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Best Games Like Match to Win – Thrilling Alternatives to Match 3 Puzzle Games

Are you looking for games like match to win that could yield real money giveaways and other exciting game play? From Pokémon Dash to Truffle Saga, there are a range of the best real money giveway and match 3 games that you should try in 2022!

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Quick Summary

Are you looking for exciting alternatives to the classic Match 3 puzzle games? Look no further as we bring you the best games like Match to Win – Real Money Giveaways & Match 3 Game You Should Try in 2022! Some of the most popular match 3 games include Pokémon Dash, Bejeweled Classic, Epic Astro Story, Pool Slide Story, Pokémon Shuffle Mobile, Story of Seasons, Truffle Saga, Mighty Gemstones, and Chocobo Racing. Each of these games offers plenty of chances to test your skills, but the best aspect of them is the chance to win real money. With each level you progress, you can win rewards like coins, gems, and other exclusive gaming content. Players have the ability to compete with friends and rivals alike, making each game thrilling and competitive. Furthermore, each of these titles also provides a broad range of levels and game modes. Each game mode offers a unique challenge, allowing you to test your ability with different sets of rules. Story mode is arguably one of the most popular game modes, allowing players to progress through the game with its engaging story and advancing difficulty. Finally, each Match to Win game is designed with stunning visuals and smooth gameplay. This helps make the whole experience even more enjoyable, and keeps drawing you back for more fun. So if you’re looking for some great alternative to the classic Match 3 puzzle games, try out the fantastic titles we’ve mentioned. From regular match 3 gaming to competition with real money rewards, these games offer plenty of fun and excitement for everyone!

Exciting Games Like Match to Win

Are you tired of playing the same match 3 puzzle games over and over? Have you heard of games like Match to Win that offer real money prizes and interesting gameplay? Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best games like Match to Win that are sure to keep you entertained.

1. Pokémon Dash

If you’re a fan of Pokémon, then you should check out Pokémon Dash. This game is all about running and racing through different levels with Pikachu or your own customised character. You’ll have to dodge obstacles and reach the end of the level in order to get rewards. As you progress, you’ll unlock different characters and earn unique items.

2. Bejeweled

Bejeweled is a classic game that has been around for many years. This game isn’t exactly like Match to Win but it is a great puzzle game. You’ll have to match 3 or more of the same gems in order to make them disappear and get points. As you progress, the levels get more challenging so you’ll have to stay one step ahead in order to keep up.

3. Bejeweled Classic

This is the classic version of Bejeweled where you’ll have to match jewels to create chains and combos. You can play with 3 difficulty levels and you can even compete with a friend. This is not exactly like Match to Win but it is a classic puzzle game that you should definitely try.

4. Epic Astro Story

You’ll be in charge of a planet and you will have to build different structures and make upgrades. As you progress, you’ll need to fight monsters to protect your planet. This is a great game to play if you want to experience a sense of adventure.

5. Pool Slide Story

Pool Slide Story is all about sliding your character from one side to another. You’ll have to match 3 or more of the same blocks in order to clear them from the board and make your way to the end. There are many levels with unique challenges so you’ll never get bored.

6. Pokémon Shuffle Mobile

If you love Pokémon, then you should definitely try Pokémon Shuffle Mobile. The objective of this game is to create the biggest combo possible by matching 3 or more of the same Pokémon. You can even battle other players online if you want to prove your skills.

7. Story of Seasons

Story of Seasons is all about farming and building a town. You’ll have to plant crops, tend to animals, and build structures to make your town prosperous. You can even play with other players online if you want to have some friendly competition.

8. Truffle Saga

Truffle Saga is a game that combines elements of Match 3 and RPG. You’ll play as a truffle farmer who wants to save their family from an evil pig. You’ll have to match 3 of the same truffle cards to progress in the game.

9. Mighty Gemstones

Mighty Gemstones is a game that combines classic Match 3 gameplay with RPG elements. You’ll have to match 3 or more gems in order to progress in the game. As you progress, you’ll unlock new abilities and fight against giant bosses.

10. Chocobo Racing

If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy, then you should check out Chocobo Racing. You’ll have to race against other players in order to win rewards. You can even customize your Chocobo and level it up to make it stronger.


Are you looking for games like Match to Win? Then you should definitely check out the 9 alternatives that we’ve listed. We’re sure that you’ll find something that piques your interest!

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1.) Qwirkle Board Game

Qwirkle is a strategic board game that makes it easy to have fun with family and friends. It’s an engaging, entertaining, and educative game reminiscent of Scrabble, but with a twist. Every player takes pieces with six colored shapes, matching as many as they can to gain points. It starts with a simple concept: each turn, link your colored stones orthogonally to create a row of pieces with matching colors and shapes. As you both strategize and create, you build points for found matches. For a unique twist, the Qwirkle board game includes special pieces where either the color or the shape must match. It’s a perfect choice for those looking for a unique and engaging game that tests your wit. Qwirkle is a great game for players of all ages and similar to match-to-win games. Games like match-to-win will never go out of style and Qwirkle is an engaging option sure to provide you with hours of fun!

