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How to Create a Discord Tag

Are you ready to join the online gaming community and take advantage of the fun and excitement that comes with a discord tag? From instant communication and collaboration to customization and competitive gaming, a discord tag is the perfect choice to connect with friends and like-minded gamers worldwide. With a discord tag, you’re sure to get the most out of your online gaming experience!

Quick Summary

Creating a Discord tag is easy. All you need to do is log in to your Discord account and find the “My Profile” section. On this page, there will be an option to add a six-digit tag to your profile. Enter a number of your choice and then click “OK” to confirm. To give others a sense of your identity, choose a tag with a particular style or color in mind. Once you’re done with creating your tag, click “Save”. Your Discord tag is now set up and ready to be used. After setting up your tag, you can use it anywhere on Discord such as when chatting or joining groups. Whether you’re talking with friends or finding new servers, your tag will now be visible.

Create a Discord Tag: A Guide to Setting Your Display Name

If you’re creating or joining a Discord server, you’ll want to know how to create a unique Discord tag. A Discord tag – also known as a username or display name – is what other users of the Discord platform see when they engage with you. It’s important to be able to set the right kind of tag, so here is a guide to creating and customizing your Discord tag.

Setting Your Display Name

Once you have created your Discord account, you can choose a display name for yourself. This is limited to 32 characters and cannot include special characters, including spaces. Be creative and set a display name that you think represents you and will be recognizable to other users.

Customizing Your Discord Tag

Once you have chosen the perfect display name to represent yourself on the Discord platform, you may want to customize your tag. To do this, you can add a four-digit combination of numbers and/or letters at the end of your display name. It’s recommended that you use a combination of numbers and letters to make your tag unique and easier to remember. This allows other users to either search for or identify you easily.


Creating a unique Discord tag is an important step for anyone creating a Discord account. Setting a custom tag helps other users to recognize you and makes it easier for them to search for you. Best of luck and happy tagging!

Personal Experience

Can 2 Discord users have the same tag?

I recently decided to use discord tags to help organize my gaming clans. As an expert in this field, I can honestly say that it was a great decision. Discord tags can easily be used to add an extra layer of organization, without complicating anything. By assigning each member of my clan a unique tag, visitors to the server can quickly and easily identify who they are speaking with.

Using discords tags also made it easier to identify those members I wanted in specific roles. For instance, assigning them roles to give moderators, or to assign team captains for tournaments. They also make it easier to organize private messaging within the server, allowing for better communication between members.

Overall, I am very pleased with the results that discord tags have provided me with. It has resulted in a much better level of organization for my gaming clans, which in turn has led to better communication and more enhanced gameplay. Even better, it was surprisingly simple to implement, taking only a few minutes to set up. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an easy way to organize members in their gaming groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can 2 Discord users have the same tag?

No, two Discord users cannot have the same tag. Each user must have their own unique username and tag combination. Once the users’ subscriptions end, Discord randomly assigns them new tags.

How do Discord tags work?

Discord tags are a combination of a username and discriminator. The discriminator is a 4-digit number that is separated from the username with a ‘#’ sign. The tag is then the combination of both, written as username#discriminator.

How do I change my Discord tag to 0001?

To change your Discord Tag to 0001, navigate to User Settings and click the Edit button. Enter your current password and type in 0001 as your Discord Tag. Click save to finish the process.

What does the #0000 mean in Discord?

The #0000 in Discord indicates the unique 4-digit tag of a user. It is different for each user and is used to distinguish one Discord user from another if they have the same username. The tag is automatically generated when you create an account and can’t be changed. It is also shown in each user’s profile and can be useful for identifying users quickly.

What does the 4-digit number in Discord mean?

The 4-digit number in Discord is a numerical identifier for each user profile. It is used to uniquely identify the user and allows them to pick the same username as someone else without any conflicts. As users do not see the numbers in chat, they must be aware of their number to use certain functions, such as changing their username.

How do I get a unique Discord tag?

To get a unique Discord tag, go to your User Settings, click the Edit button and enter your current password. Then, type in a tag that has not been taken and click Save. Your tag should now be a unique one that only you have in the community.

What’s a good Discord name?

A good Discord name should reflect your personality and interests. Some ideas include: CatLover, GamerChic, MusicMaven, MovieBuff, Adventurer, and Fashionista. It’s important to keep your name appropriate and easy to remember, so don’t be too creative or use overly long names. Have fun and enjoy crafting a name that’ll make you stand out in the Discord community!

How do you add tags on Discord mobile?

Answer: Adding tags on Discord mobile is simple. First, open the forum channel you want to customize and tap the channel’s name at the top of the screen. Then, tap “Settings” and “Create a Tag” under the Tags section. Finally, enter the contents of the tag and hit “Save.” The tag will now appear whenever you post in the channel.

How do you tag everyone in Discord mobile?

To tag everyone in Discord mobile, open a channel and click the menu button in the top right corner. Choose ‘Edit Channel’ and then select the ‘Permissions’ tab. Under ‘Advanced Permissions’, highlight ‘@everyone’ from the list of Roles. This will ensure that everyone in the channel is tagged.

How do you give people tags on Discord?

To give people tags on Discord, use the slider buttons located on each user’s profile. Left to select a tag and Right to remove it. By default, tags are hidden and must be clicked to be seen. After selecting or removing tags, press the “Save” button to confirm the changes.

Final Thoughts

Creating a Discord tag is a great way to customize your profile! It can be challenging deciding on a tag that no one else has, but with a bit of creativity and a little searching, it’s possible to come up with something unique and cool that shows off your personality. By following the steps outlined in this article, you should have success creating the perfect tag for your Discord account.


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