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28 Inch TVs: Buy the Best Smart TVs for Any Room in Your Home

Bring cinematic entertainment right into your own home with the CT-2860 28” LED HDTV by Continu.us! Enjoy a crystal-clear picture with High Definition Television, 720p 60Hz programming. Adjust the television to fit your space with its lightweight and slim design, plus VESA wall mount compatibility. All the while, you can make the most of the VGA/HDMI/USB inputs to access your favorite content. Get the ultimate television experience with this 28-inch TV!

Quick Summary

If you are looking for the best smart TVs for any room in your home, consider the 28-inch LED HDTV by Continu.us. Featuring a CT-2860 High Definition Television 720p 60Hz TV, this lightweight and slim TV offers superb image quality, an endless array of TV channels and streaming options, hassle-free setup and installation, and a modern design that’s perfect for any room. Experience stunning picture clarity and clarity of sound like never before with this high-tech television. With its intuitive smart TV OS and built-in voice commands, you can easily access your favorite streaming services, music, and media in no time. With up to 4 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, and Dolby Audio, you will get the most from your TV watching experience.

The Continu.us 28-inch LED HDTV also comes with antiglare technology that helps reduce in-room reflection and offers comfortable viewing in any room. Enjoy comprehensive content through the built-in app store, or explore a range of other media content sources like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and much more. Whether you are looking for a way to easily add value to your home or enhance your TV watching experience, this is one of the best 28-inch smart TVs for any room.

Buy the Best 28 Inch Smart TVs for Any Room in Your Home

Why 28 Inch Smart TVs?

A smart 28 inch TV gives you the perfect combination of convenience and a full entertainment experience. Whether it’s for your living room, bedroom, or office – a 28-inch smart TV from today’s top brands makes having an award-winning viewing experience incredibly easy. Smart TVs designed for a 28” screen are perfect for placing anywhere in your home.

Top 5 28 Inch Smart TVs

  • Sceptre 28” HD LED TV
  • TCL 28” 1080p Smart LED Roku TV
  • LG 28” Class HD 720p LED TV with HDR
  • Sharp 28” Class HD 720p Smart LED TV
  • Continu.us 28” HDTV CT-2860 High Definition Television

Features and Benefits of 28 Inch Smart TVs

Whether you opt for a Sceptre or a Continu.us 28” LED HDTV, you’re sure to get the best features and benefits that you would expect from top brands. Some key features of 28” smart TVs include:

  • Ultra-thin design and lightweight materials
  • HDTV 720p 60Hz picture quality and full-color accuracy
  • High Dynamic Range picture quality
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and access to popular streaming services
  • Use as computer monitor
  • Built-in smart functions and in-built Alexa compatibility

Where to Buy a 28 Inch Smart TV

You can pick up a 28” smart TV from your local big box stores or online retailers. Local stores often have sales and promotions that may make buying from them a more cost-effective option. When buying online, make sure to read product reviews, look at price comparisons, and consider shipping costs.

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Best Buy
  • Target
  • Newegg
  • Personal Experience

    Which is the best 28 inch smart TV?

    I have been using 28” LED HDTVs for years and can attest to their quality and versatility. From watching movies to playing video games and streaming online content, these TVs provide a great viewing experience for any home. The picture quality is great and the colors are rich and vibrant. Plus, the HD resolution provides sharp images with exceptional detail. The lightweight design makes them easy to install and transport, and the sound quality is surprisingly good. The Continu.us HDTV provides great value for its price, and its features such as multiple HDMI and USB inputs, powerful processor, and remote control make it a great choice for both casual and dedicated home theater enthusiasts. Overall, I highly recommend the 28” LED HDTV by Continu.us.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which is the best 28 inch smart TV?

    The Cello ZS024 is the best 28 inch smart TV with its generous range of features. It has built-in Wi-Fi, stunning 4K resolution and wide color spectrum all at an affordable price. It also provides HDR 10, motion rate processing and multiple inputs for all your entertainment needs. With its sleek design and easy-to-use interface, this is the perfect TV for all your entertainment needs.

    Which TV size is most popular?

    The most popular TV size is ****-inch television. This size is optimal for most family rooms or living rooms, offering a viewing distance of 7.5 feet and a more theatrical experience of 5.5 feet. For the best quality viewing experience, ****-inch television is the most popular size.

    Is there any 28 inch TV?

    No, there is no 28 inch TV. The closest available option is a 28 inch monitor, such as the Lenovo L-Series 71.1cm (28 inch) IPS 4K UHD Monitor. This monitor has 1.07 Billion Colors, 300 nits, 90% DCI-P3, and 2x2W Speakers, with an AMD FreeSync Technology. It offers an enhanced visual and audio experience with great color accuracy and dynamic audio.

