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Adding to a Tattoo Ideas: Unique Designs, Concepts, and Motifs for 2023

Are you looking for ideas on how to add to existing tattoos? Red and yellow outlines can give your preexisting tattoos a unified look – plus, geometric shapes, drips, and bubbles can all help tie your existing tattoos together! Don’t worry, if you prefer all-black tattoos – you can keep your sleeve monochromatic.

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  2023 Tattoo Ideas: Unique Designs, Concepts, and Motifs for Adding to a Tattoo

Adding to a tattoo doesn’t just mean enlarging what you already have. In 2023, consider using red or yellow outlines to connect preexisting tattoos – like drips, bubbles, or geometric shapes on their exterior edges. You can also keep your tattoo monochromatic for an all-black look. Whatever you choose, it’s important to remember that some colors tend to fade over time, so it’s important to research ahead to see which ink will last the longest. There are also plenty of great articles out there that highlight the latest trends for tattoo designs for the upcoming year.

2023 Tattoo Ideas: Unique Designs, Concepts, and Motifs for Adding to a Tattoo

Tattoos continue to rise in popularity, so there is never a shortage of ideas for your next design. Thinking about adding to a tattoo you already have? You’re in luck, as there are numerous designs, concepts and motifs available for you to choose from in 2023. Let’s explore some options.

Outlines and Geometric Shapes

Red or yellow outlines can easily be added to preexisting tattoos to connect them uniformly. Drips, bubbles, and geometric shapes can all be added to the exterior edges of your main pieces to connect them to one another. Outlines are a great way to add creativity to existing tattoos while maintaining their original shape.

Monochromatic Tattoos

If you like the look of all-black tattoos, there’s nothing wrong with keeping your sleeve monochromatic. It’s elegant, timeless, and can still be customized depending on the shapes, size and placement of the designs. Color fades over time, so monochrome tattoos also tend to last longer than other tattoo options.

Floral and Animal Tattoos

  • Floral designs are always in style, and are an inherently beautiful way to add some life and vibrancy to your existing tattoo. Whether you prefer subtle, single flowers, or big and bold blooms, you’ll be sure to find something you love.
  • Animal tattoos are also a perfect addition to any existing piece. From butterflies and dragonflies to cats and dogs, figure out which animal speaks to you and go for it. You can also create a “zoo” of varying animal tattoos to cover a bigger area.

Word and Quote Tattoos

If you’re looking to add some more personal significance and meaning to your tattoo, consider adding a quote or meaningful word. Quotes are perfect additions to pre-existing tattoos, and there are nearly an unlimited number of words to choose from.

Symbols and Spiritual Tattoos

  • Astrology tattoos are also a popular choice for adding to a tattoo. Pick your favorite astrological symbol to include in your larger piece, and be sure to research the traditional meanings of the symbol, so that you can fully understand the significance.
  • Spiritual tattoos are also a great choice, and can be used to represent many different religions and beliefs. Think of a symbol or word that expresses your spiritual belief and choose something meaningful to you.
  • Personal Experience

    I have added to my own tattoos and to those of clients. Including outlines, geometric shapes, and other designs to preexisting tattoos is a great way to create a more unified look for a sleeve or larger piece. It’s not easy to combine existing tattoos together, but the results can be rewarding, both artistically and emotionally. I’ve done all sorts of additions, from adding drips and bubbles to connecting two separate pieces, and each served its purpose. Occasionally, I’d make an entire sleeve black to simplify the look and my clients would love it. Of course, this does mean that the sleeve may not stay in the same condition decades from now, as color fades more quickly than black. To make sure that your sleeve has some longevity to it, try adding a few splashes of color without overpowering the black or the other tattoos you have. You will have a section you can be proud to show off that stands the test of time.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I come up with a unique tattoo idea?

    Creating a unique tattoo idea can be a challenge, but with some creativity and research, you can come up with something truly special. Start by asking yourself what you like about a specific tattoo and incorporate your findings into a custom project. Gather reference images, look through tattoo portfolios, decide on tattoo placement and discover your preferred tattoo style to make your idea stand out. With the right preparation, you can create a unique and meaningful tattoo design.

