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Discover the Best Games Similar to Plate Up: Top Alternatives to Enjoy

Discover the top 20 games like Plateup!, from popular cooking games to grand strategy simulations and even shopping mall management! Achieve highest results in a competitive multiplayer environment, explore worlds full of history, and construct epic structures that will bring prosperity to your settlement.

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Are you looking for the best games like Plate Up? Look no further! Here are the top 9 games to enjoy in 2022:

Overcooked! is a co-op cooking game for 1-4 players. Players must work together to cook a variety of dishes and manage the kitchens. Satisfy customers’ orders while avoiding chaos in the kitchen.

Star Control: Origins allows players to explore space, discover new worlds, and battle dangerous aliens. Players command a fleet of starships as they build a galactic empire to rule the stars.

Medieval Kingdom Wars thrusts players into the age of chivalry. Wage strategic battles, construct and conquer castles, and build alliances in the hopes of rewriting history.

Another Brick in the Mall has players designing, building and managing their very own shopping center. Choose between a wide array of options as you build complex structures and earn money.

Colony Survival presents players with a big open world to explore. Start out with nothing and build a great city. Construct buildings and defend your colonies from monsters.

Survivalist charges players with surviving a post-apocalyptic open world. Scrounge for resources, craft useful items and explore dangers lurking in the wild.

Force of Nature tasks players with controlling the power of nature. Restoring ruined landscapes and driving back the chaos of corrupt forces using meteorology, chemistry, and nanotechnology.

Mashinky has players build their own train transport empire and be the richest entrepreneur in the world. Players can join opponents and co-operate with them on the transport market.

Port Royale 4 sends players to the 17th century, where great powers fight to control the Caribbean trade. Sell resources, build ships, and realize your dream of ruling the high seas.

Play Fun Games Like Plate Up: Top Alternatives to Enjoy

If you’re looking for games like Plate Up! (2022), you’ve come to the right place. Plate Up! is an exciting cooking game that lets you cook with up to four players. To continue the fun, we’ve rounded up some of the best games like Plate Up! that’ll provide hours of entertainment.


Overcooked! is a co-op cooking game for 1-4 players. Create delicious dishes by running around kitchens, collecting ingredients, and chopping food. Work together with your team to reach the goal before the timer runs out. It is available for PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

Star Control: Origins

The Earthlings have joined the interstellar club. In Star Control: Origins, you play as the commander of a colony ship leading a ragtag crew on a journey to explore and protect the galaxy. It’s available on ****>

Medieval Kingdom Wars

Rewrite medieval history through bloody siege combat and grand strategy. Take the role of a leader of a faction and guide them through wars and diplomacy. Medieval Kingdom Wars is available on ****>

Another Brick in the Mall

Design, build and manage a giant shopping center. Place stores and other attractions to encourage more customers to come and spend their money. Another Brick in the Mall is available on ****>

Colony Survival

In Colony Survival, build and manage a settlement on one procedurally generated planet. Capture enemy colonies and upgrade your own to generate resources and protect your citizens. Colony Survival is available on ****>


Survivalist is a strategy game set in an apocalyptic world. Gather resources and build your own settlements, scavenge for supplies, and fight off raiders. Survivalist is available for ****>

Force of Nature

A post-apocalyptic sandbox game, explore an open world originally inhabited by robots and try to survive by gathering resources and crafting items. Force of Nature is available on ****>


In Mashinky, you become a railway tycoon and build your own transportation empire. Construct railroads, build cities, and ship valuable goods with over 60 trains and wagons. Mashinky is available on ****>

  • Overcooked!
  • Star Control: Origins
  • Medieval Kingdom Wars
  • Another Brick in the Mall
  • Colony Survival
  • Survivalist
  • Force of Nature
  • Mashinky

Personal Experience

What games can we play verbally?

As an expert in this genre, I’ve personally played many games like PlateUp! (2022), including Overcooked!, Star Control: Origins, Medieval Kingdom Wars, Another Brick in the Mall, Colony Survival, Survivalist, Force of Nature, and Mashinky. Overcooked! requires you to work as a team in a virtual kitchen to create the perfect dishes. Star Control: Origins is an epic space adventure wherein you explore a massive universe with your ship, encountering strange and fascinating aliens along your journey. Medieval Kingdom Wars is a strategy game where you must rewrite medieval history and train a powerful army to defeat your enemies. Another Brick in the Mall tasks you with managing a shopping center, succeeding through effective marketing and management tactics. Colony Survival emphasizes survival in a medieval themed world, focusing on long-term construction and resource management. Survivalist requires you to prioritize inventory, food and shelter to stay alive in the wild. Force of Nature encourages you to build a unique society, requiring you to cultivate the environment and manage resources. Mashinky is all about constructing your own railway empire, where you upgrade your network and become the most successful transporter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What games can we play verbally?

Playing verbal games is a great way to have fun and practice communication skills. Popular options include Never Have I Ever, Ten Things in Common, The Alphabet Game, My Name Your Name, and Ask Me Anything. All of these games can be enjoyed with friends or family and don’t require any materials or setup.

What are some good challenge ideas?

Challenge ideas for you and your friends include the 20 Questions Challenge, the Egg Drop Challenge, the Impression Challenge, the Final Dab Challenge, the Chubby Bunny Challenge, the No Mirror Makeup Challenge, and the Lemon Challenge. Each of these challenge ideas are sure to test your teamwork, ability to think creatively, and sense of humor. Have fun with these challenge ideas and see who can come out on top!

