5 Cheap 911 Proxy / Residential Proxy Alternatives Worth Using

Have you ever played, “Welcome to the Game”? Do you remember that specific mechanic in it that allowed you to use 911 proxy / residential proxy networks to evade the cops and other enemies? Well, I want you to know that it is actually possible to do in real life! Based off a real thing, you can actually get all the anonymity and cover you want as an internet surfer.

911 proxy / residential proxy
How Proxy Servers Work

Though it might not be as magical or as intense as you think, using proxy network services still allows you to do your job in complete safety. You might be browsing some unsafe websites where hackers are running amok, and they try and trace you for your personal information! Well, do as they might, they will definitely have a hard time in even figuring out where your true IP address leads!

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Why Consider Using 911 Proxy / Residential Proxy Alternatives?

Well, here’s a bit of a history lesson for you! Back in the day, there was a proxy service that was very popular and used worldwide. It was called the 911 proxy service or the 911.re S5 proxy service.

To be more specific, it allowed someone to rent residential IP addresses hence the residential proxy, for use as a relay for their Internet browsing. This made users effectively anonymous on the web while still appearing as a residential user to others.

You could say that this proxy service was a pioneer in the industry of network proxying, as it was one of the few original residential proxy networks to grace the world wide web.

Unfortunately, the service has officially shutdown a few months back, so no more official 911 proxy networks. But luckily for you! The emergence of this service has brought about other companies that are willing to cash in on the money-pie and offer their own take of their residential proxy services.

Here’s A Comprehensive List Of Great Residential Proxy Service Alternatives!

911 proxy / residential proxy

1. Proxy Empire

If you want a solid 911 proxy or residential proxy service alternative, then Proxy Empire should definitely be on your radar! They market themselves as a trustworthy proxy partner that offers features that prioritizes convenience and reliability.

If you want a proxy service that has:

  • Residential Proxies In The Best Locations, providing over 4.5 million residential proxies all of which are ethically sound, equipped with advanced filter systems that will allow you to target countries, regions, cities and even ISPs!
  • Rotating Proxy Servers With No Limits, meaning unlimited concurrent connections in any GEO location of your choosing! You will never have to face server throttling and IP blocking in your duration of availing the service!
  • 4G Mobile Proxies That Power Mobile Apps, allowing you to collect data in new ways designed for handheld devices that won’t make you look absolutely among-us suspicious while navigating and making online requests!
  • Multiple Available Packages, depending on what type of package you need or want, you can configure and entirely make modular the things you need or do not need.


2. Froxy

911 proxy / residential proxy

A good contender against the Proxy Empire, this ‘foxy’ proxy service is sure to catch your attention! It is actually marketed as not just one of the best, but THE BEST premium private proxy provider.

Utilizing mobile and high-quality residential proxies to bridge the gap between you and your goals!

If you want a proxy service that has:

  • High-Quality Proxies, ensuring trusted, secure and reliable proxy networks, high-speed connections to powerful proxies, compatibility to both HTTP and SOCKS connections, and even easily-contacted customer technical support!
  • Global Proxy IP Coverage, giving you access to over 8.5 million Internet Provider address pools all around the world within a wide variety of locations, with flexible targeting of the country, region, city and even individual operator level for absolute customer convenience!
  • Support For All Major Payment Methods, accepting Visa, MasterCard, American Express, UnionPay, as well as literal cryptocurrencies! How very convenient!
  • Securely Anonymous Proxies, with access to reliable proxy networks of real IP addresses, along with focus on no blocking and utilizing white IPs only!
  • Convenient Accessibility, multiple packages, guarantee of up to 1000 simultaneous connections at high connection speeds, with more than 200 geolocations, 99.999% up-time, and even automatic rotations!

3. PrivateProxy

911 proxy / residential proxy

Among the others, this one is the sleek, cool uncle of the proxy service industry. It has been one of the longest running private proxy services, guaranteeing a service experience befitting a tried-and-true veteran.

Do not let the minimalistic design fool you, however, this service has more than enough features to rock your socks off!

If you want a proxy service that has:

  • Over 10 YEARS Of Success And Experience, 2020 marking the 10th anniversary of PrivateProxy, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll always have your needs and requirements catered to before their own business ventures.
  • Varied Multi-Purpose Proxy Networks, providing proxies for all sorts of major business applications such as E-commerce and even local SEO optimization, your specific needs will surely be addressed for that customer satisfaction.
  • Wide Pool Of Proxies, featuring a continuously expanding vast selection of proxies, if you ever need localized solutions to your problems, you won’t have to worry about that here!
  • 24/7 Live Support, pretty much self-explanatory. Imagine, whatever questions you need about any particular thing related to the service, voila~! You can instantly ask them as in this service, the customer is KING.
  • Super Fast Connections, a key proxy performance characteristic that PrivateProxy prioritizes, ensures seamless browsing and clean navigating!911 proxy / residential proxy

4. The Social Proxy

Now this one, this is for the automation masters of the world wide web! Or well, at least that’s how it is marketed as!

If you want a proxy service that has:

  • High-Quality Mobile Private Proxies, they boast 5G and 4G connections which will surely provide you with an endless stream of IPs, same as that used by real users.
  • Features On Features, with an advanced proxy management dashboard full of neat features, the only thing you need to do is see it to believe it!
  • Unlimited Connection, featuring a no-cap limit-free connection traffic on your 5G and 4G proxy networks, you can run as many accounts as you want!

5. MaxProxy (Not Yet Tested)

Again, another self-explanatory part, this is a proxy service that hasn’t yet been tested but is still worth having a look at!

  • Adopts International Operator’s Pure Residential IP.
  • High Performance, Anonymity and Stable Servers With No Limitations.
  • Access to Worldwide Network Data For Any Kind Of Business Scenario.
  • Scales Online Businesses Efficiently.

Datacenter Proxies Residential ProxiesMobile Proxies


Having discussed all the available 911 proxy / residential proxy service alternatives, you can freely choose whatever which service you want to pick depending on your needs as catered by the comprehensive list.

Just remember, don’t do anything illegal alright? Who will read my articles if you’re in jail!

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