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Hire a Handyman Easily with an App: Find the Best App for Your Home Repairs Now

Finding a reliable and cost-effective handyman using an app to hire can seem intimidating, but with seven great apps now available—including TaskRabbit, Bizzby, Mila, Jop, Thumbtack, Lime Mechanic, and Porch—there’s sure to be an option to suit your individual needs. Whether you’re needing small repairs around the house, remodeling projects, or other skill sets, there’s an app to hire handyman that can meet your needs.

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Quick Summary

Hire a handyman for your next home repair easily with an app. Choose from seven apps to find a reliable and experienced handyman for any jobs big or small. TaskRabbit is a popular app where clients search for handymen to fix and repair a few things around the house. Bizzby has a monthly cost of £30 and offers leads to jobs you can bid quotes on, or try Mila or Jop which are both free to use and can connect you with local handymen. Thumbtack is an easy to use platform with a helpful guide for clients, while Lime Mechanic and Porch are great options for more specialized jobs.

Find the right handyman who can take care of all your home repairs with a handyman app. Each platform offers something unique, such as cost, job quality and selection. When selecting the best app for your needs, consider rates, geographic range, availability and customer reviews.

Find the Best App to Hire a Handyman for Home Repairs Easily

Are you looking for a reliable and affordable handyman to help you with home repairsbut don’t know where to start? Thankfully, there are plenty of apps which can connect you to trusted handyman in your area to help with any small jobs. Here are 7 great apps to hire a handyman for your home repairs:

1. TaskRabbit

Owned by IKEA, TaskRabbit is the perfect platform to search for handymen to fix up a few things around the house. Clients can easily post a job, specify their budget, then browse through a variety of profiles to find the right handyman for the job.

2. Bizzby

Bizzby is a paid app costing £30 a month which draws in handyman leads for you to send a quote to. This is great for any handyman looking for a steady flow of jobs as well as clients who are looking for a reliable and cost-effective professional.

3. Mila

Mila is a handyman app specialising in repairs and maintenance around the home, from electrical and plumbing to odd jobs. Mila will match you with the most skilled professionals for the job and provide the best advice for the repair within minutes.

4. Jop

Jop is highly rated by customers due to its efficient and affordable services. Matching users with experienced handymen and electricians who can come to their homes and get the job done in no time, Jop is a great app to hire a handyman.

5. Thumbtack

Thumbtack is another great app to hire a handyman to help with any home improvements. This platform allows users to post a job and list any specific details they require, and then they can compare prices and services from nearby professionals.

6. Lime Mechanic

Lime Mechanic is an ideal service offering a wide range of home repairs including plumbing, electrical, and general repairs. It allows you to book online, compare prices and see ratings from prior customers to ensure you get the most reliable handyman for the job.

7. Porch

Last but not least is Porch, a trusted platform which connects you to local professionals for all types of home repairs needs. It’s easy to use service allows you to find qualified handyman to tackle any home project.

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Personal Experience

How do I find customers for my handyman?

Finding a handyman for odd jobs around the house is never an easy task. I have been using apps to hire handymen for the last two years, and I want to share my experience about some of the most useful ones I have found. TaskRabbit is probably the most popular app for this purpose and it is easy to use and efficient. You can set your price and clients can search for handymen who can do the job. Bizzby costs £30 per month and I have found it very effective in getting leads. Mila, Jop, Thumbtack and Lime Mechanic are other platforms quite similar to TaskRabbit. Lastly, Porch is great if you want to hire a handyman for larger projects such as remodeling and construction. All these apps are useful for finding the right person for your job, and I suggest you to compare the services and prices to find the one that works best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find customers for my handyman?

The best way to find customers for your handyman business is to use online marketing tools such as Craigslist, Facebook, and online directories. Additionally, use social media to share pro tips, and ask happy clients to review your services. This will help increase visibility and trustworthiness and put your business in front of potential clients.

What is similar to TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit is an online platform that allows people to hire pre-screened and background checked freelancers for a variety of tasks and skills. Alternatives to TaskRabbit include Thumbtack, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Wonolo, Upshift, Jobble, Agent Anything, 99Designs, and Helpware. These services provide similar services for taskers to find work, or for customers to find help with a variety of tasks.