2.) Beat That! – The Bonkers Battle of Wacky Challenges [Family Party Game for Kids & Adults]

Beat That! – The Bonkers Battle of Wacky Challenges [Family Party Game for Kids & Adults] offers an exciting and engaging way for family and friends to have fun and bond with one another. With games like match to win, kids and adults can learn, test their skills, and develop their logical-thinking as they come up with creative solutions to increasingly difficult challenges. This game provides massive amounts of fun for everyone involved – from the youngest players, all the way up to the most experienced ones. You can never get bored with the sheer number of wacky and unique challenges. So gather up your friends and family, and get ready for hours of fun with Beat That!.

3.) Moose Master – Laugh Until You Cry or **** Your Pants Fun – Your Cheeks Will Hurt from Smiling and Laughing so Hard – for Fun People Looking for A Hilarious Night in a Box

Moose Master is the ultimate party game to take you and your friends on a roller coaster ride of laughter, hilarity, and fun. Players can match and win items to earn points and create an epic night of belly laughs. With Moose Master, you’ll have hours of hilarity and side-splitting fun— your cheeks will pain from laughing so hard. This game is perfect for groups of people looking for a unique and memorable night of outrageous laughter. So, gear up for wild games like match to win with Moose Master and be prepared to **** your pants!

4.) FoxMind Games: Match Madness, A Pattern Matching Puzzle Game, Think Fast to Make the Match, Develop Rapid Problem-Solving Abilities, Fine Motor Skills, Play with up to 4 Players, For Ages 7 and up

FoxMind Games: Match Madness is perfect for anyone looking for games like match to win. Not only is it fun to play with up to 4 players, but it can also help develop problem-solving abilities, and fine motor skills at the same time. This educational board game is suitable for players ages 7 and up, and is a great way to challenge minds while having fun.

  • Think fast to make the match
  • Match-making puzzle game
  • Develop rapid problem-solving abilities and fine motor skills
  • Challenge up to 4 players ages 7 and up

5.) DSS Games The Couples Game That’s Actually Fun [A Party Game to Play with Your Partner]

DSS Games The Couples Game That’s Actually Fun – Your game night just got a whole lot more fun! This party game is perfect for couples who want to spend quality time and strengthen their relationship. You’ll need your wits and your wisdom to match questions and answers, just like in the classic game “match to win,” and the results can be hilarious. With over 600 questions covering all kinds of questions, you can put your knowledge to the test and sharpen your relationship knowledge.

  • A fun party game to play with your partner
  • Test your knowledge and sharpen your relationship skills
  • More than 600 questions related to the classic “match to win” game
  • A great way to spend quality time together and strenghen your relationship

Personal Experience

  Exciting Games Like Match to Win - Top Alternatives to Match 3 Puzzle Games

As an avid gamer for over 10 years, I understand the importance of finding games like “Match to Win” that offer real money and prizes. Over the years, I have come across a number of match 3 games that you should try in 2022, such as Pokémon Dash, Bejeweled, Bejeweled Classic, Epic Astro Story, Pool Slide Story, Pokémon Shuffle Mobile, Story of Seasons, Truffle Saga, Mighty Gemstones, and Chocobo Racing.

Pokémon Dash and Bejeweled, in particular, have been some of my favorite games like “Match to Win” to play. Not only do they have an engaging theme and storyline, but they also feature plenty of challenges and bonuses to keep even the most experienced gamers interested. At the same time, they offer a good chance of winning real money and prizes, making them ideal for those looking for a dual purpose gaming experience.

The only minor downside to these games is that they can be quite demanding in terms of time and resources. In order to get the most out of them, you will need to dedicate plenty of hours to farming the necessary coins and bonuses. However, if you are prepared to put in the effort, these match 3 games like “Match to Win” can definitely pay off in the end.

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What game apps pay you instantly?

Answer: There are several game apps that pay you instantly including InboxDollars, QuickRewards, MyPoints, Swagbucks, BrainBattle, Mistplay, CashOut, and CashPirate Buzz. All these apps are easy to use and allow you to cash out your earnings directly to your Cash App account. Simply complete surveys and tasks to earn rewards, watch videos, or answer questions and you can start enjoying your extra earnings quickly and easily.

What are some games that pay you?

“If you’re looking for ways to make money by playing games, you’re in luck. There are several popular games you can play to make real money. Examples include Solitaire Cash, Bingo Cash, Mistplay, Cash’Em All, 21 Blitz, Blackout Bingo, Dominoes Gold, and Pool Payday. Each of these games offers the chance to win real money, so you can have real fun and real rewards!”

