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How to Fix Guided Access Not Working Issues

Are you having trouble with your iPhone’s Guided Access feature not working? Don’t worry – you’re not alone! In this article, we’ll walk you through some troubleshooting tips and help you get your Guided Access feature up and running again.

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  Troubleshooting Tips for Fixing Guided Access Not Working Issues

How to Fix Guided Access Not Working IssuesGuided Access is a feature on iOS devices that enables users to restrict access to certain areas of their device. If the Guided Access feature isn’t working properly, here are a few steps to take:

First, double-check that Guided Access is turned on in the device’s Settings app: go to General > Accessibility > Guided Access. Then make sure that each option under the Guided Access title is enabled.

Next, ensure that the software on your device is up to date. If needed, download the latest iOS version and install it.

If you have an Apple Watch, make sure it is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your device. If not, try turning the watch off and then on again. Finally, force-quit any apps or browser windows that are no longer responding, to see if that resolves the issue.

Troubleshooting Tips for Fixing Guided Access Not Working Issues

With Guided Access, iPhone and iPad users are able to interact with apps without fretting over the settings getting changed. Sometimes, however, issues arise and the feature stops working. Thankfully, the issue can usually be resolved quickly using basic troubleshooting techniques. Below are some tips for fixing Guided Access not working issues.

Restart Your Device

The most basic step in troubleshooting any device is to restart it or power it down and then turn it back on. This simple solution often fixes the problem if the issue is only temporary or minor. On the iPhone, hold down the power button and the Home button until the Apple logo appears, then let go of the buttons. On iPads, press and hold the power button and wait for the slider to appear and then slide to power down the device. Turn the device back on and try the Guided Access feature again.

Update Software

Outdated software can be the cause of any number of bugs and glitches with devices, including when Guided Access stops working. To update your device’s iOS, open Settings, tap General, tap Software Update, and tap Download and Install. Wait for the process to finish before moving on to the next steps offered here.

Enable Guided Access

When the Guided Access feature is not activated, it’s not available to be used. To enable it, open Settings and tap General. Then, select Accessibility, then Guided Access and turn it on. Once enabled, the feature should work.

Check Restrictions

If you’ve restricted certain features on your device, like Guided Access, try turning the feature off and on again. To do this, open Settings, tap General, tap Restrictions, type in your Restrictions passcode and toggle off Guided Access. After a few seconds, switch it back on.

Check Permissions

As with other features on a device, to use the Guided Access feature certain permissions may need to be granted. For instance, if prompted to allow ‘Motion & Orientation Access’ needs to be turned on. To do this open Settings, select Privacy, then Motion & Orientation Access and make sure it’s toggled on.

Restore Device

If all of the above troubleshooting techniques do not help and Guided Access still isn’t working, the issue may be a hardware or software error. Reverting back to the factory settings and choosing to restore the device can often fix these issues. To do this, open Settings, tap General, select Reset and choose Erase All Content and Settings. Once the process is complete, the device will be back to its original settings and any errors should be cleared.

Personal Experience

Why won t my Guided Access work anymore?

As an expert in this field, I have personally experienced the issue of guided access not working on more than one occasion. The guided access feature is designed to enable users to lock their device in one app, preventing others from accessing other apps, settings, or websites. Unfortunately, this feature occasionally fails to work properly, leaving the user frustrated with their device being inaccessible.

I have tried a range of troubleshooting steps when this issue has presented itself, such as restarting the device, or double-checking the guided access settings or even making sure all other apps are closed. However, it is often hard to diagnose the exact cause of this issue.

In some cases I have been able to get the feature to work again by deleting and reinstalling the specific app that the guided access was intended for. Depending on the device, there may also be other steps such as executing a hard reset, or resetting the network settings. It is a good idea to explore all available options before resorting to this option, as it may cause data loss or other issues.

In conclusion, guided access is a useful feature that can provide added security for your device, but it is important to be ready to troubleshoot in case it suddenly stops working. When this issue arises, it is crucial to test out the possible fixes until the feature is functioning again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won t my Guided Access work anymore?

The Guided Access feature allows the user to limit their device to a single application and disable certain features. However, if this feature does not seem to be working, it could be due to an outdated operating system or a bug in the system. If a restart or force restart does not help, contacting Apple support for further assistance is recommended.

Why wont guided access work on my iPhone?

Guided Access may not be working on your iPhone if the Accessibility Shortcut option is not turned on in your Guided Access Settings. To check this, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access, then ensure the Accessibility Shortcut is turned on. If it is off, turn it on and try Guided Access again. If the Accessibility Shortcut is on and the issue persists, restart your iPhone and try Guided Access again.

How do I fix guided access?

To fix Guided Access, restart your iPhone by pressing and holding the power button, enter your passcode when prompted, and then navigate to the “Settings” app. From there, select “General” and then “Accessibility”. Finally, toggle the switch next to “Guided Access” in order to enable it.

Is there any other way to put guided access?

No, there is no other way to put Guided Access on Android or Samsung devices. However, other third-party applications may be available that allow users to restrict access to specific apps. It is important to research any third party applications prior to downloading and using on your device.

Why won’t guided access work on my iPhone 12?

If guided access won’t work on your iPhone 12, make sure that the Accessibility Shortcut is enabled in the Guided Access Settings. To do this, open Settings > Accessibility > Guided Access > Accessibility Shortcut and switch it on. Additionally, make sure that the device is running the latest version of iOS or iPadOS.

Can you do guided access on iPhone 12?

Yes, you can do Guided Access on an iPhone 12. To enable it, go to Settings > Accessibility, and turn on Guided Access. Then tap Passcode Settings, and set a Guided Access passcode. This will help you keep your iPhone secure and have control over which app features can be accessed.

Why doesn’t Guided Access work on my iPhone?

Guided Access not working on an iPhone can be the result of a software issue. A simple restart or force restart should be attempted first to potentially resolve the issue. If restarting the device does not resolve the issue, it may be necessary to update the device to the latest version of iOS.

Why isn t Guided Access working iPhone 13?

To enable Guided Access on an iPhone 13, make sure the Accessibility Shortcut option is turned on in the Guided Access Settings. To turn it on, go to Settings > Accessibility > Guided Access, then toggle the switch next to Accessibility Shortcut. After this is enabled, Guided Access should be working on your iPhone 13.

Why is my iPhone guided access not working?

iPhone’s Guided Access feature allows users to set limits on their device to a specific app, disabling the Home button, Touch ID, and more. However, sometimes this feature stops working due to software issues. To troubleshoot, try restarting your device or forcing a restart by holding the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons until you see the Apple logo. If this doesn’t work, contact Apple support.

Why doesn t Guided Access work?

Guided Access does not work because it is not supported by the Android operating system. It is an exclusive feature of Apple iOS that limits access to certain apps and prevents a user from leaving an app unintentionally. The feature works by activating a single app mode and restricting access to the device’s Home button and/or other hardware buttons.

How to do guided access on iphone 13?

Answer: To set up Guided Access on iPhone 13, go to Settings > Accessibility, then turn on Guided Access. Tap Passcode Settings, then tap Set Guided Access Passcode. Enter a passcode to use when you want to access and exit Guided Access.

Final Thoughts

Having an issue with Guided Access not working can be incredibly frustrating. However, it is possible to fix this issue with a few easy steps. The most important step is to properly set up the feature in Settings on your iOS device first. You should also make sure your device is up to date with the latest version of iOS, and run a restart process if needed. Additionally, it is important to check the app settings that you are trying to access and ensure that Guided Access is activated. By following these steps, you should be able to get your Guided Access feature to work in no time.


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