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Games Like Bejeweled: Best Puzzle Games To Play in 2023

Are you a fan of the classic game Bejeweled? Put your puzzle skills to the test with these exciting alternatives, including Gweled, KDiamond, Candy Crush Saga, Utilizer Deluxe, and Match Land. With more than 50 games like Bejeweled available for Android, iPhone, Android Tablet, iPad and Kindle Fire, you’re guaranteed to find something to suit your tastes.

Quick Summary

Bejeweled has been one of the most popular puzzle games in the world for over a decade. In 2021, there are plenty of Bejeweled-like games to explore on multiple platforms such as Android, iPhone, Android Tablet, iPad and Kindle Fire. Out of the many Bejeweled-like games available, the best alternative is Gweled, which is both free and Open Source. Other similar titles include KDiamond, Candy Crush Saga, Utilizer Deluxe, and Match Land.

Gweled is one of the closest replicas of Bejeweled. It is quite similar in terms of game mechanics but with improved graphics, sound and visuals. KDiamond involves swapping blocks in a grid to form squares of the same color. Candy Crush Saga is a match-3 game where players must complete levels by matching three or more items in a row. Utilizer Deluxe is about making combos to increase the score, while Match Land tasks players with creating combos in a limited amount of moves.

In 2023, Bejeweled and all of the aforementioned games will still be some of the best puzzle games to play. They are all surprisingly simple yet challenging, and can make hours of playtime pass by quickly. So, if you are looking for puzzle games to play in 2023, Bejeweled and its derivatives are definitely worth a try.

The Best Puzzle Games Like Bejeweled To Play in 2023

In 2023, there is an abundance of games like Bejeweled available to play. Bejeweled is an iconic and classic puzzle game which has been around for decades and has inspired many alternative games of the same kind. Although there are over 50 games like Bejeweled for varying platforms like Android, iPhone, Android Tablet, iPad and the Kindle Fire, the best alternative is Gweled, which is both free and open source.

Here Are Our Picks For The Best Puzzle Games Like Bejeweled To Play In 2023:

  • Gweled – Free and Open Source
  • KDiamond
  • Candy Crush Saga
  • Utilizer Deluxe
  • Match Land

Gweled is probably the most popular alternative to Bejeweled, with its defined strategy and fun interface. It is available to download as an app as well as being open-source, so developers have the freedom to customize the game and make it unique to them.

KDiamond is a game which is easy to pick up but still requires some skill and concentration. It has three levels of difficulty for all players of various levels, so it can provide a challenge for anyone.

Candy Crush Saga has been hugely popular since its launch and is still accessed countless times a day. It has innovative features that make the game more enjoyable and interactive, like gifting your friends with lives and power-weathers that can help you during gameplay.

Utilizer Deluxe takes traditional matching games to new heights with its multitude of unique modes, characters, and levels. It is simple to grasp and has beautiful visuals.

Match Land is incredibly addictive and is perfect for players of all ages. It is not as complex as other Bejeweled-like games, but there is still a challenge to be found in this game if you want it.

Related Products

1.) The Chameleon, Award-Winning Board Game for Families & Friends

The Chameleon Board Game, winner of many awards, is a board game perfect for families and friends! It’s similar to games like Bejeweled, but elevates the gaming experience with expanded strategic moves and creative twists. This game requires skill and strategy, so it’s sure to keep players entertained. It is also highly rated, with a 4.3/5 star rating by customers.

  • Players get to see their opponent’s card before they make a choice, giving them a strategic advantage.
  • Creative twists and surprises keep the game interesting.
  • A rating of 4.3/5 stars from customers.
  • Similar to the game Bejeweled, but more enhanced.
  • Perfect for family game nights and get-togethers with friends.

2.) Bejeweled 3 (with Zuma & Feeding Frenzy 2) – Playstation 3

Bejeweled 3 for Playstation 3 is the latest installment of the classic puzzle game. This edition contains a bonus with two more popular games; Zuma and Feeding Frenzy 2. Fans of the franchise will be delighted to enjoy the same classic Bejeweled puzzle game while the bonus games provide a unique twist with its own unique style of gameplay. Try challenging three modes of action to become a Bejeweled master.

