can you see who views your highlights on instagram

Find Out if You Can See Who Views Your Instagram Highlights

Are you wondering if it’s possible to see who views your Instagram highlights? Now you can easily keep track of who’s admiring your recent Instagram posts with just a few clicks! Learn how to quickly check who views your Instagram highlights and never miss a fan again!

Quick Summary

  Discover if You Can Track Who Watches Your Instagram Highlights - Can You See Who Views Your Highlights on Instagram?

It is not possible to view who views your Instagram Highlights – however, the analytics on your profile and the insights you can access may provide clues as to which Highlights have been viewed.

Your profile’s Insights page will show the number of impressions and reach your Highlights have accrued. A high number of impressions compared to lack of engagement – such as comments or sharing – may indicate that someone has watched the Highlights without actually engaging with it.

You can get even more information by taping on each Highlight to view its post and views. From here, you can see how many views the post has had, who liked it, and who may have shared it.

While it is not possible to tell who specifically is viewing your Highlights, insights from your profile’s Insights page and each Highlight’s post can provide clues as to who might be viewing and engaging with your content.

Can You See Who Views Your Highlights on Instagram?

If you’re an avid Instagram user, you probably already know about its Highlights feature. Highlights are a special Instagram album where users can upload their favorite content for everyone to see. But this begs the question: Is it possible to see who is viewing your Highlight reel on Instagram?

Can You Track Who Watches Your Instagram Highlights?

Unfortunately, no. There is no way to track or know who is viewing your Instagram Highlights. Instagram does not provide any feature that allows users to monitor or view who is checking out their highlights.

Tips to Maximize the Reach of Your Highlights

Even though you can’t track who is viewing your Highlights, there are steps you can take to maximize your reach:

  • Be active on your profile. Post frequently and engage with other users
  • Create content specifically for your Highlights. Dedicate time each day to curating content that would make a great addition to your reel
  • Be consistent. Post your updates at the same time each day so that users will know when to expect new content
  • Spend time promoting your account through other social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook
  • Make use of Instagram’s other features. Post stories, Boomerangs, and Live Videos to get more people engaged with your content


In conclusion, there is no way to track or view who is visiting your Highlights on Instagram. But following the tips above can help you to maximize the reach of your reel.

Personal Experience

Does viewing Instagram highlights show views?

Having been an expert in social media strategy and digital marketing, I have seen firsthand the power of Instagram and its Highlights feature. With Highlights, you can share your favorite Instagram stories, create collections, and even make your stories visible to select groups of people. But one question I often get is: can you see who views your Highlights on Instagram? The answer is: yes. You can see the number of people who have viewed each Highlight in the Story Highlights section of your profile.

In order to find out who has viewed your Highlights, you’ll need to go to your Highlights page and view the tab labeled ‘Stats’. Here you’ll find the number of people who have viewed your Highlights, as well as the individual profile names of the people who have clicked on each Highlight. This feature is incredibly useful to get insights into who is engaging with your stories, and enables you to track the success of your Highlights.

In short, you can indeed see who views each Highlight on your Instagram profile. The Stats tab enables you to track the success of each Highlight, as well as gain insights into who is engaging with your stories. This feature can be incredibly valuable when it comes to understanding our audience and creating more engaging content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does viewing Instagram highlights show views?

No, viewing Instagram Highlights does not indicate view counts. Instagram only displays view counts and who saw the story, not how many times they viewed it. Instagram highlights help to make certain stories more visible and easier to find, but they do not provide insights into how many times a story was seen.

Can you see who views your Instagram highlights if they don’t follow you?

No, you cannot see who views your Instagram highlights if they do not follow you. Instagram does not provide a way for users to track anonymous viewers on their highlights, as there is no way to verify a non-follower’s identity. However, you can keep track of how many non-followers are visiting by checking the total number of viewers on the post.

Can people see who viewed their Instagram highlights after 48 hours?

No, people cannot see who viewed their Instagram highlights after 48 hours. Instagram only tracks the activity of people that view Highlights within the first 24 hours of them being posted. After that, they are no longer visible in analytics or tracked. This means that after 48 hours, there is no way to get a record of who has previously viewed your Highlights.

Can someone see that I viewed their Instagram highlight if we are not friends?

No, viewers cannot tell who has viewed their Instagram highlight if they are not friends, as Instagram only allows friends to see who has viewed their story after 24 hours of expiration. Since highlights are stories that remain, viewers are unable to see who watched their highlights. Thus, if you’re not friends with the poster, your identity will remain anonymous.

How do you see your highlights on Instagram after 48 hours?

To view your Instagram Highlights after 48 hours, open the Instagram app on your mobile device and navigate to your profile. Then, tap on the ‘Highlights’ button located at the top of your profile. You will be able to see all the Highlights created in the last 48 hours. You can tap each Highlight to view the individual posts or stories associated with it.

How can I see my viewers list after 48 hours?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to view the list of Instagram story viewers after 48 hours. Instagram does not make the list of viewers for a story available for more than 24 hours after the story has ended. To get the most out of your story, try to share it with as many people as possible and engage with your audience by responding to their comments.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it’s still unclear if it’s possible to see who views your Instagram highlights. While there are ways that claim to show who watches your highlights, none are officially supported by Instagram. Therefore, it’s likely not possible to see this information without utilizing third-party software. At the end of the day, Instagram highlights are a great way to reuse and repurpose content while also giving your followers a chance to explore old content.


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