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Android Alarm Sounds: Choose the Best Sounds for Your Smartphone

Android alarm sounds aren’t just limited to the notifications accompanied with your alarm. With the wide variety of customization options available, you can give your alarm a unique sound that fits your needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for an upbeat tune to help you start your day off or a calming sound to surprise you awake, there is something for everyone.

Quick Summary

  Find the Perfect Android Alarm Sounds for Your Smartphone

To change the alarm sound on an Android device, start by launching the clock app on your device. Then, tap the alarm icon to see the alarms currently set. Next, tap the alarm that you would like to edit and then tap the sound icon next to it. From there, you can choose a sound or song from your device’s music library or sound library. You can also use an alarm sound from the Airplane Mode or Silent Mode options. Once you have chosen the alarm sound, tap the “Save” button to apply the change. If you would like to customize the sound more, you can set a ringtone to the alarm. Additionally, there are plenty of third-party alarm sound apps available for download that can be used with your Android device. Additionally, if you have an Android Wear device, you can sync it with the clock app to use alarm sounds from apps like Spotify on your smartwatch.

Find the Perfect Android Alarm Sounds for Your Smartphone

When you wake up, you need to start your day the right way. A great alarm sound can help make getting out of bed easier, while still ensuring you are awake and on time. Fortunately, the latest Android OS smartphones come with tons of great alarm sounds to choose from. No matter what type of sound you like to wake up to, with a few taps you can easily find the perfect alarm sound for your smartphone.

How to Change the Alarm Sound on Android

  • Launch the Clock app.
  • Tap the Alarm icon.
  • Tap the Alarm you wish to edit.
  • Tap the “Sound” option.
  • Choose from a list of available alarm sounds, you can preview what each one sounds like.
  • Once you’ve made your selection just tap “OK” to set your new alarm sound.

Additional Alarm Sounds

If the standard alarm sounds that come with your device don’t fit your taste, there are tons of other third-party apps that can offer more custom options. Some popular apps including Zedge, Alarm Ringtone, Alarmy, and Relax Melodies offer their own portfolio of nice alarm tunes and sounds. You can choose from a wide range of options like Nature Sounds, Animal Sounds, and more.

Picking the Perfect Alarm Sound

When it comes to selecting an alarm sound, there are a few things to keep in mind. Try to choose something that is loud enough to wake you up, yet not too jarring or unpleasant so that you don’t get a negative first impression of the day. Consider testing out a few different options to see which alarm sound is the most effective waking tool for you.

Personal Experience

How do I give certain people different notification sounds?

Having switched to an Android device a few years ago, I realized that one of the first things I wanted to customize was the sound of the alarms. Android has its own selection of alarm sounds, but depending on how you use your phone, you may want something a bit more unique or something that fits your mood. Changing your Android’s alarm sound is relatively easy and can be done through the Clock app.

To begin, you will want to launch the Clock app on your device. Once the app is open, you will be able to access the alarm settings. Select the alarm sound option by press and holding the alarm from the alarm menu. Here, you will be able to view the selection of ringtones as well as set different tones for each of your alarms.

The selection of alarm sounds for both the preinstalled and purchased ones are usually located in the music player app. To add your own sound from the music library, just press and hold on the audio file in the Music Player app and add it as a ringtone. This setting may vary and some devices have specialized settings for ringtones and alarm sounds, so refer to your device’s user manual to locate these settings.

Once you have set the alarm sound, you can press “save” or “OK” at the bottom of the window to finalize your selection. Most Android devices come with a variety of alarm sounds while others offer a wider selection. If customizing your alarm sound becomes too difficult or are unsure how to proceed, you can always contact your device or service provider for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I give certain people different notification sounds?

To set up custom notification sounds for certain people, open the messaging app and tap on the conversation with the contact. Then tap the three dots in the top right and select “Custom Notifications” to choose a sound or record your own. You can also select the vibration pattern for that contact if desired. Once done, tap “Save” to apply the changes.