Get your hands on exciting and addicting games like Bejeweled. Bejeweled 3 is the perfect way to experience these three timeless classics. Try your hand at the classic Bejeweled puzzles, the unique twist of Zuma, or the feeding frenzy of Feeding Frenzy 2. With options for everyone, it’s a great way to spend time with friends and family. Get Bejeweled 3 for Playstation 3 and have endless hours of fun.

3.) Blokus XL Board Game with Blocking Strategy and Spacial Reasoning, Oversized Gameboard, Gift for Kid, Family or Adult Game Night, Ages 7 Years & Older

The amazing Blokus XL Board Game is a perfect game for any game night, family gathering or as a gift for your kid or adult. With its unique blocking strategy and spacial reasoning, this game will not only provide hours of fun and entertainment, but also engage and challenge its players. The oversized gameboard offers an even more immersive experience for all players, making it feel like a real competition. This game will give you that Bejeweled-like feeling with all the fun and satisfaction.

4.) The Genius Square – Game of The Year Award Winner! 60000+ Solutions STEM Puzzle Game! Roll The Dice & Race Your Opponent to Fill The Grid by Using Different Shapes! Promotes Problem Solving Training

The Genius Square is an award-winning STEM puzzle game that provides an entertaining and educational challenge. Its unique game mechanic—rolling dice and using different shapes to fill the grid—promotes problem solving training and is suitable for everyone from ages 5 to adult. It’s been awarded the Game of the Year Award, so it must be pretty good! Making The Genius Square even more appealing is the fact that it features over 60000 possible solutions, making it perfect for those who enjoy playing games like Bejeweled.

5.) Bejeweled Twist – PC

Bejeweled Twist is a popular PC game that offers hours of brain-training entertainment. Featuring unique and complex level designs, Bejeweled Twist is a great way to test your skills, sharpen your mind, and have fun. Perfect for gaming solo or with friends, this puzzle game combines the classic Bejeweled elements with a twist on traditional gameplay. Swap adjacent gems to create sets of three or more gems, and compete against yourself and others to reach the top of the leaderboard. If you’re looking for a game like Bejeweled with intensity and new puzzles, Bejeweled Twist is the perfect game for you.

  • Unique and complex level designs
  • Perfect for solo or multiplayer gaming
  • Swap adjacent gems to create sets
  • Compete against yourself and others
  • A game like Bejeweled with intensity and new puzzles

Personal Experience

  Best Puzzle Games Like Bejeweled to Play in 2023

When my friends ask me to recommend games similar to Bejeweled, my go-to suggestion has always been Gweled. Not only is it completely free, but it is also Open Source. I’ve had great experiences playing Gweled, and I noticed that it’s quite popular among Bejeweled fans. I enjoy the wide variety of levels and its inviting user interface.

KDiamond is also a great choice if you’re looking for an alternative to Bejeweled. Its gameplay is similar, but it adds a few extras that make it stand out, such as its different levels of difficulty. I enjoy the challenge of playing the higher-difficulty levels while still feeling like I’m playing Bejeweled.

Candy Crush Saga is yet another popular game similar to Bejeweled. I love the colorful graphics and the way it challenges my mental prowess by demanding quick reflexes and strategic planning. With more than 2000 levels, I’ve been able to play for hours without getting bored.

Utilizer Deluxe and Match Land are two iOS games that offer unique takes on the Bejeweled formula. Utilizer Deluxe is an intense puzzle game that requires careful strategy and a lot of trial and error. Match Land, on the other hand, is a fun and addictive Match-3 game with plenty of content. No matter which game you choose, you’ll have plenty hours of entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What game is similar to Bejeweled?

Answer: Gweled is the best alternative to Bejeweled, a free and open source game. Other similar games include KDiamond, Cartoon Network’s Match Land, Candy Crush Saga, and Utilizer Deluxe. All these games are either Puzzle Games, Match-3 Games, or Adventure Games.

