can you hide your following list on instagram

How to Hide Your Following List on Instagram | Step-by-Step Guide

Are you looking for a way to hide your following list on Instagram? Then, you’ll be happy to hear that you can with just a few clicks of your mouse! Read on to discover how to make your Following list hidden from view.

Quick Summary

  5 Steps to Hiding Your Following List on Instagram: A Guide

Hiding your following list on Instagram is a straightforward process. First, open your Instagram profile and click the ‘Following’ button on the top of your profile. Then, select the 3 dots beside each follower’s name, and then select ‘Hide Following’. That’s all you have to do to hide your following list on Instagram. It only takes a few seconds and your followers will no longer be able to see who you follow.

Hiding your following list is useful if you want to keep your followers from seeing who you follow on Instagram. It’s also a useful way to protect your privacy and keep things as private as possible on the platform.

5 Steps to Hiding Your Following List on Instagram: A Guide

Can You Hide Your Following List on Instagram?

The short answer is yes! And this guide will detail the five steps needed to keep your Following list private on Instagram.

Step 1: Head to Your Instagram Profile

This should be the first and easiest step. Open up your Instagram app and navigate to your profile page.

Step 2: Tap “Following”

Once you are on your profile page, you should see the following option on the top of the page. It should be right next to how many followers you have.

Step 3: Tap the 3 Horizontally Aligned Dots

Once you have tapped on the ‘Following’ link, you should see a list of people you are following. You should also see a three dots next to each person’s name. Tap the three dots beside your follower’s name.

Step 4: Select “Hide Following”

This fourth step should be the last of the four. After you have tapped the dots next to your follower’s name, you should have the option to hide following. Tap it.

Step 5: Enjoy Privacy

You are now all set! Enjoy the privacy that comes with hiding your Following list.

Personal Experience

I have recently used the feature to hide my following list on Instagram and found it incredibly helpful. As an Instagram user, I was always concerned about other people seeing who I follow, but this feature helps me keep some of my personal activities on the platform private.

Getting the option to hide your following list it really easy. All you have to do is go to your Instagram profile, tap the ‘Following’ on the top of it, tap the three horizontally aligned dots beside your follower’s name and then select ‘Hide Following’. It only takes a few taps to do and once you do it, it will be hidden from anyone who visits your profile.

For me, this feature has been really helpful and makes me feel secure about my online activities. I can follow whomever I like without worrying about who else is able to view and judge. I would highly recommend giving this feature a go, if you are someone who is concerned about your privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hide my following list on Instagram from my followers?

Yes, you can hide your following list on Instagram from your followers. To do so, navigate to your settings, select the Privacy segment, and toggle the Private Account slider to the “On” position. Note that it is not possible for Business accounts to go private before November 1, 2022.

Can someone see your question on Instagram if you are private?

Yes, someone can still see your question even if you are private on Instagram. When you ask a question through an Instagram story, the person you are sending the question to will know that it is you who asked them. However, you can keep the question anonymous by not including any identifying information when you ask it. This way, the person won’t know it was you who asked the question.

What can people see on my private Instagram?

People on your private Instagram will only be able to see your posts, likes, and comments if they have been approved to follow you. When you like a public post, everyone will see your like and username, but only your approved followers can see your posts. Thus, on private Instagram people can only see posts and likes from approved followers.

Is there a way to follow someone on Instagram without anyone but them knowing?

Yes, Instasnoop is an app that allows users to follow someone on Instagram without them knowing. The app provides a secure and private way to view posts created by the people you follow on the platform. Instasnoop is fast, easy to use and helps to protect your privacy.

Can I hide my followers on Instagram from other followers?

Yes, you can hide your followers on Instagram from other followers. You can do this by creating a private account and blocking specific users from viewing your profile. This way, you will be able to keep the number of followers visible, but not who is actually following you and who you are following.

How to hide followers and following lists in Instagram?

Hide your following list on Instagram by going to Settings > Privacy > Switch to Private. This will make your account private, meaning that now only those who you approve will be able to see your content and your list of followers and people you follow. This ensures that your information is secure and only shared with people of your choosing.

How do you hide who you follow on Instagram?

The simplest way to hide who you follow on Instagram is to block the person. To do that, open the Instagram search tab on your phone and search for the username you want to block. Once you find the right account, tap on the ‘…’ sign on the top right of the screen and select the ‘Block’ button. Blocking the person will make their profile invisible to you and your account will no longer appear on their followers list.

How does Instagram sort the default following list?

Instagram sorts the default following list according to a user’s interactions with the account. Following who interacts with the user first, followed by accounts the user interacts with the most. Users have the option to change the order as they wish and even mute accounts should they no longer wish to see content from them, or manage their own messages.

How do I hide Instagram posts from certain followers?

To hide posts on Instagram from certain followers, go to your profile, tap on the post you would like to hide, then tap on the three dots icon. Select “Archive” to make the post invisible to specific followers. This process is quick and easy and will keep your posts hidden from those who don’t need to see them.

Final Thoughts

Hiding your following list on Instagram is a useful option for if you wish to remain discreet about who you are following. It can be easily done in a few simple steps. All you need to do is go to your Instagram profile, select the ‘Following’ tab, three horizontally aligned dots beside a follower’s name, and then select ‘Hide Following’. Providing users with this privacy feature is a great way to keep their social media account safe and secure.


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