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Grey x Next to Snapchat Name: What Does It Mean?

When you have a grey x next to a Snapchat name, it can have many implications. You may have an unexpected contact or someone you haven’t added to your friend list yet. Learn more about why this grey x may be popping up so you know what to look for and how to handle it.

Quick Summary

  Grey X Next to Snapchat Name: Meaning & Significance of Grey X

A grey X next to a Snapchat name in a conversation denotes that you are talking to someone who is not in your list of friends. To become friends with someone on Snapchat, you need to add them to your friends list. Without this, the Snapchat user will be represented in your conversations with a grey X. This means that you can talk to people without needing to add them as a friend.

When you receive a message from someone not on your friends list, you will see their Snapchat name with a grey X next to it. This indicates that they have sent you a chat message and allows you to reply without needing to add them as a friend. As long as you reply to a message from someone not on your friends list, you will continue to see the grey X next to their name.

However, if you wish to add someone to your friends list on Snapchat, you can do so by clicking on their name from your messages screen and then clicking on ‘add friend’. Once added, you will see their profile and Snapchat name with a green tick, indicating that you are now connected and can send snaps and messages back and forth.

Grey X Next to Snapchat Name: Meaning & Significance of Grey X

Have you been seeing a grey x next to a Snapchat name? You’re not alone. Many people have wondered what the grey x next to a Snapchat name means and the significance of it. Here is what we know about the grey x that you might see when you’re using Snapchat.

What Does The Grey X Next To a Snapchat Name Mean?

The grey x next to a Snapchat name usually indicates a person who is not a part of your friend list. You won’t be able to add or message this person without first adding them as a friend. The grey x means that they are outside of your network of friends in Snapchat.

Significance of Grey X

The grey x not only helps you identify people you are having conversations with who are outside of your friend list, but it can also provide a measure of safety when using Snapchat. By displaying grey x, Snapchat helps you filter out unknown people who may be trying to reach out to you. It provides a way for you to easily identify who is a part of your friend list and who is not.

Tips For Managing Grey X

  • Make sure to only communicate with people with a grey x if you are sure you know them by adding them as a friend.
  • Stick to communicating with friends in your network. Don’t cross paths with people who have a grey x.
  • Always have the latest version of Snapchat installed on your device to ensure maximum security.

Personal Experience

Why is there a GREY X next to someone on Snapchat?

I remember the first time I noticed a grey x next to someone’s Snapchat name in my conversations. I was confused and it wasn’t until I looked into it more that I figured out what was happening. It turns out that this x usually denotes that you have been talking to someone that is not a part of your friend list. In other words, you haven’t yet added them to your friends list. It’s a useful way to keep track of your conversations with people who are not yet added to your list. It can also act as a reminder to add those people to your list in the future. As long as you’re aware of how the grey x works, it can be a useful feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a GREY X next to someone on Snapchat?

The grey X beside someone on Snapchat indicates that person has sent you a friend request which you have not accepted yet. It is a visual way to let users know that someone has requested to follow you. You can choose to accept or decline the friend request by tapping on the profile or name of the person who sent you the request.

Why do some people have an X on Snapchat instead of a camera?

The X on Snapchat indicates that the person has either blocked or removed you from their contact list. This can happen if you have offended the person in some way or if the person no longer wants to talk to you. The best way to find out for sure is to open the profile and check if you still have the option to add them as a friend.

What does it mean when someone has a filter next to their name on Snapchat?

When someone has a filter next to their name on Snapchat, it means that user has customized filters to exchange with their friends. These filters are personalized for each conversation and will feature both user’s Bitmojis when they are linked with their Snapchat accounts. These filters are most effective with close friends who exchange a lot of Snaps.

What is the filter everyone is using on Snapchat?

The filter everyone is using on Snapchat is the Shook Lens. To find it, open Lenses by pressing the smiley face button on the right side of the camera button. Then, hit the “Explore” tab on the bottom right and type “Shook” into the search bar. You can also find it under “Trending Lenses.”

Why does Snapchat suggest filter?

Snapchat suggests filters based on the content of user’s photos. Through object recognition technology, Snapchat is able to identify what’s in a photo and then recommend filters with relevant slogans. For example, if someone takes a picture of food, Snapchat might suggest a filter with the slogan, “get in my belly” or “what diet?” This helps Snapchat users find entertaining and fun filters that match the content of their photos.

How do you turn off filter replies on Snapchat?

To turn off filter replies on Snapchat, tap the Settings gear in the top right corner of the app. This will take you to the Profile Settings page. Scroll down to “Manage Public Story” and toggle off the Show Story Replies option. This will stop any replies to your story from appearing.

What does the Grey X next to your Snapchat name mean?

The grey X next to a Snapchat name means that the other user has blocked you or that you are no longer their friend on Snapchat. It could also mean that you haven’t accepted a friend request from that individual yet. The Grey X may also be an indication that the other user deactivated their account or removed you from their friends list.

What does the X icon on Snapchat mean?

The X icon on Snapchat indicates that you and a friend have become unconnected or unfriended. This means that you cannot communicate with them and they cannot communicate with you through the platform. Additionally, Pending will show below their Snapchat message.

What does the chat page on Snapchat look like?

The Chat page on Snapchat displays a list of all your conversation threads. A camera icon appears next to the person’s name if you last received a photo from them and a chat icon appears if you got a text message. Sometimes, these icons are replaced by an X.

Why is there an X mark on Snapchat?

The X mark on Snapchat indicates that either the user has had their account deactivated or that the person you are attempting to chat with has blocked you. To remove the X mark, unblock the user or have the user reactivate their account. If you think the user has blocked you, it may be best to reach out and try to resolve any issues before unblocking them.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a grey x next to a Snapchat name usually denotes that the person is not a part of the user’s friend list, and that the user has recently been in contact with this person. This can help users recognize who their friends and other contacts are on Snapchat more easily.


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