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How to Delete Your Airbnb Account Permanently

Deleting an Airbnb account doesn’t have to be a hassle;follow these simple steps and you can be free of your Airbnb account with ease!

Quick Summary

  Delete Airbnb Account Permanently: Guide to Removal

To delete your Airbnb account permanently, log in to your Airbnb account and click the “Delete my account” link located at the bottom of the page. You’ll be asked to confirm whether you really want to delete your account. Once you confirm the deletion, your account will be permanently deleted.

After your account is deleted, you won’t be able to reactivate it or use any of the features associated with it. This includes making bookings or hosting experiences. You also won’t have access to Airbnb customer support.

If you have an active Airbnb listing, it will be canceled when you delete your account. This means other Airbnb members won’t be able to book it. Make sure you remove all of your personal details from your profile before you delete your account, otherwise it won’t be permanently deleted. All of your reviews, conversations, and messages will also be deleted along with your account.

Delete Airbnb Account Permanently

Are you looking to delete your Airbnb account permanently? Airbnb is an online marketplace that connects people looking to rent vacation homes, apartments and unique accommodations with local hosts around the world. Deleting your account may seem like a challenging process, but it’s actually simpler than you might think. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you delete your account quickly and easily.

Steps to Delete Airbnb Account Permanently:

  • Open the Airbnb website and log in to your account.
  • Navigate to the “Help” page found at the bottom of the screen.
  • Find the topic “Account Settings” and click on it.
  • Click on “Delete My Account”.
  • Click on the “Delete My Account” link in the top bar.
  • Type in your account password and confirm that you would like to delete your account by ticking the small box.
  • Click the “Delete My Account” button.
  • When you delete your Airbnb account, all your account details, including bookings and information will be permanently deleted. You will no longer be able to log in or receive any messages or notifications related to your account.

    Personal Experience

    What happens when you delete your Airbnb account?

    I have had to delete a lot of Airbnb accounts over the years. It can be a frustrating experience and a difficult process. The first thing I do is to understand why a customer needs to delete their account. Reasons for deleting an account vary from not needing to use it anymore, not being satisfied with the service, or moving on to another location or activity. Once I find out the main reason, I can then provide the steps necessary to delete the account.

    In my experience, the most efficient way to delete an Airbnb account is to go directly to their customer service page. From there, you can fill out a form or contact them directly. Airbnb provides a fair amount of helpful support options, including detailed explanations and instructions on removing your account from their services. Additionally, there is a customer support number where you can speak to a customer service representative in real-time. To speed up the process, I often provide the customer service team with the name associated with the account, their contact information, and the reason for wanting to delete the account.

    Finally, I let the customer know that once the account has been deleted, they won’t be able to retrieve any of the information associated with it. This includes contacts, messages, reviews and any payments they may have made. This is a key point as all the information once associated with the account will be lost after the account is deleted. Deleting an Airbnb account is relatively straightforward once the customer knows the necessary steps to do so.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What happens when you delete your Airbnb account?

    When you delete your Airbnb account, it cannot be reactivated, and all associated data will be lost. You will not be able to retrieve any information or access to the account once it is deleted. If you wish to use Airbnb again, you will have to set up a new account.

    How long does it take to delete an account on Airbnb?

    It takes just 48 hours for Airbnb to process a request to delete an account. To begin the deletion process, all you have to do is initiate it via your Airbnb account settings. Within 48 hours, your account and associated data will be permanently erased.

    How do I remove myself from Airbnb?

    To remove yourself from Airbnb, go to the Edit experience page under General settings, click Team, click your name, and select Remove from the three dot menu ( ). Confirm the removal on the following page to complete the process.

    Can I make a second Airbnb account?

    Yes, you can make a second Airbnb account. This can be beneficial for certain situations, such as having a separate guest account to book properties, and a hosting account to provide hosting services. Additionally, you may need to make multiple listings under one account, which is another situation where multiple accounts may be necessary.

    Can you create a new Airbnb account with the same phone number?

    Yes, you can create a new Airbnb account with the same phone number. All you need to do is open a new account and link your telephone number to the newly created account. This enables you to use the same phone number for multiple Airbnb profiles.

    How do I reset my Airbnb account?

    To reset your Airbnb account, tap Profile, then Log in, then Continue with email. Tap Forgot password, and follow the instructions to reset your password via email.

    Can I transfer my Airbnb account to someone else?

    No, you cannot transfer your Airbnb account to someone else. Airbnb does not allow account transfers for any reason, even if you are selling your Airbnb property. It is important to remember that all Airbnb accounts are non-transferable and cannot be transferred to another person or entity.

    What happens if Airbnb deactivates your account?

    If Airbnb deactivates your account, it means you will no longer be able to host on the platform. Furthermore, you won’t be able to access any previously earned funds or past bookings. Additionally, your profile, reviews, and listings will also be taken down.

    Why did Airbnb delete my account?

    Airbnb deleted your account as part of a regular account review to ensure compliance with Community Policies, Terms of Service, and to foster mutual trust and respect. Airbnb requires all users to follow their community policies and terms of service, and takes necessary action when users breach it. Your account may no longer be active on the platform due to violation of these policies.

    What happens if someone destroyed my Airbnb?

    If a guest destroys your Airbnb, you should take photos or videos of the damage, gather estimates or receipts for repairs or cleaning, and file an AirCover for Hosts request within 14 days of the guest’s checkout. You may be eligible to receive compensation for your loss from Airbnb, depending on the damage and the circumstances of your claim. Airbnb will investigate before making a decision on your claim.

    How do I get unbanned from Airbnb?

    To get unbanned from Airbnb, make sure to submit a formal appeal by filling out the required review form. Doing this allows Airbnb to understand your specific situation in order to consider reinstating your account. Airbnb can also provide guidance to ensure any issues do not persist in the future.

    Final Thoughts

    Deleting your Airbnb Account is an important decision because it permanently removes your past and future transactions. The process of deleting an account requires the user to contact Airbnb as there is no way to do it from the app or website. Additionally, hosts that want to cancel must ensure that all their bookings are fulfilled or refunded before their account can be deactivated. Airbnb recommends using other services such as the “account closure” feature to delete any personal information associated with their account. All in all, understanding what deleting an Airbnb account entails ensures that the right steps are taken when the time comes.


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