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Bark vs Qustodio: Comprehensive Parental Control Software Comparison

When it comes to online safety for kids, parents have to make a decision: Bark vs Qustodio? Discover which parental control app is best for you and your family by comparing the different approaches these two popular tools provide.

Quick Summary

  Comparing Bark and Qustodio: A Comprehensive Parental Control Software Comparison

When it comes to comprehensive parental control software, Bark and Qustodio are two popular options available. Bark alerts parents of concerning or suspicious messages and web search history, while keeping benign messages private. In contrast, Qustodio follows the lock-down approach and gives parents a complete visibility into their kids’ browsing and text history. Bark is a great choice for parents who prefer privacy, while Qustodio has useful features that facilitate proactive monitoring of internet activities.

Nonetheless, both software solutions offer plenty of features that help keep kids safe online. Bark and Qustodio share common features like filtering age-inappropriate content, setting screen time rules and blocking access to undesired websites. Additionally, they have advanced services like monitoring multiple social media accounts, sending alerts on topic search detection and generating detailed reports on online activity.

Bark and Qustodio also have a few differentiating features to give users more control. Bark enables parents to run searches for specific keywords in their kids’ messages and emails, while Qustodio offers the option to schedule internet outages or completely lock down devices. Ultimately, it all comes down to the parents’ preference, as both parental control solutions have different ways to ensure the digital safety of children.

Comparing Bark and Qustodio: A Comprehensive Parental Control Software Comparison

What is Bark?

Bark is a parental control app that helps parents keep their children safe online by alerting them to concerning messages and web search history while keeping benign messages private.

What is Qustodio?

Qustodio is another popular parental control app that offers a different approach to ensuring online safety. Qustodio prefers the lock-down approach and grants parents full visibility into their child’s browsing and text history.

Comparing Bark & Qustodio

In a comprehensive comparison of Bark and Qustodio, parents should consider the following aspects:

  • Level of visibility
  • Parental control features
  • Pricing

Level of Visibility

When it comes to a kid’s internet activity, parents have the choice to either trust their children and provide little oversight, or monitor all online behavior. When comparing Bark and Qustodio, the choice for level of visibility is clear.

Bark works by alerting parents to concerning messages and web search history, but keeping benign messages private and out of sight. Qustodio has a different approach by granting parents access to complete browsing and text history.

Parental Control Features

The main goal of both Bark and Qustodio is to provide parents with the control they need to keep their kids safe online. Detection of cyberbullying or other suspicious behavior is a must-have feature.

Qustodio is considered a go-to parental control solution, mainly due to its wide range of features. Apart from monitoring, Qustodio offers additional features such as screen time limits, an extensive app filtering system, and the ability to block inappropriate websites.

Bark focuses mainly on detecting cyberbullying and exposing any potentially hazardous contact, making sure that the detection of inappropriate behaviors is air-tight.


Price can be a deciding factor for many parents when choosing between Bark and Qustodio parental control software.

Qustodio offers a free version for 1 device and 3 paid plans for up to 15 devices, with monthly and yearly subscription options. Access to all features is available only with their most expensive package.

Bark has 3 subscriptions and the largest price difference is between their Basic package (1 device) and the most expensive Premium plan (10 devices). Yearly subscriptions offer a 20% discount.

Personal Experience

Is bark or Qustodio better?

I recently compared Bark and Qustodio – two popular parental control apps developed to help parents monitor their kids’ online activity. From my experience, Bark provides parents with informed decisions and alerts when suspicious messages or online activities arise. It also remains private concerning benign messages. On the other hand, Qustodio goes for a much more strict approach, providing access to full browsing and messaging histories. Personally, I’m a big advocate for Bark’s informed approach for parents. It allows for parents to have an idea of their kids’ online activities without going down the route of intrusive supervision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is bark or Qustodio better?

We would recommend Bark over Qustodio for parents monitoring their children’s messages and web search history. Bark only alerts parents to concerning messages and web searches, keeping innocuous ones private, while Qustodio’s lock-down approach allows parents to see full browsing and text history. Ultimately, the type of monitoring platform a parent chooses will depend on their individual style and concerns. However, for an overall better parental monitoring experience we recommend Bark.

