Django vs Express

Django vs Express: Which is Better For Your Site?

Two of the most popular web development frameworks are Django and Express. However, many people are wondering which is better in the situation of Django vs Express. This post will provide you with a clear image of which one you should use.

Release DateJuly 21, 2005 November 16, 2010
DevelopersAdrian Holovaty and Simon WillisonTJ Holowaychuk and StrongLoop
Written inPythonJavaScript
Ease of useEasy to useLittle hard to use
Community supportBig community supportBig community support as well
Used forBig and scalable projectsFor making APIs
Used byInstagram

What’s Django?

Django is a popular Python-based web development platform. Django was created to make web application development easier, faster, and more concise.

Django is the backed language of many large corporations (more about that later).

What’s Express?

Express is built with Node.js. It was created to be quick, straightforward, and simple to use. Many features are supported by Express, including routing, sessions, and the Templating Engine (more about that later).

Because Express is developed using JavaScript, it is sometimes referred to as modern technology.

History of Django

Adrian Holovaty and Simon Willison, two developers, founded Django in 2001. In 2003, they released Django 1.0. Since then, Django has grown to become one of the most popular Python Web frameworks. Since its initial release, Django has grown in popularity.

Django is used in many projects, including many well-known ones.

History of Express

Express was released on November 16, 2010. It was created by TJ Holowaychuk, and StrongLoop, along with many others. It was designed and used for building interactive web applications and making APIs.

Express had been extremely popular in recent years. Because of its ability to create speedy intelligent web applications on the server side.

Stats Django vs Express
Stats Django vs Express(StackOverFlow)

Pros of Both: Django vs Express

Because Django and Express are both powerful and popular web frameworks, they each have their pros. The following are some of the pros of Django and Express.

Pros of Django

  • Django is an exceptionally well-designed web framework.
  • Django is easy to learn.
  • Django is simple to extend.
  • Django is suitable for deployment.
  • Django works well with various programming languages.
  • Django can make use of a variety of Python libraries.

Pros of Express

  • Express is way faster than Django.
  • Express is lighter than Django.
  • Express makes web applications faster and in less time.
  • Express has great community support.
Uses Of Django and Express
Uses of Django and Express

What Is The Use Of Both: Django vs Express

Django and Express are both extensively used and have their own set of uses. It’s used to create large, complicated, and dynamic web applications. It can even be used to build a simple website.

Meanwhile, Express is used to quickly create web applications, as well as to effortlessly create APIs and Rest APIs. It makes it simple to create single-page and multi-page web apps.

Stats of Django

Django is a very popular language that’s why many big companies use it. Following are some of the interesting stats of Django:

Stats of Express

Express is another well-known and capable web framework. The following are some of Express’s interesting statistics:

  • On GitHub, it has over 56,700 stars.
  • Express is used on nearly 27,000 websites in 2022.
Interesting Stats Django vs Express
Interesting Stats of Django and Express

Which Is More Secure?: Django vs Express

Django takes security seriously and assists the community in avoiding common security flaws like as cross-site scripting(XSS), SQL injection, clickjacking, and cross-site request forgery(CSRF).

Security flaws such as session hijacking and cross-site scripting have been discovered in Express.

Code Run Latency

The latency of code execution is a critical aspect of a website. If the code run latency is minimal, your website will be faster, and Google prefers faster websites.

Because Express is written in JavaScript and Django in Python, and because JavaScript is much quicker than Python, Express is also faster than Django thanks to the Chrome V8 Engine.


Django and Express are web application frameworks that are extremely scalable. They both feature built-in scaling up and scaling down dependent on demand. Furthermore, they both provide a diverse set of deployment options, including Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Finally, they both scale horizontally by utilizing CDNs.

Despite this, Express is far more scalable than Django.

Complexity: Django vs Express

In terms of the amount of code required to build up a simple web application, Django is more complex than Express. However, once installed and configured, creating a Django app is simple.