Can you have multiple notification sounds on Android?

Yes, you can have multiple notification sounds on Android. To do this, open the Settings app and select ‘Apps’. From there, you can choose the app whose notifications you’d like to customize, then set the desired sound. You can also set different sounds for each app.

How do I get individual notification sounds?

To get individual notification sounds for each app, go to Settings > Apps > Your apps and select the app you wish to customize. Select ‘Notifications’, then select ‘Notification sound’ and choose the desired sound. Repeat the process for each app you wish to customize.

Why doesn’t my phone alert me when I get a text from certain people?

Your phone may not be alerting you when you receive texts from certain people because your notification settings may not be configured correctly. To make sure, check the notifications settings in System Settings > Apps and Notifications > Apps > Messages and ensure that All Messages notifications is toggled on. If the setting is enabled and you’re still not getting notifications, make sure the contact didn’t accidently deactivate notifications.

Why is my Android phone not making a sound when I get a text?

The most common reason why your Android phone is not making a sound when you receive a text is because sound notification settings have been turned off. To fix this issue, go to your device’s settings app and tap Accessibility. Then open Sound Notifications to turn it on. If this does not fix the issue, contact your manufacturer for further help.

Why does my Android phone make a notification sound but no notification?

Answer: Android phones may make notification sounds but no notifications due to a system glitch or a weak internet connection. To fix this issue, check for any system updates, restart your device, and make sure your internet connection is strong and stable. If the problem persists, contact your device manufacturer for further assistance.

Why isn’t my phone making noise when I get a notification?

The main reason your phone may not be making any noise when you get a notification is because the alert sound has been disabled. To fix this, open the Settings app, navigate to Notifications, select the Messages section, and ensure that the “Sound” toggle is enabled. In addition, verify that the “Show on Lock Screen” toggle is enabled to ensure notifications will appear on your home screen when your phone is locked.

Can you have a custom notification sound Samsung?

Yes, you can set a custom notification sound on Samsung devices. To do this, open the Settings menu, tap Sounds and Vibration, and select the Notifications Sounds option. From there, you can choose any desired tone or song as your notification sound.

How do I add special notification sounds to my Samsung?

To add special notification sounds to your Samsung, go to Settings > Apps, tap on the app you would like to customise the notification tone for, and then tap on Notifications. Select the category you want to customise, then choose the sound you want. Finally, tap the “Save” button to save your changes.

How to set custom alarm sounds on Android?

Setting custom alarm sounds on Android is easy. Firstly, locate the custom sound file you would like to use and ensure it is long enough to be effective. Afterwards, move or copy it to the “Alarms” folder located at the root directory of your device, then select the sound from your Alarm Settings. That’s it – your custom sound is now set as your alarm sound!

How do I change my alarm sound on Android?

To change the alarm sound on Android: Open the Clock app, tap the Alarm tab, tap the Edit button and then tap the Alarm you want to sound different. Finally, tap Sound to select a new sound for your alarm.

How to enable notification sounds on Android?

Answer: To enable notification sounds on an Android device, tap on Settings, tap Sounds and notifications, tap Notification tone, select a ringtone, and tap OK. Additionally, can enable vibration by tapping on Vibrate and selecting an option. All of these steps will enable your device to make a sound and vibrate when receiving a notification.

How to set alarms on Android phone or tablet?

To set an alarm on an Android phone or tablet, open the default clock app, tap the alarm button, then select the time and sound for the alarm. From there, you can add additional options like repetition and snooze intervals. After your settings are configured, tap the checkmark at the top of the screen to set the alarm.

Final Thoughts

Android alarm sounds can be customized to fit an individual’s preferences and style, giving users the ability to tailor the alarm tones to their exact needs. With the wide variety of sounds available, it is easy to find one that is sure to wake up its user. Taking the steps outlined above to change the alarm sound on Android is simple, allowing users to customize their device to perfectly fit their preferences.


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