Is there an app to hire contractors?

Yes, there is an app to hire contractors! Thumbtack is an easy-to-use platform that allows you to find local professionals and get any project done. All you need to do is enter your project needs and you can instantly access local contractors, cleaners, landscapers and more! Thumbtack connects you with the right professionals for the job, taking the hassle out of finding a reliable service provider.

Are there other apps like Handy?

Yes, there are other apps like Handy. These alternatives include Blue Apron, Careerbuilder, Thumbtack, and ServiceWhale. These apps mainly offer job search services, review websites, and classified ad services.

What are the most requested handyman services?

The most requested handyman services are plumbing, drywall installation, repairing damaged gutters, fixture replacement, patching and painting, laying tile, painting and deck construction and repair. These services cover a wide range of home improvement needs, including repairs, maintenance and renovations. Expert handymen can handle these tasks with efficiency and accuracy, ensuring that your home remains in great condition.

What is the name of the handyman app?

The name of the handyman app is Thumbtack. Thumbtack is an on-demand home service platform that provides over 1000 services. Founded in California in 2021, Thumbtack is a private company that makes it easy to find professional, local help with home improvement projects and repairs.

Is there an app for people looking for handyman?

Yes, there is an app for people looking for handyman services. Thumbtack makes it easy to find local professionals and get any project done. All you have to do is select the services you need and we will show you a list of available local pros. You can view cost estimates and detailed business information, and even chat with pros right in the app.

What is the app where people do task for you?

The app you are looking for is Taskrabbit. It connects you with reliable people in your local area who can help you with home or office tasks such as handyman work, cleaning services, delivery, moving and more. It is available for free download on the App Store and makes it easy to get your projects done quickly.

Which is better thumbtack or TaskRabbit?

The answer depends on your specific needs. If you need a quick, one-off service then TaskRabbit is your best bet. For longer contracts or repeat business, Thumbtack is the preferred option. However, there are many other platforms available to consider thus the best option for you is to explore all available options.

What are the best handyman apps to find work?

Finding the best handyman apps to find work is easy with the help of Home Advisor. Home Advisor is the leading home improvement app on the market and offers thousands of people the opportunity to find experts in home improvement projects such as remodeling, landscaping, and plumbing. It’s an easy way to find reliable and reputable professionals for handyman tasks, so it’s the go-to option for handymen looking for work.

What is an on-demand handyman app?

An on-demand handyman app is an online platform that connects customers with professionals for any kind of household work, such as plumbing, wiring, remodeling, cleaning, and carpentry. It is a convenient way to get repairs and services, with numerous apps available in the market. This platform makes it simple to find experienced professionals and easily schedule and manage services online.

How to find a home service handyman in India?

Finding a home service handyman in India is easy! Simply search for handyman apps for both the Android and iOS app stores and you can install the app for free. With these apps, you will be able to connect with handymen providing service in various parts of India. This makes it easier for you to find handyman services for fixing and installing household products quickly.

What does a Handyman Do?

A handyman is a multi-skilled professional who offers a range of services including plumbing, home repairs, furniture assembly, and more. Handymen have the skills and expertise to handle various tasks and often help customers save time by doing jobs that would have otherwise required multiple service providers. With the help of online apps and platforms, handymen can quote jobs, manage expenses, and schedule appointments for customers.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a handyman to do home repairs and projects is now easier than ever thanks to the rise of handyman apps. These digital platforms make it easy to find, hire, and manage your weekly or monthly repair needs. Whether you’re looking for a full-time contractor or just a one-off job, you can find the perfect fit with one of the seven handyman apps out there. TaskRabbit, Bizzby, Mila, Jop, Thumbtack, Lime Mechanic and Porch are all great options for home-repair services. Each one offers a unique set of features, so consider your repair needs and budget before making a decision. Hiring a handyman can be a great way to complete odd jobs around the house without having to hire a full-time contractor, and now with the help of these apps, it’s even easier.


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