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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Professional Manga Creator

Ever dream of creating your own manga masterpiece? From crafting imaginative characters to concocting a captivating story, become a true manga creator and bring your ideas to life!

Quick Summary

Become a Professional Creator Manga: The Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Professional Manga Creator

Creating manga can be a rewarding and creative career pursuit. To become a professional manga creator, it’s important to understand and practice the basics of manga drawing. This ultimate guide will help aspiring manga creators gain the skills, knowledge, and experience to turn their passion for manga into a career.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice is essential to becoming a professional manga creator. You need to become familiar with the tools, materials, and styles used in manga. Drawing the same poses and facial expressions repeatedly helps to improve your drawing skills. Develop your portfolio and practice drawing with various materials and styles.

Learn the Rules & Break Them

This may sound counter-intuitive, but it’s essential to understand the rules of manga before you can break them. Familiarize yourself with the basics, like anatomy, compositions, color theory, and perspective. Understanding the rules allows you to become creative with your own manga stories and art.

Stay Connected & Learn

Colleagues, editors, and other manga creators can provide invaluable information, advice, and mentorship. Connect with people in the manga industry through online groups and networks. Attend manga conferences, workshops, and other events to learn from experienced professionals.

Network & Promote Yourself

The world of manga can be competitive, but with the right connections and resources, talented aspiring manga creators can get ahead. Develop a manga website and social media accounts to showcase your work. Network and stay connected with colleagues, editors, and influencers in the manga industry for opportunities.

Become a Professional Creator Manga: The Ultimate Guide

Manga, the iconic Japanese comic art, has captivated millions of readers around the world. Are you passionate about manga and want to pursue a career as a professional creator? Here’s the ultimate guide on how to become a professional creator manga.

1. Start drawing

The first and foremost requirement for becoming a successful creator manga is to have strong drawing skills. Get yourself acquainted with the fundamentals of art and drawing and keep practising. Focus on getting your anatomy, perspective and composition correct.

2. Learn the basics of Manga

Study your favorite manga and try to understand the basics. Look for the basics like character design, storytelling techniques, pacing, backgrounds, etc. After familiarizing yourself with the basics, create your own stories.

3. Read Manga

Read widely to learn more about manga, so you can get some inspiration. Conduct online research and read various online manga magazines and professional creator blogs.

4. Enhance your Manga style

Strive to create and maintain your own unique style in manga. Experiment with different techniques to create your signature style. Pay attention to details such as backgrounds, shading, and sound effects to create a unique and memorable work.

5. Join an online community

Join a professional manga creator community online. You can join manga-specific forums, artists’ groups on social media, and other online communities. Sharing your work online and receiving feedback from experienced creators can help you improve your skills.

6. Self-publish your Manga

Publish your work online, or submit it to manga publishing companies. You can use crowdfunding to raise money for printing and distribution. With perseverance and a good story, you can put your manga in front of thousands of readers.

7. Manage your time and resources efficiently

Plan your time and resources efficiently so that you can focus on creating more manga. Don’t procrastinate and dedicate yourself to creating your best work.

Tips to become a professional creator manga

  • Practice, practice and practice.
  • Learn from mistakes and other manga artists.
  • Improve your speed and technical skills.
  • Analyze story structure and visual design.
  • Keep up with the latest trends.
  • Network with other manga artists to hone your skills.


Creating manga can be a challenging and rewarding experience. You need to stay creative and consistent in your work. With the right guidance and effort, you can become a professional creator manga.

Personal Experience

What do you call a person who creates manga?

My experience in creator manga began when I first entered college. I was determined to pursue a career in art and storytelling, so I decided to take the plunge and start creating manga. After going through much trial and error, my first project was completed and I couldn’t be more proud. It was an action-packed adventure with a unique main character who was able to tap into their inner strength and fight off bad guys.

Ever since, I have been creating stories in the manga style. Creating manga requires a strong understanding of storytelling, as well as an ability to create interesting characters, dialogues, and scenes. Moreover, the art style of manga takes a certain level of dedication to master and perfect.

