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7 Tips for Creating a Custom YouTube URL

Getting a custom YouTube URL for your channel can be a great way to build a professional-looking brand and increase your views and subscribers – the key is knowing how!

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  Create a Custom YouTube URL: 7 Tips to Get Started

A custom YouTube URL can be an essential building block of your brand’s online presence. Here are seven tips to help you create a custom YouTube URL that will increase your reach.

1. Pick a Username That Is Relevant to Your Brand

Choose a username that is relevant to your brand, as this will give potential followers an idea of the type of content you will be providing. Think about the words and phrases associated with your channel and use these to craft a unique username. Avoid generic usernames as these can be difficult to remember and are often taken.

2. Pick a Short and Memorable Username

It’s important to keep your username as short and memorable as possible so that viewers can easily recall and type it in the search bar. Long usernames can be difficult to remember, so aim for five characters or fewer if possible.

3. Use of Brand Name

Include the brand name in your username. This will help viewers identify your page and make it easier to find. You can also add keywords that are related to your business or content. This will help your channel stand out in searches.

4. Check Availability

Check the availability of the custom YouTube URL you have chosen to ensure it is not taken. If the URL is taken, you will need to choose a different one that is unique.

5. Set Clear Expectations

Creating a custom YouTube URL can set viewers’ expectations. Make sure your channel is providing the content that is suggested by its username so that viewers aren’t disappointed. This will promote trust and increase your chance of gaining new followers.

6. Ensure Consistency

Ensure your custom YouTube URL is consistent across all of your accounts. When viewers search for your page or videos, they should know they are getting content from you rather than another channel that has a similar name.

7. Promote Your Custom URL

Make sure to promote your custom URL on all of your other social media channels so that more people can find you. Additionally, you can add your URL to your website and to any email marketing campaigns you create.

Create a Custom YouTube URL: 7 Tips to Get Started

Are you looking for the best way to create a Custom YouTube URL? Creating a custom URL allows people to easily find and memorize your YouTube channel, improving the visibility of your content and helping you to reach out to more potential audiences. Here are 7 tips on how to get started with creating your custom URL.

1. Check Eligibility

Before creating a custom URL, you have to check if you are eligible to create one. Your account should be at least 30 days old and your channel should have at least 500 subscribers and a photo for the channel icon to qualify.

2.Verify Your Account

The next step would be to verify your account. Verifying your account with a phone number or credit card will give you access to create a Custom YouTube URL.

3. Get to Know the Available URL Options

There are two types of URLs you can choose from – “vanity URL” and “custom URL”. While a vanity URL simply adds additional words to your existing URL, a custom URL allows you to create a unique URL that’s easier to remember.

4. Select the URL You Want

Once you have chosen which URL option you prefer, the next step would be to select the URL you want. You can edit your URL to make it easier to pronounce and remember. However, you can only select a URL that is not taken by someone else.

5. Finalize

When you are happy with your URL, you can then proceed to finalize it. Click on the “confirm choice” button and you will be guided through the steps to verify your custom URL.

6. Link Your Other Sites

Another great tip for the custom YouTube URL is to link it to your other social sites. This will allow you to share content across different platforms and reach a wider audience.

7. Utilize All Available Options

Finally, remember to take advantage of all the customization options available when it comes to custom YouTube URLs. You can add hashtags, characters and punctuation marks to add further uniqueness to your URL.

Creating a custom URL is a great way to boost your YouTube channel’s SEO and visibility. With the tips above, you can easily get started with creating the perfect custom YouTube URL for your channel.

Personal Experience

Does YouTube allow custom URL?

As someone who has owned and used a custom YouTube URL for some time, I can honestly say it has been an amazing experience. It gives me the perfect way to effectively brand my channel and make it easier for people to find my content. My custom URL also looks much more professional than the standard one. Not to mention the convenience of already having my YouTube address set up when I make a new post or share a URL with someone.

