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Hardcore Ab Workouts to Take Your Routine to the Next Level

Go beyond the basics and find out what it takes to get hardcore-level abs with these powerful ab exercises! Learn about the best ab exercises, from bench crunches to swiss ball crunches, and how to optimize your muscular output with EMG studies. Get the best ab definition and tone with these scientifically-verified core workout solutions.

Quick Summary

Getting ripped abs a step further than just a workout routine requires dedication, consistency and a little bit of creativity. Hardcore ab workouts to take your routine to the next level include bench crunches, hanging leg raises, pulldown crunches, swiss ball crunches, vertical crunches, and swiss ball side crunches. These exercises are designed to push your muscles beyond the limits and help you achieve more than what your routine has been giving you.

Bench crunches involve putting your back onto a flat bench and your feet on the floor then raising your body upwards with your chest super close to your thighs. Hanging leg raises, on the other hand, is done on a hanging bar where the legs are raised to the level of the chest while letting the body going downwards using momentum. Pulldown crunches can be done on a pulldown bar where you suspend from the bar and pull towards the chest.

Swiss ball crunches, also known as crunch on a swiss ball, is done on a swiss ball by lying over it with your back. Verticals crunches involve lying on your back with feet raised and the hands by the side of the head, upward curve motion of the trunk up to the knees and back down. Swiss ball side crunches involve a standing position and raising the knee up towards the chest, then back to a standing position.

Reach the Next Level With Hardcore Ab Workout Routines

When it comes to sculpting a rock-hard core, there is no workout routine like hardcore ab training. But how do you know the best ab exercises to truly get the results you desire? That’s why scientists and researchers ran experiments to measure the amount of electricity a muscle can generate when it is worked to its highest level. This information has come to be known and referred to as an EMG, or Electromyogram, study.

Surprising results revealed the best hardcore ab workout routines are, in fact, bench crunches, hanging leg raises, pulldown crunches, Swiss ball crunches, vertical crunches (especially on a Swiss ball), and Swiss ball side crunches.

Bench Crunches

Lie down on a stability ball or bench, then crunch your abdominal muscles toward your spine. Keep your feet against a wall for extra stability, your back flat and your chin up.

Hanging Leg Raises

Grab onto a chin-up bar with palms facing away from you. With your arms extended, raise your legs together while keeping your core engaged as much as possible.

Pulldown Crunches

Position yourself on a pull-down machine with weight you are comfortable with. Sit on the bench with your shoulders directly beneath the bar. Grab the bar with both hands and pull it downward and forward with the top of your chest. This will create a crunching movement in your core.

Swiss Ball Crunches

Sit on a Swiss ball with your feet on the ground. Keep your back straight, your shoulder blades pressed together, and your feet shoulder-width apart. Place both hands behind your ears and crunch your abs to raise your upper body off the ball. Slowly return to the starting position.

Vertical Crunches

Start by lying flat on the ground with your feet in the air, knees bent at 90 degrees, and arms crossed over your chest. Raise your shoulder blades off the ground while keeping your stomach muscles tight until your shoulder blades are off the ground. Slowly return to the original position.

Swiss Ball Side Crunches

Lie on the Swiss ball on one side with your right leg tucked behind the left and your right arm outstretched behind your head. Keep your abs tight and crunch your left arm off the ball. As you crunch upwards, open your left arm out to the side. Slowly return to the original position.

Personal Experience

What is the most brutal ab workout?

I have a few years of personal experience with hardcore ab workouts. Aside from the standard sit ups and crunches, I like to take my ab workouts up a notch using EMG technology. Scientists place electrodes over a muscle belly, such that the harder the muscle works, the more electricity is measured on the EMG. Using this method, I found that the best ab exercises are bench crunches, hanging leg raises, pulldown crunches, swiss ball crunches, vertical crunches (especially on a swiss ball), and swiss ball side crunches. The intensity of ab workouts through EMG technology is much greater than traditional means, so I would always recommend this if you’re looking to reach your core fitness goals. Along with a good diet and plenty of rest, it’s a winning combination!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most brutal ab workout?

The most brutal ab workout is the Dragon Flag. It involves lying faceup on a bench and grabbing the bench next to your ears so that your elbows are bent and your upper arms are next to your head. You then proceed to raise your lower body into the air and balance the body on your shoulder blades. This advanced move is extremely difficult and requires a high level of abdominal strength and control, making it the most brutal ab workout.

How do I make my abs insane?

To get your abs looking insane try to get your body **** percentage as low as possible. Exercise should include aerobic cardio to help you reach your target, and various core-focused exercises such as heel taps, leg lowers, side plank dips, Russian twists, and oblique crunches. With dedication, this combination of exercise and dieting can make your abs look unbelievable.

What are some killer ab workouts?