My appreciation and experience with creator manga has led me to create my own manga style webcomic, Kinjirareta Anatomy. Following a brave heroine and her journey to save her home, the comic offers a unique and captivating story. The comic has been widely acclaimed and I’m proud of the work I have been able to put into the project.

Creator manga has incredible potential for meaningful storytelling and expression, and I am proud to have been a part of the creator manga community. From creating characters to creating worlds and tales, it has been an incredibly rewarding process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you call a person who creates manga?

A mangaka is a person who creates manga, the Japanese-style comics. They are graphic artists and writers who create the distinctive art and stories found in manga. Manga is an art form that has been growing in popularity, and many mangaka have become well-known in the anime and manga industry.

What do manga creators do?

Manga creators, also known as mangaka, create stories and artwork for manga, which is a form of Japanese comic book. They draw characters, scenes and backgrounds for each page, as well as provide the artwork for panels and speech bubbles. Manga creators strive to create stories that entertain and captivate readers.

Who is the best manga maker?

The best manga maker is Eiichiro Oda, who is responsible for the massively successful One Piece series. With 54,856,000 in manga sales, Oda has exceeded any manga creator in history and is widely considered to be the best. His comics are full of plot twists, exciting action sequences, and unique characters, which have all been influential in the modern manga world.

Who is the first manga creator?

The first manga creator is Japanese artist Hokusai, who lived from 1760-1849 and left over 30,000 works. He coined the term “manga” in 1814 and is considered to be one of the most influential and prolific artists of the Edo period. He is best known for his iconic works such as The Great Wave of Kanagawa and Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji.

Does Re:Creators have an English dub?

Yes! Re:Creators has an English dub created by fans for fans. The series is now available to enjoy in both English and Japanese. Visit to get involved in the official unofficial English dub of Re:Creators.

Who is Sota in Re:Creators?

Sōta Mizushino is the main protagonist of the anime series Re:Creators. He is a second year high school student who has an immense love and admiration for anime, manga, and video games. Sōta’s life is changed when metahumans from various works of fiction as real, and must team up with them to save the world.

Is Re:Creators a good anime?

No, Re:Creators is not a good anime. Despite featuring interesting fight scenes, the plot and shortcomings of its characters make it difficult to follow and ultimately leaves the viewer unfulfilled. For those looking for a creative and entertaining anime, Re:Creators is likely not the best choice.

Is Re:Creators anime original?

Yes, Re:Creators is an original anime series. First airing in 2017, it ran for 22 episodes and was broadcast across several Japanese networks such as Tokyo MX, BS11, GYT, GTV, ABC, TVA, and AT-X. An accompanying manga series was also released under the title Re:Creators One More!

What other anime did Tite Kubo make?

Tite Kubo is best known for creating the popular manga and anime series Bleach. He has also created artwork for several other manga titles, including Flame of Recca and Zombiepowder. Additionally, Kubo worked on Shonen Jump’s one-shot manga series such as Buso Renkin and Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.

How old is Tite Kubo?

Tite Kubo is 45 years old. He was born on June 26, 1977 and is a popular manga artist and writer. He is best known for creating the manga series Bleach.

Does Kubo have a wife?

Yes, Tite Kubo, creator of the Bleach manga and anime, has a wife. He revealed the news at Jump Festa, a weekend event, in the author’s notes. They were married sometime prior to the event.

Why did Kubo change his name?

Kubo felt that the title “Black” was too straightforward and uncomplicated, so he changed it to “Bl”. He wanted to give it an ambiguous and mysterious feel to make the title more intriguing and engaging. By using this two-letter word, Kubo was able to evoke a powerful response to the film title and make it stand out.

Final Thoughts

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Professional Manga Creator offers invaluable insight for those looking to take their manga dreams to the next level. From getting your work published to creating a webcomic, this guide provides practical advice for creators hoping to make a living from their work. It explores the different career paths available to manga creators, as well as the best ways to promote and market your work. With its comprehensive overview of the industry, this guide is a must-have for anyone determined to make it as a professional manga creator.


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