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Can You Unsend a Snap? Find Out the Answer Now

Most people know the pain of hitting send too soon — what if you could undo that mistake with an unsend of your snap? The answer is yes, you can now unsend snaps at the touch of a button, allowing you to stay in control of your messages and protect your privacy.

Quick Summary

  Unsend a Snap? Get Your Answer Now - Can You Unsend a Snap?

Yes, you can unsend a snap with Snapchat’s recently unveiled Clear Chats feature. This feature allows you to delete messages, photos, and videos that you sent, regardless of whether you’re the sender or receiver. To unsend a snap, open the chat where the message was sent and tap the menu icon in the top right corner. Select the “Clear Chats” option and tap “Clear” to remove the message and its media support. This useful feature can come in handy if you ever sent an inappropriate message or photo to someone.

However, this feature has its limitations. You can unsend snaps from Chat but not from Feed or Story. Feed and Story snaps can still be hidden from view, but once posted publicly it will remain on the internet. Also, you only have a 10-second window to unsend a snap; once that time is up, you’ll no longer be able to use Clear Chats on that snap.

Can You Unsend a Snap? Get Your Answer Now

Introducing the “Unsend” Feature on Snapchat

Do you wish you could take back a message you sent on Snapchat? Now, you can with the “Unsend” feature on Snapchat. The Unsend feature lets you unsend a message that you have sent by mistake, like if you sent your Snap to the wrong person and you want it gone. But before you start rummaging around in your Snapchat settings, you might be wondering – can you unsend a snap? The answer is YES!

How to Unsend a Snap

To unsend a snap on Snapchat, you first have to open the chat between you and the other person. Then tap and hold the message you want to delete. You’ll see two options: “Delete” and “Unsend”. Select Unsend and your chosen message will disappear from both your and the other person’s Snapchat conversation. It’s as simple as that!

What Does Unsend on Snapchat Do?

When you unsend a snap, the message will disappear from both your conversation and the other person’s conversation. Similarly to deleting a message, the person you sent it to will get a notification that says that you “deleted a message”, even though you unsent it.

Limitations of the Unsend Feature

Unfortunately, you can’t unsend a snap after it has been opened by the other person. Only messages that haven’t been opened yet can be unsent. Also, be careful when unsending Snapchats – if you unsend a message too many times in a short period of time, other people will get a notification saying you unsent a message. **** the Unsend feature sparingly!


The “Unsend” feature on Snapchat makes it easy to delete messages that were sent by mistake, but it’s important to remember that you can only unsend messages that haven’t been opened yet. So the next time you’re wondering “can you unsend a snap?”, the answer is yes – use the Unsend feature on Snapchat!

Personal Experience

Do people know if you Unsend a snap?

I was curious about the possibility of unsending a snap and set out to find out more. As someone who has been using Snapchat for a few years, I was aware of the feature that sends a message then deletes it as soon as it’s been read. However, I was curious to find out if it was possible to unsend a snap I had sent. After doing some research, I found that it is possible to unsend a snap from the Snapchat app.

To unsend a snap, you have to open the chat where the snap you want to delete is located. Then you would have to click and hold the snap until a small popup appears and gives you the option to delete, edit, or save the snap. To unsend the snap, you have to select the delete option. If a friend has seen the snap already, Snapchat will notify them that you took the snap back. This is useful if, for example, you sent an embarrassing snap.

I learned that it is possible to unsend a snap on Snapchat if you do it quickly enough. I was happy to have my question answered, and it is a useful feature to have, since the original snap was still visible for a few seconds before it was deleted. It is an effective way to take back a snap that you wish you hadn’t sent to someone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do people know if you Unsend a snap?

Yes, people do know if you unsend a snap. Unsending a snap will send a notification to all members of the chat group that the file was removed. Each user will be notified, though they will not be able to see the contents of the removed snap. Therefore, people do know if you unsend a snap.

How do you Unsend a snap without the person knowing?

To unsend a snap without the person knowing, open the Snapchat app, go to the individual message, long-press the message, and select the ‘Delete’ option. This will delete the sent message for both the sender and the receiver, without the receiver being aware you ever sent the message.

How do you delete Snapchat messages on both sides?

To delete Snapchat messages on both sides, open the conversation in Snapchat and press and hold the message you want to delete. After a few seconds, a pop up will appear. Tap Delete to remove the message from both users’ devices. If you want to delete multiple messages, tap and hold the first one to activate checkboxes. Then select the messages you want to delete and tap the trash can icon.

Can I delete a snap before someone opens it?

Yes, you can delete a snap before someone opens it. This can help keep your messages private, or it can keep you from sending a message to the wrong person. To delete a snap before it is opened, simply press and hold on the snap and select the delete option.

Why does my snap still say delivered?

The “Delivered” status on Snapchat means that the message or media you sent has been received by the recipient. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they have opened or read it. If the recipient has not opened the message after a few minutes, it could mean they have declined the message or their device may be offline. You may want to double-check that the recipient has their device connected to the internet, and try sending the message again.

What happens if you delete a delivered snap?

When a delivered snap is deleted, all members of the chat are notified that a sent file has been removed. They won’t know the contents of the message, but they’ll still be informed that something has been deleted. The snap itself is immediately and irreversibly removed from all devices, meaning it can no longer be viewed.

How long does it take for a delivered snap to delete?

Snapchat servers automatically delete delivered Snaps after they have been viewed by all recipients. If a Snap is not opened, then Snapchat will delete it within 30 days. This means that a delivered Snap typically takes just seconds to be deleted.

Can someone still open your snap after you delete it?

No, someone cannot open your snap after you delete it. Once you delete a Snapchat message it is gone, and the recipient cannot see or open it. Snapchat has a feature that makes it so that once a message is deleted it is deleted from the servers and unavailable to both the sender and the recipient.

Can you Unsend a Snapchat Reddit?

No, you cannot unsend a Snapchat on Reddit. The only way to delete a sent photo on Snapchat is by blocking the user you sent it to and then adding them again. Unopened photos will disappear for them, however, messages and snaps that were opened cannot be undone.

Can I delete a snap if the other person saved it?

Yes, you can delete a snap even if the other person has saved it. A quick swipe up on the snap in your chat window will reveal the ‘Delete’ option, allowing you to delete the snap from both of your devices. Snapchat does not provide any way for a saved snap to be retrieved after it is deleted.

Final Thoughts

The quick answer is no, you cannot unsend a snap once it has been sent. It’s important to remember that once you send a snap, it’s out of your control and is subject to the person it was sent to seeing it. This can lead to unfavorable situations, so it’s important to be aware of what you take pictures of before you send them. When in doubt, don’t send it and think it through before you press that send button.


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