Having a custom YouTube URL has allowed me to be easily recognised across multiple channels and websites, creating an effective link for people to be directed to my channel. This also increases visibility and search engine ranking, allowing me to reach my target audience and grow my channel. Furthermore, it has given me the opportunity to promote my social media accounts, making it easier for viewers to find me and share more of my content.

Overall, having a custom YouTube URL has been a huge advantage in my YouTube career. It has enabled me to establish a recognisable and consistent URL which viewers can recognise and remember. It has also helped me to better promote my content, increase visibility, and grow my channel more effectively. I would definitely recommend getting a custom YouTube URL if you want to improve your channel and take it to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does YouTube allow custom URL?

Yes, YouTube does allow custom URLs. To set up and edit a custom URL you’ll need to log in to YouTube and go to the advanced settings of your channel. From here, you can link a custom URL to your channel. Existing custom URLs cannot be changed and new custom URLs cannot be set up.

How many followers do you need for a custom URL on YouTube?

To get a custom URL for your YouTube channel, you need to have at least 100 subscribers and your account needs to be at least 30 days old. Additionally, you also need to have an uploaded profile picture. Having these requirements met will allow you to create a custom URL for your channel.

How often can you change YouTube custom URL?

You can change your YouTube custom URL up to 3 times per year. To do so, go to your Advanced Account Settings and select ‘Create a new custom URL’. Be sure to accept the custom URL when you are completely satisfied with your choice, as it cannot be changed afterwards.

How do I customize my YouTube channel URL on mobile?

To customize your YouTube channel URL on mobile, go to the YouTube mobile app and tap your profile picture. Then, tap the gear icon to access your settings, and navigate to the link to customize your channel URL. Before selecting a new channel URL, make sure to read YouTube’s channel URL rules and regulations.

How do I get a custom YouTube channel URL?

To get a custom YouTube channel URL, you’ll need to have 100 or more subscribers. Once you have 100 or more subscribers, you can access the custom URL creator in YouTube Studio. Sign into YouTube Studio and select ‘Customization’ from the left-hand side menu followed by selecting ‘Advanced’. On the next page, you’ll see the option to create a custom URL. Select it, review the guidelines, and click ‘Claim’ to create your unique custom URL.

Why I dont have the option for custom URL for YouTube?

The main reason why you don’t have the option to create a custom URL for YouTube is due to the eligibility requirements. To be eligible, your channel needs to have at least 100 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time within the last 12 months. Once your channel meets these requirements, you can set a custom URL. Additionally, your channel must be in good standing, with no blocked content or copyright violations. Lastly, custom URLs must also adhere to the YouTube terms of service.

How do you copy someones YouTube link?

To copy someone’s YouTube link, open the YouTube video and copy the URL from the address bar. You can then paste the URL wherever you would like to share it. You can also go to the Channel page and copy the URL from the address bar to share.

What does copying link on YouTube do?

Copying a link on YouTube allows you to share the video with others. The link can be sent to other apps on your phone, via email or shared on social media to enable others to easily view the video. It is a convenient way to share content with friends, family, and followers.

Is it OK to copy someone’s video on YouTube?

No, it is not OK to copy someone’s video on YouTube without their permission. Doing so could constitute a copyright infringement that could lead to legal consequences. To avoid potential issues, always seek permission from the rights holder and crediting their work appropriately.

How do I get my YouTube URL link?

To find your YouTube URL link: 1. Sign in to YouTube Studio. 2. From the left Menu, select Customization. Basic info. 3. Under Handle, you can view your handle URL.

Final Thoughts

Creating a custom YouTube URL is an effective way to help get your content out there and make it easily recognizable and sharable to others. Out of all the tips given, the most important would be to make sure you are your content is top-notch, and that you select a memorable URL that is consistent with your brand messaging and brand look. Implementing these 7 tips will help you to create a custom YouTube URL that will draw more viewers and brand recognition.


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