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How to Send Messages to Someone You Blocked: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you wondering if you can message someone after you blocked them? The answer is yes, you can still send messages to a person even after you have been blocked! But the challenge is in finding them and sending the message. Fortunately, if you have been messaging them before getting blocked, you can easily find the person and send the message.

Quick Summary

It’s not possible to message someone you have blocked, but if you were communicating before you blocked them, you can locate them and continue the conversation. Here’s a step-by-step guide to take to find and send a message to someone you previously blocked:

1. Search for their username. You can use various search methods like the person’s username or email address that you saved on your contact list prior to blocking them. You can also try searching their name, although it might be complicated if their name is not unique.

2. Find the right platform. Where did you usually interact before blocking them – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other online platform? Depending on where you used to communicate, try to find their profile. Make sure you double check the details (picture, username) to make sure you don’t contact the wrong person.

3. Reach out. Once you have found the right profile, it’s time to reach out! Make sure you explain the situation clearly, and express your willingness to rebuild the relationship. Good luck!

Can You Send Messages to Someone You Blocked? Step-by-Step Guide

What To Know Beforehand

Yes, you can still message someone after you have been blocked. However, the problem is finding the person after you have been blocked. If you have been messaging this person prior to the block, then it won’t be hard to find them.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Locate the person with whom you have been blocked. If the person still uses the same app or website, they should still be available.
  • Find the person’s profile. Depending on the app or website, there may be a search bar where you can search directly. If not, look through your friends or contacts list to find the blocked person.
  • If you find the blocked person, you can then send them a direct message. The person may or may not be able to respond back.
  • Things to Keep in Mind

    • Be aware of the potential for the blocked person to return the message.
    • Be prepared for the block to still be in place or have been removed.
    • Be aware of any potential repercussions for sending the message whilst blocked.

    Personal Experience

    Will someone who blocked me on iPhone still get my texts?

    I once had the experience of messaging someone I had blocked. We had a disagreement and I had hastily blocked the person in the heat of the moment. Yet, I soon realized I wanted to apologize, but I wasn’t sure how to start the conversation due to being blocked. After some online research, I found that despite being blocked, I could still try to message the person. To do this, I created a new account and tried to send the person a direct message. Thankfully, it worked and we were able to reconcile.

    My experience taught me that it is possible to message someone even if they have blocked you, though the process can be tricky. In theory, if you had previously been in conversation, you should be able to still find the person and message them, even if you can’t directly see their profile. The most effective way to do this is to create a new account, if possible, and attempt to directly message or email the person. You can also look for mentions of the person, as sometimes a discussion can reveal the person’s online presence.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will someone who blocked me on iPhone still get my texts?

    No, the person who blocked you on iPhone will not receive your text messages. If you try to send an iMessage, it will still be blue, indicating an iMessage, but the recipient will not get it. In conclusion, if someone has blocked you on an iPhone, they won’t receive your messages.

    Can you send texts to someone you blocked?

    No, you cannot text someone who has blocked your number. Blocking someone on an Android or iPhone device prevents any messages, cellular calls, FaceTime, iMessage and RCS messages from being received by the blocked person. Blocking someone on an Android or iPhone device can be done quickly and easily, with the blocked person unable to receive any contact from the individual blocking them.

    Is there a way to text someone even if they block you?

    Yes, it is possible to text someone even if they block you. Instant messaging and social media apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal can be used to contact the person who has blocked you. Alternatively, you may also use a mutual friend to create a group chat and add both you and the person who has blocked you to the chat.

    Can you send a text message to someone who has blocked you?

    Yes, you can send a text message to someone who has blocked you. However, it will not be delivered to the intended recipient. The same is true for iPhones and Android phones. There will not be a “delivered” notification to let you know if the message was sent successfully.

    How do you contact someone who has blocked you?

    The best way to contact someone who has blocked you is by hiding your caller ID. For Android devices, go to Settings > Call Settings > Additional Settings > Caller ID and select Hide Number. This will keep your calls anonymous, allowing you to bypass the blocked list.

    Can you see old messages from someone who blocked you on iMessage?

    Unfortunately, no. It is not possible to view blocked messages on iPhones. This is because when a user blocks you, the messages you send no longer reach the phone and are blocked from view. As a result, there is no way for you to access a blocked user’s messages.

    What does a blocked person see on iMessage?

    If a person is blocked on iMessage, they may see the sent text message appear in green instead of blue. Additionally, they may see Not Delivered in red under the green text bubble or the message may go through as an iMessage but not show if it was Delivered. This indicates that the person has been blocked by the other party.

    Can you tell if someone has blocked your text message?

    Yes, you can tell if someone has blocked your text message. If a person has blocked you, you will not see any notification beneath your text. Instead, there will just be a blank space. In these cases, the text message will never be delivered to the recipient.

    Can I tell if my text messages are being blocked?

    Yes, you can tell if your text messages are being blocked. If you send an iMessage to someone and it does not turn blue, it could mean that the person has blocked you. Additionally, check if there is a small status information under the iMessage you sent. If it is not there, it could suggest that you have been blocked. Finally, you can always try calling the person to determine if you have been blocked.

    How do you unblock someone you blocked in text message?

    To unblock someone you have blocked on text message, open the Messages app, select the three vertical dots on the Messages search bar, open the drop-down menu, and select the “Spam & Blocked” option. Find the contact you have blocked, and tap the button to unblock them. You can now text this contact normally and no messages will be blocked.

    Can you block your number and still send a text?

    Yes. Blocking a number means that the recipient will receive your text messages and phone calls, but the block is one-way and they cannot call or message you. Your messages can still be sent as normal. There is no need to unblock the number to continue texting.

    Final Thoughts

    In conclusion, it is possible to message someone after you have been blocked, but depending on the circumstances it can be difficult to find the person. If the conversation was occurring prior to being blocked, then it is easier to send a message. If not, then you may need to search out the person to restart communication. It is important to remain respectful and courteous when messaging someone that has blocked you.


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