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Troubleshooting: Why Don’t Facebook Friends Show Up in Candy Crush?

Are you missing your Facebook friends in Candy Crush? You’re not alone! Recent feedback from players show that many have experienced their friends’ accounts not showing up in the popular game. Don’t let this get you down, however. There are a few easy steps you can take to solve the issue and get back to gaming with your friends!

Quick Summary

  Troubleshooting: How to Fix Facebook Friends Not Appearing in Candy Crush

One common issue that many experienced Candy Crush players face is that their Facebook friends don’t show up in the game. This could happen for several reasons, such as an outdated or corrupted version of the game, an unsettled connection with Facebook, or a technical malfunction.

In most cases, the issue can be resolved by refreshing the game, which can get rid of any glitches. To do this, you can uninstall and reinstall the game, or sign out and log back in to your Facebook account.

If this doesn’t work, you may need to update your Candy Crush version to the latest version released by King. This can be done through your platform’s app store, or by contacting your device’s support team. If this issue persists, you can contact King support directly to resolve it.

Troubleshooting: How to Fix Facebook Friends Not Appearing in Candy Crush

Verify Facebook Login Status

If you’re trying to play Candy Crush with your Facebook friends but they are not appearing, it could be due to a failed Facebook login. Ensure that your Facebook account is properly linked to Candy Crush by opening the game and navigating to the ‘Connect’ menu. Here you can log in or link your Facebook account.

Check Facebook App Settings

If your Facebook account is linked to Candy Crush, the next step is to check your Facebook app settings. Navigate to ‘Settings’, followed by ‘Apps’. Confirm that ‘Candy Crush Saga’ has the permissions to access your friends list.

Check Your Device’s Date and Time Settings

On occasion, Facebook security features can prevent apps from connecting with your friends list. To alleviate this issue, check your device’s date and time settings. All information should be correct, such as date, time and time zone.

Clear App Data and Cache

Clearing an app’s data and cache can often rectify issues of the game not connecting to Facebook. On your device, open the ‘Settings’ menu and select ‘Apps’. From the list, select ‘Candy Crush Saga’ and choose either ‘Clear Data’ or ‘Clear Cache’, depending on your device.

Reinstall Candy Crush

If the previous troubleshooting steps have not proven effective, a full reinstall of the Candy Crush app on your device could be necessary. To do this, open the ‘Settings’ menu on your device, followed by ‘Apps’. Select ‘Candy Crush Saga’ and ‘Uninstall’. You can now reinstall the game from your respective app store.

Personal Experience

Why can

I understand the frustration of having FB friends not show up in Candy Crush Saga. I once had to solve this issue and troubleshoot the iOS version of the game. The first thing I did was ensure my FB friends weren’t linked to other versions of the game like the King.com version. I also verified that the time set correctly and I was logged in to the Facebook account I used to log in to the game. Once I have ensured all of that was fixed I was able to find the FB friends linked to my game.

However, if you are unable to connect to any of your FB friends you may need to double-check the app permissions in Facebook. Double-check to ensure the FB app has been given access to your Social Graph and location permissions. You can also try deleting and reinstating the app, so it retrieves notifications from the Facebook App again. This will likely require linking your King.com profile again.

It is also important to confirm that the same Facebook account is being used to log in to the game on the device. To achieve that, select the FB icon and log in with the Account that the game is already connected to. Finally, the game will usually update itself, so make sure the game is always up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I see my Facebook friends on Candy Crush?

The answer is: You won’t be able to see your Facebook friends on Candy Crush if you have not enabled the game to access your Friends List. To do this, open the game’s settings and connect your Facebook account. Once allowed, you’ll be able to see your friends in-game and send messages or receive help from them.

How do I get my Facebook friends back on Candy Crush?

To get your Facebook friends back on Candy Crush, open the Candy Crush app, connect to your Facebook account, and tap the “Connect!” button on the home screen. This will link your friends list with the game and you can start to play with your friends again.

Where did my friends list go on Candy Crush?

To find your friends list on Candy Crush, go to the left-hand side and click the ‘Friends’ tab. Here you can add friends as favourites by entering their email address. You can also invite friends to join the game and see how they’re progressing.

Why have my friends disappeared on Candy Crush?

Friends may have disappeared from Candy Crush for various reasons, such as deleting the app or clearing their device’s data. To resolve this issue, players must renew the game access for their Friends list and progress to sync with the game. To do so, click “Renew Access” in the game.

What is going on with Candy Crush?

Candy Crush, the popular match-3 puzzle game developed by King, is shutting down in December 2020. The closure is a result of Paypal’s long-term investigation, and part of its larger plan to discontinue its browser games portal, home to other big titles such as Bubble Witch and Farm King. Players should make the most of this game before it is no longer available.

Final Thoughts

The process of troubleshooting why Facebook friends don’t show up in Candy Crush can be a frustrating one. But, with a little bit of patience, testing, and creative problem solving, issues can usually be efficiently resolved. The most common fixes are to make sure the player is signed into both their Facebook accounts in the app and on their device, as well as checking whether their Facebook Friends list is updated in Candy Crush. In more complex cases, logging out of Facebook and re-adding the game to Facebook can be a beneficial workaround. To ensure continued game play and a seamless connection with Facebook Friends, it is important to stay current with all necessary updates and game versions.


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