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Does Hide Alerts Block Calls? – Learn How This App Helps Keep You Secure

Hide alerts are a great way to silence annoying notifications without losing important information. Find out if this setting also blocks phone calls and make sure you don’t miss any critical calls!

Quick Summary

Hide Alerts doesn’t block calls, but it helps ensure that users aren’t interrupted by distracting notifications. When active, Hide Alerts will suppress any incoming notification sound, banner, or vibration. This means that messages and phone calls will still come in, they just won’t be alerted to the user. This way, users can choose to check their messages and calls at a time that is convenient for them, without having to worry about disruptive notifications.

While Hide Alerts may not directly block incoming calls, it does provide users with a level of control over how and when they receive notifications. This helps users maintain a secure and distraction-free environment, without having to completely disconnect from their devices. By taking control of incoming notifications, users can remain focused on their tasks, without having to worry about their device interrupting them.

Hide Alerts is a useful tool for users who need to remain connected to their device but don’t want to be interrupted. By disabling notifications, users can maintain a secure and distraction-free environment, while still being able to check their messages and calls at their convenience.

Does Hide Alerts Block Calls? Find Out How It Keeps You Secure

What Does Hiding Alerts Do?

Hiding alerts blocks the notifications banners, sound, and vibrations when you are using your iPhone. So you won’t be disturbed by notifications when phone calls and messages coming in. However, you still can receive them. When you enable the hide alerts setting with Do Not Disturb also active, it can keep you away from distraction and secure.

How Does Hiding Alerts Work?

  • When the setting is enabled, you will no longer receive notification banners, sound, or vibration while you are using your iPhone.
  • You will still receive the messages and phone calls, but you will not be notified they are coming.
  • By combining hide alerts setting with Do Not Disturb, you can stay away from distraction and keep yourself secure.

Protect Yourself with Hiding Alerts

By enabling the hide alerts setting and activating Do Not Disturb, you can stay away from distraction and keep yourself secure. Not only you can save time, but also reduce stress from too many notifications. With hiding alerts, you will still receive messages and phone calls, but you will not be notified they are coming in any way while using your iPhone.

Personal Experience

Does hide alerts block phone calls?

I have personally experienced that hiding alerts does not block phone calls. When I had the setting enabled and Do Not Disturb mode active, I still received messages and phone calls – just without any notifications. So, my phone kept ringing, but without the usual banner, sound, or vibration that usually goes with receiving a call. I was able to successfully answer incoming calls, yet I was still able to enjoy a distraction-free environment with no alerts or interruptions. This was highly useful for times when I needed to silently continue with my work, or if I was in a place where I was not supposed to be disturbed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does hide alerts block phone calls?

Yes, the Hide Alerts feature on iPhone prevents any notification banners, sound, or vibrations when using or not using the device. It will still allow phone calls and messages to come in, but the user won’t be notified in any way about the incoming calls and messages. Therefore, Hide Alerts does block phone calls.

What happens when you hide alerts from someone on iPhone?

Hiding alerts on an iPhone prevents notifications of incoming messages from appearing on the lock screen, notification center, and the conversation itself. The sender will also not be notified that the alerts have been hidden. This ensures that the recipient of the message remains undisturbed and messages don’t appear on their iPhone until they open the conversation.

When you hide alerts on iPhone does it still say delivered?

Yes, when you hide alerts on an iPhone, it will still say delivered. Hiding alerts on an iPhone does not stop the message from being delivered. The term “delivered” simply means the message has been sent to the recipient’s device, not that the recipient has been notified of the message.

Does notifications silenced mean blocked?

No, notifications silenced does not mean blocked. Notifications silenced refers to the Focus Mode setting on Apple devices, which is meant to help minimize distractions. To ensure that notifications are not blocked, check your settings to make sure Focus Mode is turned off.

Does Apple tell someone if you hide their alerts?

No, Apple does not inform someone when you hide their alerts. ‘Hide Alerts’ is a feature in Apple that hides the message alert from conversations, completely preventing notifications from appearing on the lock screen or in the notification center, as well as no sound alert. Therefore, the sender will not be aware that the alert has been hidden.

What happens when you hide someone’s alerts on Iphone?

Hiding someone’s alerts on iPhone mutes or removes notifications for that conversation thread. You will still receive any messages sent by that contact and the conversation will stay in chronological order. If the conversation is deleted, the alerts will remain hidden for any new messages received from that contact.

Does it tell someone when you hide text alerts?

Yes, it does tell someone when you hide text alerts. Muting someone on iMessage will not alert the other person that you’ve silenced your conversations, allowing you to keep the conversation on your terms. You can silence notifications discreetly, so the other person won’t know you’ve muted them. Muting is a great way to take control of your messaging app and maintain privacy.

When you hide alerts on Iphone does it still say delivered?

Yes, when you hide alerts on iPhone, the message will still appear as “Delivered” to the sender’s side. However, if you hide alerts, you won’t receive any notifications from the sender, and the “Delivered” message will not appear on the receiver’s end. Therefore, you won’t get the message in the Messages app from the device that was used to send them.

What happens when Hide alerts is on?

When Hide Alerts is on, notifications will be hidden for that conversation only. Your device will still receive all other messages, but their notifications will only show up on the Lock screen. Additionally, Do Not Disturb mode can be enabled to turn off notifications for all conversations.

How to hide notifications on iPhone?

To hide notifications on an iPhone: Open the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad, navigate to the conversation from the person you would like to hide alerts from, and select the “i” in the corner. From there, you can toggle off the option for “Show Alerts” to hide notifications. This will prevent notifications from popping up on your device for that person or conversation.

How do I stop receiving notifications from text messages?

To stop receiving notifications from text messages, use Hide Alerts. Go to the conversation that you want to mute and tap the conversation settings, then toggle on Hide Alerts. This will stop notifications for that conversation and an icon will appear next to it.

How to block unwanted calls on a cell phone?

The best way to block unwanted calls on a cell phone is to download a call-blocking app. This app acts like a filter, using data from the FTC and other sources to identify potential scams and block them from reaching your phone. Additionally, users can report calls to the app so that future calls are blocked as well.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, hiding alerts can help block phone calls while using Do Not Disturb on an iPhone. Calls can still come through but will not be accompanied by any of the usual notifications, such as banners, sounds, or vibrations. It is an effective way of using the Do Not Disturb feature to ensure that you are not disturbed while using your phone.


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