on Microsoft Teams. Then, activate your Valotalive Digital Signage software account and digital signage display. Next, activate your Teams app in Valotalive and finally, authenticate and set your app preferences to assign your app to the displays. Following these steps will enable you to set up your Microsoft Teams and digital signage integration seamlessly.

Benefits of Microsoft Teams Integration with Digital Signage

Integrating Microsoft Teams with digital signage has several benefits for businesses looking to enhance internal communication. Real-time updates and alerts can be displayed through digital screens which provide information to employees. Collaboration between teams is improved as everyone is informed about what’s happening, and productivity is increased with easy access to critical information. These benefits make the integration of Microsoft Teams with digital signage a top-choice for businesses looking to optimize internal communication.

Examples of Successful Teams Digital Signage Implementations

Case study 1: REACH’s Live Streaming Digital Signage App

REACH utilized Teams digital signage to enhance internal communication and engagement with their Live Streaming Digital Signage App. The app allowed employees to stream company news, events, and town hall meetings in real-time on all display screens across their offices. This kept employees up-to-date with important information, increased productivity, and created a sense of community amongst teams.

Case study 2: ScreenCloud’s Automated Design for Your Screens

ScreenCloud’s Automated Design feature helped companies publish important information in a seamless and easy way across all displays and screens. Teams digital signage integration allowed employees to access this information on-demand and in real-time from their workstations or mobile devices, increasing the efficiency and engagement of the workforce.


What types of content can be shared on digital signage?

Digital signage can share various types of content such as:

  • Meeting room schedules and bookings
  • Company dashboards and KPIs
  • Social media feeds
  • Digital noticeboards
  • Employee recognition and achievements
  • Other internal communications across all office locations

What are the benefits of using Teams digital signage over traditional communication methods?

Using Teams digital signage has numerous benefits over traditional communication methods:

  • Increased employee engagement and collaboration
  • Efficient and effective dissemination of important information
  • Improved communication across all office locations
  • Reduced dependency on email and/or in-person meetings
  • Engaging visual content that can capture attention and improve retention of information


Teams digital signage offers numerous benefits for team collaboration and communication. By setting up digital screens, users can showcase and share company dashboards, social media feeds, digital noticeboards, and more. This not only helps increase employee engagement and recognition but also facilitates communication across all internal offices. The integration of Microsoft Teams and Digital Signage software enables users to manage their screens, playlists, and more, making it suitable for large digital signage installations that cover multiple locations and people. With the use of short paragraphs that engage the reader and a conversational tone, Teams digital signage offers a great way to keep the user engaged while getting the message across.


REACH’s Live Streaming Digital Signage App Now Includes Microsoft Teams – This blog post discusses how businesses can integrate Microsoft Teams with digital signage for better internal communications. It also highlights the features of REACH’s live streaming digital signage app.

ScreenCloud’s Automated Design for Your Screens – This resource provides information on how to set up and use teams in digital signage. It also explains how businesses can use an automated design system with their digital signage for better efficiency.

Integrating Microsoft Teams with Digital Signage – This blog post talks about the benefits of integrating Microsoft Teams with digital signage. It also provides a step-by-step guide on how to activate the app and display content on the screens.

Increased Employee Engagement

Teams digital signage is an effective tool for increasing employee engagement in various ways. By providing visual representations of information, digital signage can help catch employees’ attention and keep them engaged. Team achievements, KPIs and data visualizations can be displayed on digital screens to help employees feel engaged and involved in company goals. Additionally, personalized content and training videos can be used to further engage employees and help them feel valued. Through team collaboration and access to digital signage, employees can feel more connected to each other, even across different branches or locations.

Enhanced Productivity

Teams digital signage can greatly enhance productivity within the workplace through its ability to provide real-time data visualization and updates. This enables employees to quickly access necessary information and remain up-to-date on important company metrics and deadlines. Additionally, the use of digital noticeboards and social media feeds allows for improved communication and collaboration among team members, leading to a more efficient and engaged workforce. With the integration of Microsoft Teams, teams can easily manage and share their digital signage displays across multiple locations, further increasing productivity and streamlining communication.

Digital signage media players have been shown to increase employee productivity by 28%.
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