Express has fewer capabilities, but it is easier to learn because all of its functionalities are accessible from a single area within the project.

For What Both Are Recommended?

Express is recommended for work that requires less overhead and flexibility. It is recommended for use in small applications.

Django is a good choice for those looking for a more traditional web framework with more capabilities and possibilities. It is also recommended for large-scale applications.

Famous Companies That Use Django

Django is a popular and strong framework that is utilized by several large companies. The following are some of the largest companies that use Django.

  • Instagram
  • NASA
  • Disqus
  • Mozilla
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • Spotify

Famous Companies That Use Express

Express is a current solution for developing REST APIs, which is why many huge companies use it. The following are some of the huge companies that use Express.

  • Yandex
  • Uber
  • MySpace
  • Storify
  • BlaBlaCar
  • Stack

Architectures Used

Django uses a Model Template View(MTV) architecture. A Django MTV model template is a reusable piece of code that assists you in creating models in Django for use with the MTV project management system.

Model View Controller (MVC) architecture is used by Express. The model encapsulates data and manages relationships between the database and views in a Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, whereas the view displays information to users. The controller mediates user interactions and handles application navigation.

This architecture has the advantage of allowing separate teams to work on different areas of an application without interfering with each other. One downside is that changing or overriding a view might be difficult.

Community Support

Django and Express are both very popular and frequently used frameworks. Both have a large community following for a variety of issues, errors, and bugs. Django and Express documentation is very informative and simple to understand for beginners.

Django Documentation:

Express Documentation:

Is It Easy To Find Express Developers?

Because Express is a popular web app framework, there are numerous Express developers. There are also many free online resources for learning Express, which is why so many people have learned it.

Express developers are simple to find. On websites like LinkedIn and Indeed these web developers are found.

Career Opportunities
Career Opportunities of Django and Express

Career Opportunities of Django and Express

Django and Express are two prominent web development frameworks that can be utilized for a range of jobs.

You might perhaps work as a Django developer for a company that uses the framework. Follow this post for more info about Django Carrer Opportunities.

You could also work as a freelancer to create websites in Django or Express. Both frameworks are also excellent choices if you want to build your web application from scratch.

Is Node.js Better Than Django?

Django versus Node.js is all about the developer’s experience and preference, while the latter is for experienced developers who need to create actual websites, or highly scalable applications.

You can use Django if your developers are good at Python.

If you need a high-performance runtime environment, Node.js is better to use. It’s also useful if you wish to use JavaScript consistently throughout your web project.

Complexity: Django vs Express

Complexity is also a major factor when selecting a framework. Django and Express are not very complex frameworks. Django has a beautiful, well-organized design that makes it simple to create web applications with it.

Express is a high-level, open-source Node.JS web development framework that makes it simple and enjoyable to create quick and scalable Web Applications.

However, when we compare the two head-to-head, Django is more complex than Express.

How to Setup Django and Express?

Setting up a framework or a language is very important and the very first step for development. Django is pretty easier to set up than the Express framework because of the pip package manager in Python.

Setup Django

To install and set up Django first of all you’ll need to install Python on your system. On Linux, you can easily install Python by running this command.

$ sudo apt install python3

On Windows, you can download and install Python from this link installing Python and pip you can install Django by running this command.

$ pip install Django

Setup Express

After installing Node.js create a new directory using the following command in which you are going to install your Express app:

$ mkdir myExpressApp
$ cd myExpressApp

Now, to create a package.json file use the following command:

$ npm init

After creating package.json enter the name of the main file to any desired name like app.js. Now to install Express in myExpressApp directory use the following command:

$ npm install express


Django and Express are both excellent frameworks. It is completely up to you which framework you wish to use. If you know Python or want to use Python libraries then you can use Django.

However, if you want to create APIs and rest APIs, or if you want JavaScript’s speed and modern capabilities, you can use Express.

What do you think is better in the case of Django vs Express? Let us know in the comments.

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