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Evite Alternative: Best Digital Invitation Platforms for Online Gatherings

Are you looking for a better alternative to Evite for your next event? If so, look no further than the top 7 Evite alternatives of 2023. Learn about their features and benefits so you can choose the best solution for your needs.

Quick Summary

  Best Evite Alternatives for Digital Invitation Platforms for Online Gatherings

When planning online gatherings, Evite is one of the most popular digital invitation platforms. However, there are other alternatives that offer equals or even better features. The top seven Evite alternatives of 2023 include Anyvite, Punchbowl, Purpletrail, Paperless Post, Greetingsisland, Shindigg, and Facebook. Anyvite offers free invitations and RSVPs, while Punchbowl allows users to create and customize digital invitations with illustrations. In addition, Purpletrail and Paperless Post offer the ability to send digital photos, personalized messages, and tracking tools. Greetingsisland offers a gallery of professional templates and the ability to add a gift registry feature. Shindigg provides detailed analytics, allowing users to analyze responses to the invitation. Lastly, Facebook allows users to easily send invites, upload photos, and share information about their special event.

Top 7 Evite Alternatives for Digital Invitation Platforms for Online Gatherings

Organizing an online gathering can be a challenge, but with an Evite alternative, it can become a breeze. Below are the top 7 Evite alternatives to help you create digital invitations for your online gatherings:

#1 Anyvite

This is one of the best alternatives to Evite, as it allows you free online invitations with RSVP to send personalized invitations to your friends and relatives via SMS.

#2 Punchbowl

This is another useful alternative to the Evite website. It allows the creation of virtual invitations and delivery to the guest in an elegant manner.

#3 Purpletrail

This Evite alternative offers personalized invites with a range of creative designs to choose from.

#4 Paperless Post

This is a convenient and stylish Evite alternative that allows you to send a digital invitation with ease and style.

#5 Greetingsisland

This Evite alternative allows customization of designs and templates for your special invitations.

#6 Shindigg

This Evite alternative is a complete virtual event platform to help you create, manage, and measure the success of your virtual event.

#7 Facebook

This Evite alternative is an easy and efficient way to create a digital invitation. It has various group settings and options to help you create and manage an occasion.

Personal Experience

Having hosted a number of virtual events during the pandemic, I know that searching for an Evite alternative can be difficult. Fortunately, I discovered Anyvite, Punchbowl, Purpletrail, Paperless Post, Greetingsisland, Shindigg, and Facebook for hosting virtual events. I found Anyvite to be my favorite for its free online invites and RSVPs. With Anyvite, I was able to customize my invites with an image and send them directly via SMS. Punchbowl also made it incredibly easy to create virtual party invitations and track RSVPs. I was able to choose from a variety of professionally designed templates that fit the theme of my event. With Purpletrail, I appreciated the ability to customize text, envelopes, and inserts to create a beautiful and unique invitation with a personalized touch. Paperless Post made creating digital and printed invitations effortless. I chose designs from professional designers and added in my personalized details for a professional and on-brand invitation. Greetingsisland gave me plenty of templates for fun and festive virtual event invitations. I was able to choose the perfect design and then personalize it with the event details. Shindigg was especially helpful for larger events and allowed guests to communicate and RSVP to events with friend groups. Additionally, I favorited Facebook for events with a small group and found it to be a quick and convenient option. Ultimately, these seven Evite alternatives have made it easy to host exciting and successful virtual events.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best alternative to Evite?

Eventbrite is widely regarded as the top alternative to Evite. With a wide variety of features, Eventbrite is the world’s leading event management platform. Its intuitive features make it simple to create, promote, and sell tickets to your event. Eventbrite is the perfect choice for creating professional events and sending out invitations quickly and easily.

Is Evite or Punchbowl better?

Punchbowl® is the better choice because its invitations have a look and feel of real paper, while Evite® offers only generic, dial-up designed invites. Moreover, with Punchbowl, you get all the features for free while Evite’s features come with a cost. Finally, Punchbowl is the industry leader in online invitations, setting the gold standard in the industry.

Which online invitation site is best?

The best online invitation site depends on your needs and preferences. Minted offers a great selection of free, customizable online invitations, while Greenvelope allows you to upload your own designs or pick from their own selection. Evite and Paperless Post offer an easy way to send digital invitations, and Etsy and Punchbowl are great for unique and handmade designs. Ultimately, the best site for you is the one that fits your needs and style.

What is the new Evite?

Evite is the leading digital invitation platform designed to bring people together in physical settings. Through its website and mobile application, Evite enables users to send thousands of customizable invitations, ranging from free to premium options, via email or text message. This platform is used by over 120 million people each year, making celebrating face-to-face easier and more memorable.

What’s better than Evite?

Finding the perfect platform to host your online event can be daunting, but luckily there are great alternatives to Evite. Eventbrite, Greenvelope, Eventzilla, Cvent, Whova, Hopin, Airmeet, and vFairs all offer great alternatives for online events, each with their own unique features and benefits. Choosing the one that is best for you will depend on the type of event you are hosting, the size of your guest list, the budget you have allocated, and other specifics. Ultimately, any of these options is likely to be a better fit than Evite.

Which evites are actually free?

Evite offers free invitations that can be sent via email address, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc) and text message. These free invitations can be identified by the “Free” label in the gallery. If you would like to upgrade your free invitation and disable ads, you can purchase a small package starting at $15.99.

Which is the right Evite website for You?

The right Evite website for you will depend on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a modern, intuitive user interface and aesthetically pleasing design, then Rsvpify.com is the perfect website for you. With its newcomer status to the online invitations game, Rsvpify is dedicated to providing the best experience for users. With an easy to use platform and inviting visuals, Rsvpify is the ideal website for all of your Evite needs.

Is Evite a good alternative to paperless invitations?

Yes, Evite is a great alternative to paperless invitations. It is a popular platform that allows you to create custom digital invitations and manage your guests, RSVPs and event details with ease. Evite is known for its connective features and reliability, making it a trusted choice for planning events and celebrations.

Do people still use Evite to send online invitations?

Yes, many people still use Evite to send out online invitations. Despite widespread criticism, Evite remains popular among those sending out free online invitations, and was even included in Time magazine’s list of the worst websites. An abundance of Evite websites and alternatives, however, have been developed for those looking for a different way to send online invitations.

What’s wrong with Evite?

Evite has an outdated user interface that makes sending an invitation complex. Additionally, they have failed to take advantage of social networking opportunities such as creating an app on Facebook or enabling Twitter integration. These shortcomings make Evite a less desirable option for people needing to send digital invitations.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear that Evite is no longer the only player in the online party invitation game. By 2023, there were multiple alternatives that were being used to host online events. From Anyvite to Facebook and every platform in between, it’s easy to find the best digital invitation platform for online gatherings and events. Each of these platforms offers their own unique features and benefits, so it’s best to consider each one and find the one that suits your needs the best.


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