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Export Your Spotify Playlist – A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you ready to export your favorite tunes from Spotify? Now you can easily export your favorite playlists, with just a few clicks. Whether you’re looking to free up some storage space on your device, or want to share your latest music discovery with friends, this guide will show you how to quickly export a Spotify playlist.

Quick Summary

  Export Spotify Playlist: Step-by-Step Guide to Easily Export Your Playlist

Export Your Spotify Playlist – Step-by-Step Guide

Exporting your Spotify playlists is easy and fast. Follow these quick steps to export your playlists to a file:

1) Sign into Spotify on the web. Go to Your Library.

2) Select Playlists. Hover over each playlist and select the three dots “…” to the right.

3) Click Share > Export Playlist File. That’s it! Your playlists will save to a file on your device.

Export Spotify Playlist: Step-by-Step Guide to Easily Export Your Playlist

Are you looking for a simple way to export your Spotify playlist? With this step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to easily export your Spotify playlist in no time. Whether you want to keep a backup of your playlist, or send it to a friend, follow these steps and you’ll be able to export your playlist in just minutes.

Step 1: Log into your Spotify account

To begin, you’ll need to log into your Spotify account. If you don’t already have an account, you can quickly create a free one.

Step 2: Go to the playlist you wish to export

After you’ve logged into Spotify, locate the playlist that you wish to export. You can type in the name of the playlist, or use the search option to find it.

Step 3: Select the ‘Three-Dot’ Menu

Once you’ve located the playlist, select the “three-dot” menu in the top right corner of the playlist. From the list of options, select “share” and then “copy playlist link.”

Step 4: Choose the Format of the Playlist

Once you’ve copied the link, you’ll need to choose the format of the playlist. Spotizr is a popular online tool for exporting Spotify playlists, and it supports a wide range of formats. Choose the format you’d like and then click the “export” button.

Step 5: Download the Exported Playlist

Once the playlist is exported, a link will be provided to you. Select the link and you can then download the exported playlist. Save the file to your computer and you’re all done!

Step 6: Share the Exported Playlist

Once you’ve downloaded the exported playlist, you can then share it with your friends. You can do this by sending the file via email, or using a file-sharing service like Dropbox.


Exporting your Spotify playlist is easy with these steps. Whether you want to keep a backup of your playlist, or share it with friends, these steps show you how to easily export your playlist in just minutes.

Personal Experience

Can you copy other people

I recently exported a Spotify playlist and it was an easy and convenient process. After logging into my account, I went to the library tab, located the playlist I wanted to export, and clicked “…” at the top-right corner of the playlist page. Under the available options I found ‘Make a copy of this playlist’, which is the right one for exporting your playlist. I clicked on it and discovered that I can export the playlist to other streaming services such as YouTube, Apple Music and Google Play Music, as well as any music player I have on my computer.

Before I proceeded, Spotify prompted me to name my new playlist and the choice was mine. It only took a couple of clicks of the mouse, and Spotify quickly exported my Spotify playlist. Within only a few minutes, I had a readily-available copy of my playlist on the streaming service of my choice. Overall, the process was straightforward and did not require more than a few clicks of the mouse.

Spotify’s convenience and simplicity make it attractive for music fans worldwide. A great feature of the streaming service is how easy it is to export playlists without losing the songs, cover art, and other details that go into creating a great playlist. Whether you want to export your favorite music to a different streaming service or transfer it to a music player on your computer, Spotify makes it easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you copy other people’s Spotify playlists?

cannot be copied in the same way, you can follow the same instructions to start saving the playlist for yourself. Additionally, you can also search for each track manually and add it to your own playlist.

Can I Export a Spotify playlist?

Yes, you can export a Spotify playlist. Exportify is a free software that allows you to export Spotify playlists to multiple formats, like CSV, JSON, and TXT. Additionally, it can be used to export playlists to other streaming music services, like Apple Music and YouTube Music. Exportify makes it easy to backup and share your favorite Spotify playlists.

How do I make a Spotify playlist collaborative for everyone?

To make a Spotify playlist collaborative, open the latest version of the Spotify mobile app, tap Your Library, tap Playlists, and select a playlist you created. From there, tap the three-dot icon in the upper right-hand corner and select Make Collaborative. Once complete, invite your friends by selecting the Share option. Your friends can now add songs from their own library to the playlist.

How do I send Spotify blend to friends?

To send a Spotify blend to friends, open the Spotify app, search for ‘Blend’, select ‘Create a Blend’ and tap ‘Invite’. This will allow you to select up to 10 friends to send the blend to. The blend will then be shared with the chosen friends.

Is there a way to copy someone’s Spotify playlist?

Yes. You can duplicate someone else’s Spotify playlist by selecting the playlist, pressing Command+A (on Mac) or Control+A (on PC) to select all the songs, and then using the ‘+’ or ‘Add to Playlist’ option. You can then add the songs to an existing or new playlist under your own profile.

How do you copy other people’s playlists?

To copy another person’s Spotify playlist, open the playlist on the app, press the three dots on the top-right corner of the interface, and select the ‘Copy Playlist’ option. Enter the name of the recipient, and click ‘Send’. They will receive a notification when the playlist has been successfully copied.

Final Thoughts

Exporting and sharing your Spotify playlists is easy and enables you to free your music from being bound to the Spotify app. With just a few clicks, you can save your playlists to a file, or you can share them with your friends and family, who will be able to access them on any of their own devices or platforms. Follow this guide to quickly and efficiently export your Spotify playlists with ease.


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