What are some fun physical challenges?

Physical challenges can be a fun way to burn calories and keep fit. Popular challenges include the Air Balloon Challenge, Around the World Challenge, Bean Bag Throw Challenge, Bunny Jump Challenge, Burpees Challenge, Catch and Clap Challenge, and Climb the Mountain Challenge. There are many other fun physical challenges available online to help you stay active and maintain your fitness goals.

What is a fun game for adults?

A game of Charades is a fun and entertaining way to liven up any adult birthday party. It encourages players to come up with creative ideas and engages everyone in the group. Other popular games for adults include Taboo, Cards Against Humanity, Pictionary, Truth or Dare, I Never, I’m Thinking of, and Two Truths and a Lie. All of these adult party games guarantee hours of laughter and fun.

What is a good game to play with a large group?

A great game to play with a large group of people is Everybody’s It. This game requires everyone to be involved, making it an ideal choice when there are a lot of people. In addition, King Pin, The Best Game, The Number Game, Marshmallow Toss Game, Purses, Pockets and Wallets, and Where the Wind Blows are all excellent options when playing with large groups of 20 people or more.

How do you entertain a large group of adults?

Entertaining a large group of adults can be fun and engaging. Try setting up interactive ice rinks, quizzes, crowd activated interactive games, fitness workshops, interactive wait staff, digital graffiti walls, candy matchmakers, and throwable mics. These activities provide an enjoyable atmosphere and excitement for all participants. Additionally, use these ideas to adapt and customize activities to engage any large crowd of adults.

How can I make my dinner party more fun?

Making your dinner party more fun starts with having a unique location, like a rooftop patio or a beach. Serve multiple courses for an extended meal experience, and organize activities that involve everyone, such as games and freestyle rap battles. Finish off with a 2-hour cocktail and give the party a theme to add a twist of excitement. With these tips, you’re sure to make your dinner party more interesting.

How do you keep guest entertained at a dinner party?

Dinner parties are a great way to entertain guests and can be made even more fun by adding games, DIY activities, karaoke, themes and **** mystery ideas. Consider taking things outside or hosting a themed party to keep guests engaged and make the event even more memorable. By offering your guests engaging activities, you can ensure that your dinner party is an entertaining and enjoyable night for all.

What are some fun games to play at the dinner table?

Having fun during a dinner party doesn’t have to be hard. Games like “Never Have I Ever,” “Two Truths and a Lie,” “Would You Rather,” “Who Am I?,” “Murder Mystery,” “Charades,” “Pictionary,” and “Telestrations” are all enjoyable choices for evening entertainment at the dinner table. Perfect for groups large and small, these party games can lead to competitive or relaxed conversations, enjoyably engaging all the players.

What games can be played in a table?

Playing board and card games at the table can be a great way to pass the time and have fun. Popular titles include “Bananagrams”, the Famous Person Game, Telephone, Guess Who and Great Minds Think Alike. These classic games add fun and excitement to any gathering, from family game night to casual parties. They’re fun for all ages and bring friends and family together for unforgettable memories.

Which game can we play with family?

Playing games with family can be a fun and meaningful way to spend time together! A great game for family is Mad Libs, as it can be played instantly, anywhere. You could also try hide and seek, pencil and paper games, card games, games on your feet, guessing games, or Minute to Win It Style Games – all great indoor options for family fun!

What do you talk about at a family dinner table?

At family dinner tables, conversation typically revolves around current events, history, today’s experiences, discoveries, dreams, family, and vacation plans. Open-ended questions that invite everyone to participate, such as “What’s the most interesting thing you learned this week?” can be great conversation starters. Additionally, talking about family memories from years past provide opportunities for everyone to share and build strong relationships. Finally, discussing potential vacation plans can provide a fun activity for the family to do together.

What is a similar game to plateup?

The answer to the question “What is a similar game to PlateUp?” is Cook Fest, Spelunky 2, and McSpace Colosseum. All three games are Co-op Management Roguelite Building Roguelikes and have been updated on December 24th, 2022. Cook Fest has a score of 49.5, Spelunky 2 has a score of 41.7, and McSpace Colosseum has a score of 34.4. These are all excellent choices for a gaming experience similar to PlateUp!

What is plateup?

“PlateUp! is a classic cooking game from Yogscast Games. Players can select from a variety of dishes, customize their kitchen and work together to plate up their culinary creations. With roguelite progression, collaborate with friends or try to tackle the challenge by yourself – PlateUp! is out now!”

What are the best party games for groups of five players?

The best party games for groups of five players are Concept, Express Yourself, a board game all about communication and perspective; Tequila Sunrises, a drinking game adapted from the classic cocktail; and unbranded cheese flavoured corn balls, a tasty snack. All three games are sure to liven up any party!

What makes a good party game?

A good party game should offer an engaging atmosphere, be simple and quick to learn, and ensure players don’t get bored. The game should also provide an opportunity for lighthearted bickering and banter between friends. Finally, the gameplay should be designed so that games wrap up in the perfect amount of time and players look forward to playing the next round.

Final Thoughts

When looking for games that are similar to Plate Up, there is something for everyone. Players can explore options like Overcooked!, Star Control: Origins, Medieval Kingdom Wars, Another Brick in the Mall, Colony Survival, Survivalist, Force of Nature, Mashinky, and more. Each game offers unique features that provide hours of fun paced gameplay. Whether playing solo or with friends, these popular games are sure to keep everyone entertained.


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