Google Sheets Convert Numbers to Strings Easily

Google Sheets: Convert Numbers to Strings Easily!

Google Sheets is a popular spreadsheet application that allows its users to organize and manipulate data. One of the common tasks performed in Sheets is converting numbers to strings. This is essential when dealing with codes or phone numbers, for instance, where you want the leading zeroes to be preserved. This article will explore the various ways that one can convert numbers to strings in Google Sheets.

Understanding Google Sheets Number to String Conversion

What is Number to String Conversion in Google Sheets?

Number to String conversion in Google Sheets refers to the process of converting numerical values in a spreadsheet into text or string values. This can be done using the TO_TEXT() function, which is a simple way of converting numbers to strings in Google Sheets. The output of this function is a text value that can be used in various ways, such as data sorting or filtering.

Why Use Number to String Conversion in Google Sheets?

Number to String conversion in Google Sheets is useful when working with data that contains both numerical and text values. It allows users to generate text outputs that can be used for specific scenarios such as generating custom reports or financial statements. Converting numbers to strings also assists in data sorting and computational operations, as it removes discrepancies between text and numerical values that could occur otherwise.

How to Convert Numbers to Strings in Google Sheets

Step 1: Select a cell to put the function in

When converting numbers to strings in Google Sheets, it is important to select the cell where you want the converted value to appear. Make sure to choose the cell that will yield the desired output when the conversion formula is entered.

Step 2: Enter the TO_TEXT() function

The TO_TEXT() function is the simplest and easiest way to convert numbers to strings in Google Sheets. To use this function, enter “=TO_TEXT(” in the selected cell.

Step 3: Select the numerical cell to convert

The next step is to select the cell containing the numerical data you want to convert to string. Once the correct cell has been selected, close the parentheses to complete the formula.

Step 4: Close the parentheses

After selecting the numerical cell, make sure to close the parentheses to properly enclose the selected cell in the conversion formula. This will ensure that the conversion will be executed accurately.

Step 5: Press Enter on your keyboard

Press the Enter button on your keyboard to finalize the conversion process. The converted string value will now appear in the selected cell.

Alternative Method: Combine Text and Numbers in Google Sheets

What is the formula?

The formula to combine text and numbers in Google Sheets is the CONCATENATE() function, which allows you to join together multiple text strings and/or numbers. To use the formula, simply type “CONCATENATE” followed by an open parenthesis, then enter the text or cell references that you want to combine, separated by commas. For example, =CONCATENATE(“Invoice #”, A2) would take the text “Invoice #” and combine it with the value in cell A2.

Can you provide an example worksheet?

Yes, here is a sample worksheet to show how to combine text and numbers in Google Sheets:

1 Invoice # Amount
2 001 $50.00
3 002 $75.00
4 003 $100.00

To combine the invoice number and the amount in column C, you can use the formula =CONCATENATE(“Invoice #”, B2, ” – Total: “, C2). This will create a new column with the combined text and numbers, like “Invoice #001 – Total: $50.00”. You can then copy the formula down to apply it to all the rows in the worksheet.


To convert numbers to strings in Google Sheets, the most straightforward method is to use the TO_TEXT() function. This function only requires pointing to the cell containing the number to be converted to string, which will retain formatting. Alternatively, adding an apostrophe before a number in Excel will convert it to text. Formulas in Google Sheets can also be used for mathematical calculations by starting with the equal sign (=) followed by the calculation. In summary, there are multiple ways to convert numbers to strings in Google Sheets, depending on the user’s preference and familiarity with the platform.


Converting numbers to strings in Google Sheets is an integral part of data sorting and computation. By utilizing the TO_TEXT() function, users can easily convert numeric values to string while maintaining the formatting. Furthermore, in Excel, users can add an apostrophe before the numerical value to change the number format to text. By paying attention to these simple methods, users can streamline their data management processes and increase efficiency in their work or school projects.



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