    What is the overall size of a 28 inch TV?

    Answer: The overall size of a 28 inch TV is 25.26 inches wide and 15.58 inches high without the stand, and 25.20 inches wide and 16.61 inches high with the stand. Without the stand, the height is 15.75 inches. All measurements are approximate.

    Why a 32 inch TV is better?

    A 32 inch smart TV is a great choice if you’re looking for a smaller screen size with high-quality picture quality. It is a space-saving option that can still offer sharp 720p or 1080p resolution for a range of shows and films. Additionally, many of these screens now boast smart TV technology, allowing you to stream content from a variety of sites as well as access apps within the Smart Hub.

    Which TV is best to buy 32 inch?

    The best 32 inch TV to buy is the one that meets your individual needs. LG, Redmi, Mi and VW all offer feature-packed HD Ready Smart LED TVs with a variety of screen sizes and capabilities. When selecting a 32 inch model, look for features like 4K resolution, HDR content support, wide colour gamut and low input lag, depending on your requirements. Ultimately, the best 32 inch TV for you will depend on personal preference, budget and features needed.

    Is 32 inch TV good for room?

    Yes, a 32 inch TV is a great choice for a room. Its size is perfect for a bedroom, living room, or even a kitchen, and is also a great size for viewing from a typical viewing distance of 8-10 feet. The picture quality of 32 inch TVs from top brands can be excellent, making them a great choice for living spaces.

    Is 32 inch TV good enough?

    Yes, a 32 inch TV is a good enough size to enjoy your favorite shows. For the best viewing experience, it is recommended to maintain a minimum 7 feet distance from the screen. Overall, 32 inches is a great size for home entertainment, providing a comfortable viewing experience without taking up much space.

    Is a 24-inch TV Big Enough?

    Yes, a 24-inch television is a great size for many living rooms and bedrooms. It offers plenty of screen real estate for watching movies and enjoying your favorite shows, and its size makes it easy to fit into most spaces. However, if you want a truly immersive experience, a larger TV may be a better choice.

    What is a 24-inch TV good for?

    A 24-inch TV is a great choice for smaller spaces, such as student bedrooms and kitchen shelves. It can bring both stunning visuals and a distinct style to any space. However, it is not recommended for larger spaces, such as living rooms, as it does not provide an optimal viewing experience from a distance.

    Is 24-inch TV big enough for bedroom?

    Yes, a 24-inch TV is more than big enough for a bedroom. It is small enough to discreetly fit into the decor while still providing a great viewing experience. With a 24-inch TV, you can enjoy crisp imagery and vibrant colors in HD quality from anywhere in the bedroom.

    What should I look for in a 24-inch TV?

    When shopping for a 24-inch TV, look for one with a high-definition (HD) resolution for a sharp display. Look for a TV with powerful built-in speakers to ensure clear sound. Additionally, make sure the TV has smart features such as streaming services and an app store, so you can enjoy a variety of content.

    What to consider before buying a 28 inch TV?

    When considering a 28 inch TV, it’s important to take the resolution into account. For clear, sharp viewing, look for a TV with a 4K Ultra HD resolution or higher. Additionally, you should also pay attention to the TV’s refresh rate, contrast ratio and other features to ensure you find the best model for your needs.

    How many degrees of viewing angle is a 28 inch TV?

    A 28 inch TV has a viewing angle of 160 x 150 degrees. This means it is capable of viewing the entire picture without distortion across a wide range of angles. This viewing angle ensures an immersive viewing experience and allows you to get the most out of your TV’s picture quality.

    How many audio inputs does a Samsung 28 inch TV have?

    The Samsung 28 inch TV offers three audio inputs: two HDMI inputs, one USB input, and one optical digital audio output. With these inputs, users can get clear, high-quality audio for their viewing and listening pleasure. Additionally, the TV also features one Scart output for connectivity with other devices.

    What are the inputs on a TV?

    Inputs on a TV commonly include HDMI, Composite Video, Component Video, Audio, and USB ports. HDMI is the most common and is used to connect high-definition devices such as Blu-ray players, digital cable/satellite boxes, and gaming consoles. Composite Video and Component Video are used to connect older digital or analog devices while the Audio and USB ports offer additional ways to connect devices.

    Final Thoughts

    If you’re looking for an upgrade, a 28-inch TV is an excellent choice. It provides an easy way to bring high-definition entertainment into any room in your home. Whether you choose an LED, LCD, or Smart TV, you’ll enjoy the convenience and variety that a 28-inch television can offer. With the right features and the right price, you can choose the perfect TV for your budget and your lifestyle.


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