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Download Parts of YouTube Video: Quick & Easy Steps for Any Video

Are you tired of having to watch the full length of YouTube videos to get the parts of it you really wanted? Now you can easily download parts of YouTube videos with just a few easy steps.

Quick Summary

  How to Download Parts of YouTube Video Quickly and Easily

Downloading parts of YouTube videos might seem daunting, but it’s actually quite easy. To get started, copy the YouTube video link, then paste it on Kapwing. From there, you’ll be able to specify which parts of the video you want to download. Finally, export and download the shortened video. Kapwing is a great, free tool that allows you to easily trim and download parts of any YouTube video.

Trimming down long YouTube videos is a great way to get only the content you need in the exact order you prefer. Whether you’re looking to download a tutorial, or combine several videos into one, Kapwing’s trimming tool is the perfect solution. Get started by visiting Kapwing, logging into your account (or creating one if needed) and selecting the “Trim Video” tool.

The video trimming tool allows you to adjust the start and end times of the video you’d like to download, as well as the video’s aspect ratio, orientation, resolution, and more. Once done, click “Create” to output your video. You can watch the video over and over until it’s just perfect, then hit the “Download” button to save it to your device.

Downloading parts of a YouTube video is simple and free with Kapwing. With its video trimming tool, you can quickly get the exact content you need from any video online. So what are you waiting for? Get started now by visiting Kapwing and logging into your account.

How to Download Parts of YouTube Video Quickly and Easily

You might have come across interesting, informative, and long YouTube videos that you would have wanted to download as parts or segments. In this case, you can simply download parts of YouTube video easily and quickly by following these simple steps.

Step-by-Step Guide to Download Parts of YouTube Video:

  • Copy the YouTube video link. Navigate to the YouTube video that you want to download a part of. Click on the “Share” icon. Copy the YouTube video link.
  • Paste the link on Kapwing. Go to Create or log in to your Kapwing account.
  • Export and download the video. Once you have made the required edits, you can then click the “Export” button. Your edited video file is now available online and ready to be downloaded.
  • This is an incredibly convenient way to quickly and easily download parts of YouTube videos to get only what you need. You can make your YouTube video content more manageable and easier to watch by dividing it into specific parts. After you have broken down your videos into pieces, you can upload them as separate files or as a playlist to your YouTube channel.

    Personal Experience

    Can I download just a section of a YouTube video?

    As an expert in downloading a part of YouTube videos, I’ve used Kapwing to successfully extract great clips from my favorite videos. It’s not only easy to use, it’s also completely free and quick. All I have to do is go to their website, sign in, and paste in the link of the YouTube video I want to trim down. From there, I can select a start and end time for the clip I want to download. Once I do that, I can export it and download the video for free! It’s simple, efficient, and will always get the job done. Plus, I can even save my clips to the Kapwing library for easy access later. I can confidently say that Kapwing is my go-to when I need to download parts of YouTube videos.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I download just a section of a YouTube video?

    Yes, you can download a section of a YouTube video. VideoCrops provides an easy to use platform that allows you to crop any YouTube video URL and download just the section you want. The process is budget and the steps are simple: open VideoCrops, paste the URL, select the interval, hit the “Crop selection” and then the “Download” button.

    How do I download certain parts of a YouTube video?

    To download certain parts of a YouTube video, you can use the ‘Video Trim’ icon which is a photo with a pencil at the top-center. After you have marked the beginning and end of the timeline, click ‘Save As’ and choose the folder you want the video to be saved in. Finally, click ‘Save’ to finish the download. This is the easiest way to get the portion of the video you need.

    Can I use parts of other people’s videos on YouTube?

    The answer to this question is, No. You cannot use parts of others’ videos on YouTube without permission from the copyright holder. That permission must be in writing. YouTube cannot grant you rights to use content that has already been uploaded to the site. You must reach out to the content creator directly to obtain permission. They may list ways they can be contacted in their channel.

    How do I download only part of a video?

    To download only part of a video, first visit Paste the video URL and select the desired video quality and format. Then uncheck the “start of video” and enter the desired time from where you want the video to start downloading. This is a quick and easy way to download only a specified part of any video.

    How do I add a clickable link to my YouTube description 2022?

    The best way to add a clickable link to a YouTube description in 2022 is to add cards to your video. Once the cards are added, a lowercase ‘i’ will appear in the top right corner of the video. Click on it to bring up a list of cards and choose the Link option (it’ll be grayed out). This will enable you to add a clickable link to the description.

    Do you need to ask permission to use a YouTube video?

    Yes, if you are using a YouTube video you must ask permission from the creator before you can post it or use it in any way. This is due to the restrictive standard YouTube license. To use a creator’s work legally, they must provide you with a Creative Commons CC BY license, which provides a standard way to gain permission with attribution.

    How can I legally use other people’s YouTube videos?

    You can legally use other people’s YouTube videos by obtaining permission from the copyright holder. This permission can be given in the form of a license, or you may be required to pay a fee to use the content. To get permission, you should contact the copyright holder directly or hire a content rights attorney to help you. It is also important to ensure you are following YouTube’s Terms of Service and any local laws in order to avoid any potential copyright infringement claims.

    What if someone uses my video on YouTube without permission?

    If someone uses your video on YouTube without permission, it may be a copyright violation. YouTube takes such violations seriously and will take down the infringing video. The offender may also be penalized with a strike. It is important to respond quickly to any potential copyright violation to protect your rights.

    Can Youtubers put random people in there video without consent?

    Yes, Youtubers can put random people in their videos without consent if they are in a public setting. However, it is important to bear in mind that there may be legal implications, so it is best to take appropriate measures to protect yourself. Recording a person in public typically does not require their permission.

    What are the 4 fair use exceptions to copyright?

    The 4 fair use exceptions to copyright are criticism, comment, news reporting, and teaching. These exceptions allow people to use copyrighted works for the purpose of criticizing, commenting on, reporting news about, and teaching. Fair use is an important exception to the exclusive rights of copyright holders, allowing for the lawful use of works for certain purposes.

    How do you download videos from YouTube?

    To download videos from YouTube, you can use the website Y2Mate. Go to YouTube, copy the video’s URL, paste into Y2Mate and click the Download button. You can then save the video or audio file to your computer.

    How to download videos from YouTube online?

    The simplest way to download videos from YouTube online is to use Kapwing’s Convert Video tool. Simply copy and paste the Youtube URL and select MP4 format to get a video file copy. All downloads are free and no account is required.

    How to upload MP4 video to YouTube without any hassle?

    Uploading MP4 videos to YouTube is easy! First, use an MP4 to YouTube converter to add your video and choose the YouTube format. Tweak the settings if desired, then start the conversion. Finally, upload the MP4 video to YouTube and you’re done!

    How do I load a YouTube video?

    To download a YouTube video, start by launching YouTube Premium. Search for the video you want to download, tap it to play, then select the ‘Download’ button from the menu tab beneath the video. Choose the desired quality, and tap ‘Download’ to start the process.

    Final Thoughts

    Downloading parts of a YouTube video is now a simple and quick process using Kapwing. With just a few steps, you can easily access any part of a video from YouTube and edit it to create your own content. This opens up a lot of possibilities for people to create unique content and videos for projects, webpages, presentations, and more. With the range of options available for customizing the video, any user can create their own piece of content that satisfies their needs. Downloading parts of a YouTube video is easy and it’s a great way to create your own unique content.


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