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How to Find Your PayPal Address for Payments

Do you need a convenient address for PayPal? Whether you’re sending a payment, or seeking a seamless money transfer, PayPal is the answer. With no more than your email address, you can use PayPal to securely send money to and from any corner of the world with ease. Make sure you have an updated address for PayPal before you register, and take advantage of all the great features that PayPal has to offer.

Quick Summary

  Find Your PayPal Address for Payments: A Quick Guide for Paypal Users

Finding your PayPal address is an easy process. Login to your PayPal account, then click the settings icon. In the drop-down menu, select “Profile and Settings”. On the left-hand side, in the “Account Information” section, click the “Update” link next to the “Email” section. Here you will see all the email addresses associated with the account, and you can use any of these as the PayPal address. You can also find your PayPal address on the “Overview” page; it’s listed as “Account Status” and it’s the email address below the main heading.

You can also use your link to receive payments. This unique identifier uses your PayPal login email ID to generate a link, which you can share with anyone. All payments sent to that link are automatically credited to your PayPal account, and you will receive a confirmation email in your connected account.

Find Your PayPal Address for Payments: A Quick Guide for PayPal Users


If you’re a PayPal user, you already know that you can easily send and receive payments. However, when it comes to making those transactions, do you know where to find your PayPal address? Knowing your PayPal address and how to find it is an important part of the payment process. In this guide, we’ll show you how to locate your PayPal address so you can easily make and receive payments online.

Finding Your PayPal Address

The process for finding your PayPal address is simple:

  • Login to your PayPal account
  • Click on “Pay or Send” at the top of the page
  • Click “Continue” from the prompt
  • Click “Change” next to the “From” field
  • Click “Enter an Email Address”
  • You will now see your full PayPal address. This is the address that you can provide to other people so they can easily send payments to you.

    Additional Payment Details

    When you’re ready to pay someone, you’ll still be able to enter their PayPal address. However, depending on the detail of their account, you may also need to enter additional information, such as their first and last name, the email address associated with their PayPal account, or their phone number. Be sure to check with the person you’re sending a payment to for the exact information required.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What if I can’t find my PayPal address?
    • How do I change my PayPal address?
    • Can I use PayPal without an address?


    Now that you know how to find your PayPal address, you’ll be able to easily make and receive payments online. Understanding your PayPal address, how to find it, and what other details are required for payments is an important part of being a successful PayPal user.

    Personal Experience

    What does it mean when someone asks for your PayPal address?

    As an experienced eCommerce user, I have used the address for PayPal numerous times to send and receive money. Many online websites allow you to use a PayPal address for payment, and this can be extremely convenient. The process is simple and secure, and no personal banking or card information needs to be entered. Instead, you enter the PayPal address for the recipient, and the funds will be transferred instantly. The fee charged by PayPal for this service is low and is a great way to make online payments. PayPal also comes with a high level of security, and you can quickly access a detailed transaction history with the click of a button. In conclusion, address for PayPal is a great option for securely sending and receiving payments online.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does it mean when someone asks for your PayPal address?

    If someone asks for your PayPal address, it means they want to send money to you. Never provide your PayPal address to someone unless they are sending you money. If they’re asking you to pay for something, they should direct you to the PayPal website to sign in and confirm the payment there.

    What info do I give for someone to send me money on PayPal?

    The information you need to give someone to send you money via PayPal is your registered email address. This email address should be linked to your PayPal account. To receive the payment, make sure you confirm the details before you click send. This will ensure the funds go to the right account.

    How do I give someone my PayPal address?

    You can give someone your PayPal address by setting up a link. This link will allow others to quickly send you money with a few simple steps. All you need to do is create a profile, name it something unique, and then share your link with those who want to send you payments. Once your link is shared, they can click on it and enter their payment information to quickly and securely send you money.

    What is PayPal’s mailing address?

    PayPal’s mailing address is 2211 North First Street, San Jose, CA 95131. This is correspondance and payments address for PayPal. To ensure you have the most up-to-date address, you can also refer to PayPal’s website for the latest contact information.

