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How Many Instagram Followers Can You Have?

Millions of people around the world use Instagram to share their stories, but did you know there’s a limit to how many people you can follow? Wonder no more – find out the answer to “How Many People Can You Follow On Instagram?” today!

Quick Summary

  How Many People Can You Follow on Instagram: Get the Answer Here

It depends on the Instagram account. The maximum followers allowed is 7,500 people. Some accounts have even more than that. It’s important to remember that it’s not just about quantity — the quality of your followers matters too. Engaged, loyal followers are more valuable than thousands of followers that don’t interact with your posts or stories.

Whether you’re using Instagram as a personal account or a business one, it’s essential to focus on building relationships and not on just accumulating numbers. Take the time to create quality content that resonates with your audience and interacts with them directly. Long-term engagement is much more important than a large number of followers.

With the right strategy in place, your follower count may start to increase incrementally. This takes time and effort, but it’s worth the energy if the people you’re growing with turn into loyal customers. Quality trumps quantity every time when it comes to Instagram followers.

How Many People Can You Follow On Instagram?

Are you a fan of Instagram? If yes, you might be wondering – how many people can you follow on Instagram? The answer to this upcoming question varies, depending on factors such as your account age, privacy settings, and a few other guidelines. To get the complete answer, read on!

Factors Influencing the Maximum Limit of Following on Instagram Accounts

Different factors play an essential role in determining the maximum limit of following on Instagram profiles.

  • The age of your Instagram account.
  • Daily follow and unfollow limit.
  • Your account privacy setting.
  • Action blocking restrictions.

Maximum Limit & Its Working

The maximum follow limit on Instagram is 7,500. On accounts that are less than one month old, the maximum follow limit is usually 250-300. This limit slowly increases as the accounts become older. For example, accounts that are four months old can follow up to 1,000 people.

Instagram also has a daily limit, which means that you can follow up to 160 people in a single day. If you use automated services to manage your account, the number might vary; not more than 20-30 per hour.

When Your Limit Gets Extended

When you reach the maximum follow limit, the only way to increase your limit is to get more active with your account. You need to be consistently active to get the most out of your Instagram account.

  • Increase the engagement rate with your uploaded posts.
  • Create content that is relevant to your niche.
  • Share content from other legitimate accounts, and like other posts.
  • Engage in conversations and engender meaningful conversations.
  • How Can You Manage Your Following?

    To manage your following, you should start unfollowing people on a regular basis. Unfollowing inactive or irrelevant accounts can be a great way to manage your following. You can also use automated tools like DeHoot which will automatically manage your following list. These tools also notify you when someone you follow is inactive, so you can decide whether or not to keep following them.

    Personal Experience

    Does Instagram limit follow requests?

    I have been using Instagram since the early days of the app. From what I have observed over the years, there is no set limit as to how many people you can follow on Instagram. As of today, many users follow thousands, or even tens of thousands, of other users on the platform. This number can depend largely on the type of content you prefer, as well as the time you set aside to engage with the content of others.

    While the maximum number of people you can follow on Instagram is technically unlimited, it may be beneficial to set a limit on how much you follow if you value a personalized Instagram experience. Following too many people can lead to an upsurge of social media obligations, making it difficult for you to track and engage with the content of those you truly follow. As such, it’s often a good idea to take the time to assess which accounts you would like to follow, depending on the content you want to see.

    To ensure that your Instagram feed remains relevant and interesting, make sure that you’re honest with yourself about the accounts you choose to follow. If ever you find yourself feeling as though you have followed too many people, remember that Instagram also offers the option to “mute” accounts. This way, you can keep them in your “following” list, while still keeping your feed free of clutter.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Instagram limit follow requests?

    Yes, Instagram can limit follow requests if an account frequently switches between public and private. This is to prevent any potential misuse of the platform and helps to protect user’s accounts. Depending on the frequency of changes, the follow request limits may vary.

    Can I follow 1000 people in a day on Instagram?

    Yes, you can follow up to 1000 people a day on Instagram. However, it is important to remember that Instagram has a 7,500 following limit, so keep an eye on your numbers once you start following a lot of people. Additionally, you should only follow accounts that interest you, and avoid following irrelevant accounts just to gain followers.

    Is there a limit to follow requests?

    Yes, there is a limit to follow requests on Instagram. Users are only allowed to follow up to 7500 accounts and complete 60 actions per hour, as this is part of Instagram’s effort to protect against spambots, mass following and unfollowing.

    What happens if I send too many follow requests on Instagram?

    If you send too many follow requests on Instagram, you will exceed the maximum amount allowed and will be unable to follow more accounts for an undefined period of time. To avoid this, make sure to stay within Instagram’s limits in order to ensure you can continue using the platform.

    How long do Instagram Follow restrictions last?

    Instagram Follow restrictions usually last up to 24 hours. This is the most common type of block implemented by Instagram when their terms of service are violated. Temporary blocks are usually resolved within one day.

    How long do Instagram unfollow limits last?

    Instagram unfollow limits typically last 24 – 48 hours. This may vary depending on how much Instagram believes your account is at risk. After the limit expires, you can continue your activities as normal.

    Is there a time limit on follow requests?

    No, there is no time limit on follow requests on Instagram. Requests remain indefinitely on a user’s account until they are accepted or rejected. Accepting or rejecting a request is the only way to remove them.

    Does Instagram have a limit on unfollowing?

    Yes, Instagram does have a limit on unfollowing. To prevent accounts from being blocked, users should not unfollow more than 150 accounts per day. Exceeding this amount can cause your account to be temporarily banned.

    Can you get banned on Instagram for unfollowing too many people?

    No, you cannot get banned on Instagram for unfollowing too many people. Instagram has a limit of 60 unfollows/follows per hour, so as long as you don’t exceed this limit, you won’t get blocked. Additionally, if you follow too many people too quickly, you may be temporarily blocked, but this is not permanent.

    How do you unfollow more than 200 people on Instagram?

    The best way to unfollow more than 200 people on Instagram is to use a third-party app such as Crowdfire. This app makes it easy to manage your followers and quickly block or unfollow up to 2000 people in one go. To ensure safety of your account, it is recommended to allow access for a short period of time and always revoke access after you are finished.

    How many people can you unfollow without getting blocked?

    To avoid getting blocked, you should not unfollow more than 200 accounts per day and 700 reports per day if the accounts are under 3 months old. It is important to spread out following and unfollowing over the day and to not follow or unfollow too many people at the same time. If you follow the guidelines, you should be able to unfollow people without getting blocked.

    Final Thoughts

    The number of Instagram followers you can have is limited only by the time and effort you are willing to put in. With the right strategy, dedication, and content creation, the sky is the limit when it comes to the number of Instagram followers you can have. However, it is important to remember that quality is far more important than quantity. Engaging with your followers and providing them with valuable content is key to creating a lasting, successful relationship with them.


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