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Posting Stories on Instagram: How to Fix the Can’t Post Error

Are you unable to post a story on Instagram? Reaching the limit of what you’re allowed to post or running into error messages? Find out why and how to fix it faster; from violating community guidelines to poor internet connection and more!

Quick Summary

Posting stories on Instagram can sometimes be challenging, driving users to search for ways to fix the “Can’t Post” error. Instagram stories are designed to be fun but from time to time users come across problems. Some of the common causes behind this issue are mentioned below:

1. Going against Instagram’s Community Guidelines: Instagram stories are meant to be fun, but certain posts can violate Instagram’s policies, which can often lead to the “Can’t Post” error. To continue posting stories on the platform, make sure you only post content that follows the guidelines.

2. Poor Internet Connection: If the user’s internet connection is poor or unreliable, the app may not be able to upload or post Instagram stories. Check your internet connection and see if that resolves the issue.

3. Outdated App/Cache is Full: Make sure you are using the latest version of Instagram and that your Instatgram cache is not full. An outdated app can lead to this issue, so it’s important to keep it up to date.

4. Repetitive Behaviors: Engaging in repetitive behaviors with Instagram can trigger a system response that stops you from posting stories altogether. Move points include posting too often, using the same content or hashtags continuously, and more.

In short, make sure your posts do not violate Instagram’s Community Guidelines, that your internet connection is reliable, your app is updated, and that you are not engaging in repetitive behaviors in order to ensure smooth posting of Instagram stories.

Troubleshooting Can’t Post Story Error on Instagram: Tips & Fixes

Reasons Why You Can’t Post Story on Instagram

There are many potential reasons why you may be experiencing an error when trying to post story on Instagram. The following are a few of the common reasons:

  • Your post goes against Instagram’s community guidelines.
  • Your Instagram account might get temporarily blocked, disabled, or banned from posting activity.
  • You have a poor Internet connection.
  • You are not using the latest version of Instagram.
  • The Instagram cache is full.
  • You are engaging in repetitive behaviors.

Tips for Troubleshooting “Can’t Post Story” Error

If you are experiencing a “Can’t Post Story” error on Instagram, try the following tips:

  1. Make sure you have a strong internet connection and are using the latest version of Instagram.
  2. Clear the cache in your Instagram app.
  3. Ensure your post does not violate any of Instagram’s community guidelines.
  4. Try posting content from a different device if you get temporarily blocked from posting on Instagram.
  5. Refrain from engaging in repetitive behaviors or posting too quickly.

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Personal Experience

  Troubleshooting Can

Having trouble posting to your Instagram story can be really frustrating. About a year ago I ran into this problem and after much research, I discovered a few potential causes. Firstly, your post might have gone against Instagram’s community guidelines, so you could face account suspension, disabling or banning if this is the case. Another possible reason might be that your internet connection is unstable or weak, which would be a good time to check for changes in your network settings. If this isn’****, then it’s worth making sure you’re using the latest version of Instagram, as this could also be a cause. Alternatively, the cache on your Instagram might be full making it more difficult for it to process your attempts to post. Lastly, being mindful to not engage in repetitive behaviours, such as over posting within a short time frame (e.g. several identical posts within a few minutes), is also something that could trigger a message denying your story post. To avoid this, I find it helpful to set reminders to evenly space out any content I post.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I not able to post Stories on Instagram?

Answer: If you’re having trouble posting to Instagram Stories, it may be due to a few possible causes. These can include a weak internet connection, server downtime or a bug in the Instagram app. Make sure to check your connection and research any potential server outages before attempting to use the app again.

Why can’t I ask questions on Instagram story?

Unfortunately, Instagram question stickers are not available to everyone yet. It is randomly given to users, so you must wait to receive it. You can also check for updates with the app store regularly.

How do you fix the glitch on Instagram Stories?

The best way to fix a glitch on Instagram Stories is to first check the internet connection, make sure there isn’t a general Instagram glitch, and force stop the Instagram app (for Android). After that, clear the app’s cache, restart your phone, log out of your account, update the app, and reinstall it. Taking these steps should help fix the glitches you’re experiencing on Instagram Stories.

Why can’t I allow people to share my Story?

The answer to why you can’t allow people to share your Story is that you need to activate the “Allow Sharing” option in Instagram. To do this, head to your profile, go to Settings, Privacy & Security, Story Controls, and then select Shared Content. Allowing people to share your story is optional and has to be enabled manually. By doing so, it will give your followers permission to share your post.

How do I allow Resharing Stories on Instagram 2022?

To allow resharing stories on Instagram in 2022, open the Instagram app and go to Settings -> Privacy. Tap on the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) in the top right corner and select Story. Toggle the Allow sharing to story option to enable resharing.

Why is the add post to Story option on Instagram missing?

The add post to Story option could be missing on Instagram if the app you’re using is outdated. To ensure that you have the most up-to-date version of the app, iOS users should check the Apple App Store and Android users should check the Google Play Store for updates. Updating your app should fix any issues you’re having, including the missing add post to Story option.

Why can’t I share other people’s stories on my story?

Unfortunately, not everyone has this feature available. In order to share someone’s post from Feed to your story, they must have a public account and allow resharing of their posts. Unfortunately, this means that not everyone can share posts from Feed to their stories.

How do I enable Resharing stories on Instagram?

To enable Resharing stories on Instagram, tap on the gear icon on your profile, scroll down and locate the Allow Others to Reshare option. Then, tap on the slider to turn it on (which will appear blue). Once this setting is enabled, people will have the ability to share your posts.

How do you share someone else’s story on your story?

To share someone else’s story on your story, click the notification that you receive when they mention you in their Story. You’ll be given the option to “Add this Post to your Story”. Select this option and then you will be able to edit the Story before sharing it. Make sure to tag the original creator so they get credit.

How to post a story on Instagram?

Posting a story on Instagram is easy. Swipe right on the app to access the camera or tap the Plus sign (+) icon and scroll to Story. Tap the circle to snap a photo or hold to record a video to upload. Once added, the previous story will be automatically archived.

Why can’t I post on Instagram?

The answer to the question, “Why can’t I post on Instagram?” is usually due to an issue within the Instagram app. It could be caused by temporary server outage, slow network connection, missing updates, etc. In order to fix this issue, it is important to make sure that the app is updated with the latest version and also check your internet connection speed. If none of these solutions work, then it is best to reach out to Instagram’s Customer Support.

How do I Fix my Instagram story?

“To fix your Instagram story, open the Settings app on your phone and go to Apps/Installed Apps. Look for the Instagram app and tap it, then tap Storage. Tap on Clear Data or Storage to reset the app. Log back into your account and your story will have vanished; upload it again.”

How to post Instagram story from PC/laptop in 2021?

Posting Instagram stories from a PC/laptop in 2021 is simple and easy. First, open the Google Chrome browser and visit the Instagram website. Once you have signed into your account, right-click on the page and select ‘Inspect’. Lastly, open the developer options on the page, then add the ‘Stories & Camera’ button and click it to start your story.

Final Thoughts

Posting stories on Instagram can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it’s important to keep in mind the potential pitfalls of not following the community guidelines or staying on top of the latest software version. Taking a few moments to review the reasons why you may encounter an error can help you quickly fix the issue and get back to sharing your stories.


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