Here are some killer ab workouts to tone your core and abs: crunches, flutter crunches, toe touch crunches, lying down leg raises, mountain climbers, static V-hold, plank, and side plank. Each of these workouts activates all the core muscle groups to give you an enviable, toned physique. With regular and determined practice of these ab exercises, you’ll be rocking your abs in no time!

What gym exercises work your core?

Exercises that focus on working your core include the plank, reverse crunch, bird dog crunch, bicycle crunch – sitting, and glute bridge. Strengthening your core can help improve balance, stability and strength. Core exercises can also help your posture, and help you perform other exercises more effectively.

What are the big 3 core exercises?

The ‘big three’ core exercises are modified curl-up, side bridge, and bird dog. Developed by Dr. Stuart McGill, they help improve endurance and protect your back. Regularly performing these three core exercises can increase strength and reduce the risk of injury.

What is the most important core workout?

The most important core workout is the hollow body hold and hang. This exercise strengthens the core muscles responsible for stabilizing, rotating, and moving the spine. A strong core can significantly reduce lower back pain and improve balance while increasing overall core strength.

What are the 4 core lifts?

The four core lifts are squats, bench presses, deadlifts and overhead pressing. These four lifts are the basis of any workout and are the best way to increase absolute strength. They help build muscle, strength, and endurance and are essential for any good strength training program.

What is the hardest workout for abs?

The hardest workout for abs is the Dragon Flag. It involves lying faceup on a bench, grabbing the bench next to your ears, and raising your body up until it is parallel to the ground, using only your core to keep you stabilized. This move is extremely challenging and requires quite a bit of strength and balance to be executed properly. Other tough abs exercises include Cross-Climber With Feet on Swiss Ball, Medicine-Ball V-Up, Standing Barbell Rollout, Swiss-Ball Jackknife With Push-Up, Front Lever, and Turkish Get-Up.

How can I get advanced abs?

To get advanced abs, you should challenge yourself with an ab-focused workout routine. Try the 10-Minute Summer Ab Circuit Workout, which includes exercises like plank, side plank, bicycle crunch, v-sit ab exercise, seated twists with medicine ball, plank on an exercise ball, ab hold, and dragon flag. Increase the intensity of the workout as your strength and endurance increases. Focus on proper form and breathing while doing your ab exercises to maximize the effectiveness and protect from injury.

What is scientifically the best way to get abs?

The scientifically best way to get abs is to perform compound lifts that engage your core such as squats, deadlifts, snatches, cleans, and overhead press. These exercises target the ab muscles more effectively than traditional work outs like sit-ups, bear crawls, planks, v-ups, toes-to-bar, and scissor kicks. Strengthening your core muscles with these compound lifts is scientifically the best way to get abs.

What exercise would be good for advanced core training?

For advanced core training, an exercise program should incorporate anti-rotational plate push-aways, standing Pallof presses, dead bug Pallof presses, and TRX anti-rotation exercises. These exercises will target the deep muscles of the core, stabilizing the spine and providing overall stability and strength to the body. Core training needs to be specific, challenging and progressed over time to yield the best results.

What are some good AB workouts?

Good ab workouts include standing crunches, cable crunches, and planks. Standing crunches work to strengthen and tone abdominal muscles by targeting them. Cable crunches involve anchoring the rope to a higher section of the cable machine, standing close to the cable machine with your face facing away, and gripping the rope firmly with your hands beside your ears. Planks involve getting into a push-up position and then resting your weight on your forearms and toes, while keeping your body in a straight line.

What is the hardest AB exercise?

The hardest AB exercise is the Around the World Extended Plank. This full-body workout focuses on maintaining a straight plank position while rotating the body around in a circle. It strengthens both the upper and lower body while challenging abdominal muscles. Combining both balance, strength, and stability, the Around the World Extended Plank is proven to be the ultimate advanced core exercise.

What are the best AB workouts to burn ****?

The best abdominal workouts to burn **** are multi-joint exercises that target the entire core such as squats, lunges, deadlifts, and push-ups. Supplement these exercises with exercises specifically targeting the abdominal muscles like weighted crunches, planks, and leg lifts. Incorporating these exercises into a high-intensity circuit workout can maximize results for burning **** and building muscle in the abdominal area.

What are the best AB building exercises?

The best AB building exercises include the Plank, Bicycle Crunches, and Reverse Crunches. The Plank strengthens the core by targeting almost all abdominal muscles and yields great results in a short amount of time. Bicycle Crunches strengthen the obliques and deepen the ab muscles. Reverse Crunches target the lower abdominal muscles and help to strengthen the lower abdominal muscles. All of these exercises help to build great abdominal muscles and get the desired ab building results.

Final Thoughts

Hardcore ab workouts can be very effective in taking your routine to the next level, based on research from scientific studies on the Electro Myo Graph (EMG). From bench crunches and hanging leg raises to pulldown crunches and vertical crunches, as well as swiss ball side crunches, these exercises are proven to make your abdominal muscles work harder and produce more electrical energy. Utilizing these exercises as part of your routine will help bring your workout to the next level.


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