    Can you add details to an existing tattoo?

    Yes, you can add details to an existing tattoo. Depending on the complexity of the update, the process can range from a short touch-up to an additional appointment. An experienced tattoo artist can help you bring your tattoo to life with additional shading, color and details like fine lines. No matter what you choose, you can always add more to transform an existing tattoo.

    Can I ask a tattoo artist to add on a tattoo?

    Yes, you can ask a tattoo artist to add on a tattoo. It is a very common request for many customers who have existing tattoos that they would like to combine or extend. Tattoo artists are experienced in working with existing artwork, allowing them to customize designs to meet your needs.

    What annoys tattoo artists?

    Tattoo artists are often annoyed by clients who complain about estimated prices, try to bargain for a cheaper price, ask them to copy another artist’s work, and try to convince them that they’re 18 when they’re underage. These situations infringe on the artist’s creative license and disrespect their work. As a result, these behaviors cause frustration and disrespect among tattoo artists.

    What are good words for tattoos?

    If you’re looking for words to get as a tattoo, these are some great options: Adventure, Action, Angel, Abundance, Awaken, Always, Beauty, Believe, Brave, Blessed, Bliss, Bold, Bloom, Calm, Courage, Champion, Create, Carefree, Charm, Delight, Divine, Delicate, Direction, Dream, Dare, Discovery, Desire, Effort, Energy, Empathy, Elegance, Eager, and Ease. Each word carries a powerful meaning, from strength and courage to inner peace and growth. Choose the word that resonates with you the most and make it permanent.

    What is a good tattoo font?

    A good tattoo font is Serif. It is a recognizable typeface and is highly readable, simple, and straightforward. This makes it a great choice for script tattoos. It is versatile and easy to use.

    What is the most popular tattoo font?

    The most popular tattoo font is Fearless Script. This bold and daring script style is an ideal choice for anyone looking to make a statement with their tattoo. It’s unique and iconic, making it the go-to choice for many who want something memorable and timeless. With its stylish curls and beautiful flourishes, Fearless Script is the perfect choice for any tattoo.

    How do you give Yourself a homemade tattoo?

    Giving yourself a homemade tattoo involves sterilizing the needle and container beforehand, using less ink than expected, and putting on clean rubber gloves. Start by boiling the needle for five minutes, wiping down the ink container with rubbing alcohol, and pouring a small amount of ink in gently. Finally, always wash your hands and the area of skin you are about to tattoo before carrying out the procedure.

    How to create own tattoo?

    Creating your own tattoo is easy and cost effective with a waterslide paper. All you need to do is design or Photoshop a tattoo image on your computer with as many colors as you wish, making sure to choose colors that will suit your skin tone. Once your image is ready, print it on the adhesive side of the waterslide paper, cut it out with a penknife or scissors and it is ready to be securely applied.

    How to get rid of a homemade tattoo?

    Answer: Remove a homemade tattoo using one of the top 10 methods at home, such as lemon and salt, hydrogen peroxide, honey, baking soda, wrecking balm, chemical peel, lemon, sand powder, grinding stone or aloe vera and yogurt. Take care to use the right ingredients and technique to ensure safe and effective tattoo removal. Consult a doctor or dermatologist if you need more help or guidance.

    How to prepare yourself for a tattoo?

    Getting a tattoo can be a big commitment, so preparation is key! Start by purchasing a quality tattoo machine, tattoo or India ink, as well as any other required sterilization supplies. Before beginning, pick a simple design that suits you, and make sure to prepare your body before starting. Lastly, talk to your tattoo artist about any concerns or questions that you may have.

    Final Thoughts

    Adding to a tattoo in 2023 is an exciting prospect for any tattoo enthusiast. Whether you prefer vivid colors, geometric shapes, and drips or the timeless look of all-black tattoos, there are endless possibilities when it comes to unique designs and motifs. Red and yellow outlines can be added to existing tattoos to unify the look, while any and all shapes, motifs, and designs can be used to add an extra layer of detail. Ultimately, it’s the creativity and passion of the wearer that makes adding to a tattoo special.


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