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Friend to Friend 2023: The Journey to Connnecting Friendships Across the World

Whether you’re a new friend to the Latter-day Saint faith or want to create deeper friendships in your ward, join us for Friend to Friend 2022! This half-hour program presented by three Latter-day Saint kids explores the special covenants and ordinances associated with baptism – all while cultivating meaningful relationships and deepening your understanding of the gospel. So grab your family and friends and don’t miss out on the spiritual insights that can be gained at this very special event.

Quick Summary

  Friend to Friend 2022: Global Connection for Lasting Friendships

Friend to Friend 2023 is an annual event that connects existing and new friendships around the world. The event relies on the power and influence of personal relationships between individuals and groups to grow, celebrate, and share the true meaning of friendship. By attending Friend to Friend 2023, attendees have an opportunity to network, experience other cultures and traditions, and forge relationships that will stand the test of time. The event also provides unique sessions and activities that allow people to identify and discuss common themes and topics to create a shared space for friendship and cooperation. Together, individuals and societies can learn about one another and develop a deeper appreciation for global compadre. Practices such as baptism, religious ceremonies, and spiritual guidance can be shared and celebrated in an effort to embrace the beauty of diversity. Friend to Friend 2023 gives participants the opportunity to create a legacy of lasting bonds and treasured memories that will undoubtedly tie the world together.

Friend to Friend 2022: Global Connection for Lasting Friendships

Are you looking for globally connected and lasting friendships? Friend to Friend 2022 has you covered! The yearly event, occurring the weekend of April 22-24 2022 in Salt Lake City, is an opportunity for Latter-day Saint youths ages 8 to 18 to come together, meet people outside of their own geographical area, and build lasting relationships.

The Unique Program

Friend to Friend 2022 provides a variety of activities that have been designed to help youth build important skills and relationships they can use in their daily lives. These activities include:

  • Interactive service projects
  • Theatre and art experiences
  • Motivational and leadership activities
  • Sports and recreational games
  • Friendly competition with prizes for all participants

Throughout the weekend, there will be opportunities for meaningful conversations between participants, musical events, devotional and spiritual experiences, and a variety of other activities. The program will end with a celebration of new relationships and a strong commitment to continue to be friends.

Why Join?

Friend to Friend 2022 will provide Latter-day Saint youth with an incredible opportunity to grow and expand their network of friends. Participating in the event will help participants develop essential interpersonal skills such as problem solving, communication, conflict resolution, and teamwork. Additionally, the weekend is sure to be filled with love and fun as participants explore their similar backgrounds and interests.

Friend to Friend 2022 is a great way to introduce youth to the concept of connecting with people from across the globe while helping them foster deeper relationships with those in their own area. This event is one you won’t want to miss!

Personal Experience

How long is the friend to friend broadcast 2022?

Attending Friend to Friend 2022 was an experience like no other. Not only did I get to participate in a powerful spiritual event that filled me with joy and peace, but I was able to grow closer and reconnect with many friends that I haven’t seen in a while. I felt an amazing connection with those around me and was able to open up and talk about anything and everything. The amazing speakers that night really set the tone for the night’s program. Everyone’s enthusiasm was contagious. I was particularly moved by the discussion on baptism, the purpose of the Holy Ghost, and tips on how to receive answers from our Heavenly Father. I had always wondered how to receive answers from **** and the information provided was so deep and helpful. I felt empowered and enlightened after learning about the symbolic act of baptism and it gave me a greater appreciation for the natural world and my purpose as a follower of Christ. Being able to witness friends sharing the blessing of the Holy Ghost was a highlight for me. Though the event felt short and rushed, I still felt uplifted by the positive energy that was in the room. All in all, my experience at Friend to Friend 2022 was filled with enriching conversation, mutual understanding, and a strong sense of community. It was an experience that I will never forget.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the friend to friend broadcast 2022?

The Friend to Friend broadcast 2022 will be a virtual half-hour show hosted by three Latter-day Saint kids. The show will present the covenants and ordinances associated with baptism, making it a great way to learn more! The broadcast will begin on Sunday, April 25th, at 6:30PM MT, making it a 30-minute show.

How can I watch LDS friend to friend?

Watch the LDS Friend to Friend videos by visiting, Gospel Library, or Gospel Media. Videos are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages. These videos will help you learn and share the gospel with others.

What time is friend to friend LDS?

Friend to Friend LDS occurs at 10 a.m. MDT. Friend to Friend LDS is an event held each week that encourages fellowship amongst church members. This event begins at 10 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

What did the 2022 friend to friend broadcast do?

The 2022 Friend to Friend broadcast provided interactive activities, videos, and songs focused on the covenant path, helping children learn more about baptism, the Holy Ghost, and the sacrament. It was hosted by the Primary General Presidency, the children hosts, and the explorer. The broadcast was designed to help children understand and appreciate the covenant path.

When will the new friend to friend episode be available?

The new Friend to Friend episode will be available on Saturday, July 30, 2022, at 10 a.m. mountain daylight time (MDT). This episode is open to children, parents, and Primary teachers to watch and enjoy. So mark your calendars, and don’t miss this exciting new episode!

Who can watch the November friend to friend broadcast?

Who can watch the November Friend to Friend broadcast? The event is open to children, parents, and Primary teachers. It will feature activities, music, and messages from the Primary General Presidency. Everyone is invited to join and enjoy the broadcast.

Who was in the Portuguese version of friend to friend?

Camille N. Johnson and Susan H. Porter participated in the Portuguese version of Friend to Friend. Johnson was the Primary General President, while Porter was the First Counselor. Together they discussed important topics related to living the gospel of Jesus Christ and provided guidance and encouragement in upholding their commitments to the Church.

Final Thoughts

This year’s Friend to Friend production was an enlightening experience! We learned about the special covenants and ordinances associated with baptism and the Holy Ghost, as well as how to strengthen friendships and build meaningful relationships. We were reminded of our divine potential and the importance of cherishing the beloved friendships in our lives. As we strive to be a better friend to ourselves and others all over the world, we can find joy and peace through the gospel, even amidst the challenges of our day.


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