What are match 3 games called?

Match 3 games are a type of puzzle game where the player needs to match tiles in order to make them disappear. This aiming to complete goals according to the gaming rules. Commonly, they are referred to as match-three games.

What type of game genre best describes Bejeweled?

Bejeweled is a tile-matching puzzle game developed by PopCap Games in 2001. It can also be referred to as Bejeweled Deluxe. Bejeweled is best described as a video game genre, as it fits the classic structure of other video games in this category. Matching games rely on players to identify various symbols and colors and then match them in the right combinations.

Is there a strategy to Bejeweled?

Yes, there is a strategy to playing Bejeweled. The best approach is to always move from the top, going for the matches in the first three rows whenever possible. This prevents changes in the top rows which will reduce easy scores. Finally, avoid eliminating jewels in the bottom rows too soon.

Is there a Bejeweled without ads?

Yes, there is a version of Bejeweled without ads. Players can access this version by activating the ‘Remove Ads’ feature. Alternatively, players can use specific boosts to continue the game without needing to watch an ad. With these two options, players can enjoy Bejeweled without ads.

Where can I play Bejeweled for free?

You can play Bejeweled for free at Kizi! Swap two gems placed directly next to each other and make combinations with them to pop and vanish the gems from the board. Experience the classic and best Bejeweled games for free now!

Is there a new Bejeweled game?

Yes, a new Bejeweled game, titled Bejeweled Champions, was released in 2020. Developed by PopCap Games and its parent, Electronic Arts, Bejeweled Champions is the seventh installment in the Bejeweled series since its initial release in 2001. Bejeweled Champions is the most recent game in the critically acclaimed Bejeweled franchise.

Is there a trick to Bejeweled?

Yes, there is a trick to Bejeweled. Always move from the top and make matches in the first three rows first. This will increase your score and prevent the order in the top rows from changing. With this trick, you will be well on your way to becoming a Bejeweled expert.

What is the newest Bejeweled game?

The newest Bejeweled game is Bejeweled Champions (2020). This title was released in 2020 and is the most recent installment in the Bejeweled series. Bejeweled Champions is critically acclaimed, earning a score of 8/10 on Metacritic, and it is available on the App Store, Steam, and Google Play.

What do Emojis do in Bejeweled?

Emojis in Bejeweled Stars are special collectibles which can be used on a player’s profile and when answering Yama’s daily questions. Emojis can be obtained through Emoji Chests, which are available after completing a level. Emojis can be used to show off a player’s achievements and customize their profile, allowing players to express themselves in Bejeweled’s amazing world.

What are the best Bejeweled alternatives?

Gweled is the best alternative to Bejeweled, due to it being free and open-source. Other popular alternatives include KDiamond, Candy Crush Saga, Utilizer Deluxe and Match Land. These alternatives are typically Puzzle, Match-3 and Adventure Games.

What is bejeweled and how do you play it?

Bejeweled is a Puzzle Game in which players match 3 or more sparkling gems to make them burst. When 4 or more gems are matched, flashy power gems are created that boost the score. To play Bejeweled, match sparkling gems three at a time and try to create flashy power gems for more points.

How popular is bejeweled?

Bejeweled is an incredibly popular game series. Since its initial launch in 2001, it has seen many updates, making it accessible for players of all platforms. Over 250,000 reviews give Bejeweled 4.4 stars on the Google Play store, showing that it is extremely well-loved by fans. Bejeweled is a hugely popular game worldwide.

What is bejeweled in Candy Crush?

“Bejeweled is a color-matching game that is similar to Candy Crush. Players must move the jewels on the game board to match three or more of the same color. The goal is to create chains and score points by doing this.”

Final Thoughts

In summary, there are a plethora of game options similar to Bejeweled from which to choose. Specifically, Gweled is the best alternative as it is both free and open source. Other good options to consider in 2023 include KDiamond, Candy Crush Saga, Utilizer Deluxe, and Match Land. Ultimately, it is up to the individual player to decide which of these puzzle games will provide the most enjoyment.


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