    What can someone do with your PayPal link?

    With a PayPal.Me link, you can easily split bills with friends or customers, quickly receive payments, and have an easy way to reimburse a friend. It’s a hassle-free way to quickly transfer digital payments – anyone can use it! PayPal.Me offers a simple, secure, and fast way to get paid.

    What can a scammer do with my PayPal link?

    A scammer with access to your PayPal link can potentially access your personal and financial information without your authorization. They can gain access to your passwords and other sensitive information. With these resources, a scammer may be able to commit identity theft and fraud, draining your funds and leaving you in a vulnerable state. It is important to remain vigilant and always verify that any link associated with your PayPal account is legitimate before clicking it.

    Can you get scammed by sharing your PayPal link?

    Yes, you can get scammed by sharing your PayPal link. The link you are given may redirect you to a malicious website where criminals can steal sensitive information or empty your account. It’s important to always check the links you are being prompted to click before providing any personal credentials or financial information. Paypal offers security features to help protect your accounts, but it is always best to take extra caution and verify before entering any sensitive details.

    Is it safe to give my PayPal link?

    Yes, it is safe to give your PayPal link. PayPal is a secure online payment processor for online purchases that offers high levels of protection for your financial information. The safety of the service depends on how you use it, but overall it is considered a trustworthy and reliable payment method.

    Can you ship to different address on PayPal?

    Yes, you can ship to a different address on PayPal, provided the address you would like to use is already saved in your PayPal account before making a purchase. This protects the security of your transaction and ensures the item is delivered to the correct address. When setting up an account on PayPal, you can save a list of addresses to simplify the checkout process.

    Why does PayPal ask for shipping address?

    PayPal requires shipping addresses to help protect against fraudulent purchases. Confirmed addresses offer an extra layer of security to help guard against stolen credit cards and identity theft. By confirming a customer’s shipping address, it allows PayPal to decrease the chance of receiving a chargeback.

    When someone sends you money on PayPal do they see your address?

    No, when someone sends you money on PayPal they do not see your address. If you have a business account with PayPal, you can choose to include your address in the invoice. If you only have a regular PayPal account, then any payments you receive or transfer using a PayPal.Me link will not include your address.

    Can I hide my address on PayPal?

    Yes, you can hide your address on PayPal. To do so, you must first add a new address and make it your home address. After that, you can delete the original address from your account. Please note that you cannot remove an address that is linked to the credit card billing address connected to your PayPal account.

    How do I speak to a specialist at PayPal?

    To speak to a specialist at PayPal, you must first sign into your PayPal account. Once you have done so, you will be given a special code that you can use when you dial (888) 221-1161. With this code, you will be connected to a PayPal specialist who can answer your questions or address any issues you may have.

    What happens if a PayPal account is hacked?

    If a PayPal account is hacked, the hacker may use it to make unauthorized purchases. This can leave the seller out of pocket, as PayPal may return the funds once they discover the hack. As such, sellers should always be aware of any suspicious transactions and double check with the buyer before dispatching goods.

    How do I view the buyer’s address on a transaction?

    To view the buyer’s address on a transaction, scroll down the payment page, click on the “details” link of the transaction, and the buyer’s shipping address will be displayed. This process is straightforward and should take no more than a couple of minutes. Knowing the buyer’s address is an important part of the transaction process, so viewing it quickly and easily is paramount.

    Can I transfer money via PayPal friends and family?

    No, you cannot transfer money via PayPal Friends and Family. This option is not intended for paying for goods or services; it is meant for family or friends as the name implies. Using the standard sale transaction option through PayPal is the safest way to make sure your payment is processed appropriately.

    Final Thoughts

    In conclusion, it is relatively easy to find and use your PayPal address for payments. All you have to do is log in to your PayPal account and look for the address provided. You can also look for it in the PayPal app, which allows you to access your account information from any device. With the correct address, you can receive payments quickly and securely.


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