Tech x Reader The Ultimate Guide

Tech x Reader: The Ultimate Guide

Tech x Reader: The Ultimate Guide


When it comes to fanfiction, Tech x Reader is one of the most popular genres out there. This genre primarily focuses on the relationship between a reader and Tech, a character from The Bad Batch. In this article, we will explore the character of Tech and why he has become a favorite among fanfiction writers. We will also look at how to write and read Tech x Reader fanfic.

Understanding Tech x Reader

Tech is the tech expert and a major character in The Bad Batch. He is a smart and nerdy character which has made him particularly appealing to readers. In Tech x Reader fanfictions, authors usually explore relationships between Tech and the reader. This often leads to a lot of clichés and tropes, such as the reader saving Tech from a dangerous situation, which can be both entertaining and a little predictable.

Examples of Tech x Reader Fanfictions

Here are three examples of Tech x Reader fanfictions:

Hurt [Tech x Reader] A story where the reader nurses Tech back to health after he is injured on a mission.
Oblivious: Tech x Reader A story where the reader has a crush on Tech but he is oblivious to her feelings.
The Bad Batch Camping: Tech’s Ending A story where Tech and the reader go on a camping trip with The Bad Batch.

Writing Tech x Reader Fanfic

If you’re interested in writing Tech x Reader fanfiction, here are some tips:

  • Avoid common fanfiction mistakes. Such as too much description, purple prose, or spelling and grammar errors.
  • Creating engaging dialogue and banter. Tech is a smart and witty character, incorporating these traits into your dialogue can keep your readers engaged.
  • Dealing with self-insertion and Mary Sue tendencies. Avoid making your reader a self-insert character, if the reader feels too Mary Sue-ish, it can be a turn-off.

Reading Tech x Reader Fanfic

If you’re interested in reading Tech x Reader fanfics, here are some tips:

  • Finding high-quality fanfiction on popular platforms. Websites like Archive of Our Own,, and Wattpad are great places to find Tech x Reader fanfic.
  • The importance of feedback for fanfiction writers. If you enjoyed a fanfic, leave a comment or kudos. It can help motivate the writer to continue writing.
  • Dealing with toxic fanfic communities. Unfortunately, not all fanfic communities are positive. If you encounter any negativity or hate, it’s important to remember that it’s not a reflection of you, and move on.

The Future of Tech x Reader

Tech x Reader is showing no signs of slowing down in the fanfiction world. As the world of Star Wars expands, so too does the number of stories that can be told. Tech x Reader may even cross over with other fandoms in the future.

Some writers have even speculated that, due to how well the relationship between Tech and the reader works, it may pave the way for real-life relationship parallels. Regardless of where this genre goes, it’s clear that Tech x Reader is here to stay.


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