Can Qustodio and bark be used together?

Yes, Qustodio and Bark can be used together. Both programs work across multiple platforms, such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Kindle, and Chromebook devices. A free trial is a great way to try out each service and determine which one is the best fit for you and your family.

Is there a better app than bark?

Yes, there are better apps than Bark. Qustodio is the top choice for parental control apps, although it is not free. Other great apps that are considered better than Bark areFamilyShield,, Norton Family, Truple, Family Zone, and Net Nanny.

Does bark block inappropriate content?

No, Bark does not block inappropriate content. Bark works differently than a filtering device or service and instead monitors content. To ensure your children are better protected, Bark should be used in combination with a filtering device or service. Try Bark for free for 7 days by following the link in the question.

Does the bark app actually work?

Yes, the Bark parental control app really works. It has been tested on multiple devices with real kids, and the results show that the app is effective in controlling kids’ access to various content. The app offers multiple features that can be used to customize a child’s online experience.

Does Aura monitor text messages?

Aura does not monitor text messages. The app only stops in-app messages from popular social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and so on when their usage is blocked via the Content Filters feature. In conclusion, Aura does not monitor text messages.

What is the best parent tracking app?

The best parent tracking app of 2022 is Qustodio. It is the best overall parental control app, providing intuitive, real-time monitoring and filtering across a variety of platforms. With Qustodio, parents can see what their kids are doing online, help protect them against online threats, and set healthy limits around their digital activity. Qustodio is the perfect choice for savvy parents who want the best in tracking and safety.

Which is better canopy or bark?

Bark offers more comprehensive website blocking than Canopy. While Canopy may let you block some sites on Android devices, Bark allows you to block any app or website on iPhones, Androids, and more devices. Therefore, Bark is the better option for website blocking.

Which parental control is best?

The best parental control apps for 2023 are Qustodio, Google Family Link, Bark, Canopy, NetNanny, FamilyTime, and Life360. Out of the seven, Qustodio is the best overall parental control app due to its comprehensive set of features, including activity tracking, app and website blocking, location monitoring, and more. Google Family Link is the most budget-friendly option with its cost-effective parental controls and easy setup. All seven parental control apps provide great options to keep kids safe online.

What is better than bark?

Qustodio is a better option than Bark for monitoring your child’s location. Qustodio offers the ability to view your child’s current location on a map, as well as save location history for up to 30 days. With Qustodio, you will have to subscribe to a premium plan to get full access to these features, while Bark does not provide this option.

What are alternatives to bark monitoring?

When it comes to monitoring, there are a few alternatives to Bark. FamilyShield,, Norton Family, Truple, Family Zone, and Net Nanny are reliable options that offer similar features. All of these programs are not free, but are worth considering if you’re looking for a good monitoring alternative.

Should you use qustodio or bark?

Yes, you should use Qustodio or Bark to protect your child’s devices. Both parental control services work across multiple platforms, from Windows and Mac to Android, iOS, Kindle and Chromebook, making them ideal for complete protection. A free account is a great way to familiarize yourself with the service before purchasing an upgraded plan.

Is there location tracking on qustodio and bark?

Yes, there is location tracking on Qustodio and Bark. Qustodio offers Panic Alerts in case of an emergency and Bark offers detailed information about a child’s location. Both apps provide real-time updates on a child’s location.

What is qustodio and how does it work?

Qustodio is a digital parental control and wellbeing solution that was founded in 2012. It provides parents worldwide with simple tools to manage the online presence and activity of their children. Qustodio works by monitoring internet usage and providing parents with actionable insights and control options.

Is bark a good parental control app?

Yes, Bark is a great parental control app. It has a discreet usage with no alerts to let your children know that it’s being used, so as not to cause unwanted stress or anxiety in children. Bark also emphasizes transparency, allowing your child to be informed of its usage and installation, while still being able to block out any significant or harmful content. This makes Bark a great and responsible parental control app.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Bark and Qustodio both offer parents the capability to keep their children safe while they are online. Bark takes a more privacy-focused approach while Qustodio takes a more lock-down oriented route. Ultimately, the parental control app that would be best for your family will depend on your individual preferences and needs.


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