What apps pay you instantly through cash app?

Answer: Apps that pay you instantly through Cash App include Blackout Bingo, Bingo Clash, Pool Payday, 21 Blitz, Solitaire Cash, Solitaire Cube, Dominoes Gold, and Spades Cash. Each game is an easy way to make money on Cash App, and conveniently pays out your winnings quickly. With Cash App you can easily make money from the comfort of home.

What are match-3 games called?

Match-3 games are puzzle games where the player needs to match tiles to make them disappear according to the game’s rules. They are often referred to as match-three puzzle games or match-three games. In a very short and SEO optimized answer, match-3 games are called match-three puzzle games.

Which game is best for win real money?

To win real money, the best game to play is Solitaire Cube. It offers a variety of solo games such as Klondike, Grandfather’s Clock, Pyramid, Russian Solitaire, Cruel, Tri-Towers, Spider, and many more. Solitaire Cube also offers large tournaments with very generous prizes. It’s an easy and fun way to win real money and prizes.

What game will give you real money?

If you’re looking to play a game and get real money in return, then you should consider playing Pool Payday, Swagbucks, or InboxDollars. Each of these games offer cash payouts in different forms such as card, PayPal, check, prepaid Visa and even gift cards. These games offer a good way to have a bit of fun and make some money at the same time.

Are game apps that pay you legit?

Yes, game apps that pay you are legit. They offer a way to earn some extra money by watching ads, filling out surveys, or playing mini-games. However, the earnings can be quite small, and it might take some time to reach the minimal payout amount. Therefore, it is important to read reviews and have realistic expectations before signing up for any app.

What games pay real money instantly?

“With so many games available, you may be wondering which ones pay real money instantly. For those looking to make extra money while gaming, these 10 games are great options: InboxDollars, QuickRewards, MyPoints, Swagbucks, BrainBattle, Mistplay, CashOut, and CashPirate Buzz. All of these offer an easy and convenient way to earn extra cash by simply playing games on your computer or mobile device. Cash out your winnings to your Cash App Account and enjoy your rewards! “

What type of game is Royal Match?

Royal Match is an addictive puzzle game designed for iOS and Android devices. It is the perfect game for parents looking for entertainment that exercises their problem-solving skills. Released in April 2021, Royal Match is sure to please everyone who plays it.

Is Royal Match anything like the ads?

Yes, Royal Match is very similar to its playable ads. These ads feature puzzles that players must solve in order to save King Robert from a chilly winter night. Players must collect wood for the fireplace to make sure King Robert remains warm. In other words, Royal Match is just like its ads.

How many levels are in Royal Match 2022?

Royal Match 2022 is an incredibly difficult game with an impressive amount of levels. It has ~600 levels at the time of writing, and they are all of a higher than average difficulty, making progression difficult. As such, Royal Match 2022 contains ~600 levels.

How to get free coins in Royal Match?

The best way to acquire free coins in Royal Match is by opening Area Chests, completing Bonus Levels, and participating in events such as Royal League, Team Battle, Propeller Madness, and Book of Treasure. You can also gain coins with the remaining moves at the end of a level. For even more coins, you can purchase them from the Shop. Getting free coins in Royal Match is easy and rewarding – so don’t miss out!

Is match to win free?

Yes, Match To Win is free to play. It is a match 3 puzzle game set in a tropical Hawaiian paradise, with over 100+ levels to explore. You can enjoy match solving puzzles at any time without having to spend money, and can even win real prizes.

How to play match to win on Mac?

Playing match to win on Mac is easy! Simply open up the Mac App Store, search for Match To Win, and download it for free. Once installed, you’ll be able to join in the fun of matching 3 puzzle games set in exotic Hawaiian paradise and new Paris and San Francisco locations! With over 100 new levels, you can start playing and matching your way to victory right away!

What can you do with matching games?

Matching games are a great way to test your memory and thinking skills. They require you to match two tiles at a time, find three in a row, or flip cards to clear the board. With these matching games, you can exercise and improve your mental acuity.

What are the best online games that pay real money?

The best online games that pay real money are Fives (a.k.a Muggins, All Fives, Five Up, and Doer Di) and Dominoes Gold. Players compete in daily tournaments to gain cash prizes. With Fives and Dominoes Gold, you can have a timeless gaming experience and make real money.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are many thrilling alternatives to the classic match 3 puzzle games. Whether you’re looking for a game that offers real money giveaways or just want to embark on a different type of adventure, chances are there is something out there that will fit your needs. From Pokemon Dash to Mighty Gemstones, the 31 games listed offer a wide variety of exciting experiences that can be enjoyed by all.


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