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How Much Does MSpy Cost: An In-Depth Look at Pricing and Features

Are you wondering how much mSpy costs? With mSpy’s starting price at just $19.44/Per Month, you can get great value for your money with a variety of pricing plans.

Quick Summary

MSpy is an advanced mobile tracking and monitoring app boasting powerful features at an affordable price. The starting price of mSpy is $19.44 per month. As mentioned, it has different pricing plans depending on the feature set and tracking capabilities you need. With Basic Package, mSpy costs $29.99 for a month with a one time payment. Premium Package, on the other hand, costs $69.99 for a month but can be purchased at discounted rate for 12 months at $5.83. It includes more advanced features such as advanced social media and instant messaging tracking. Supreme Package is the most expensive which costs $199.99 for a month and can be purchased with a discounted rate for 1 year at $16.65. Supreme Package includes all the features of Basic and Premium packages along with all the advanced phone tracking features. All the plans come with a 10-day money back guarantee.

MSpy Cost: Discover Prices and Features – An In-Depth Look

Are you curious about mSpy and the features it offers? It can be difficult to understand how much does mSpy cost and if it is the right investment for you. Here, we’ll look at the mSpy pricing plans, so you can make the right decision.

How Much Does mSpy Cost?

The starting price of mSpy is $ 19.44/Per Month. It has different pricing plans:

  • Basic package – $19.99/month
  • Premium package – $59.99/quarter
  • Bundle package – $99.99/year

Features of mSpy

Features of mSpy vary based on the plan you choose.

  • Call tracker – Tracker calls and text messages of targeted device
  • GPS tracker – Clearly identify location of device
  • Social media monitoring – Track activities on social media platform like Whatsapp, Viber and Skype
  • Data filtering – Control and filter usage of apps and websites
  • Geofencing – Set up virtual perimeter for real-world geographic area
  • Compatibility – Compatible with a variety of smart devices like iphones and android

Personal Experience

How much does mSpy cost?

Using mSpy as a parenting or employee monitoring tool is a great choice. The price of mSpy is quite affordable, with the starting price of $19.44/per month. Depending on the package you choose, they offer different pricing plans. With Basic Plan, you get access to monitoring and controlling options like call tracking, app tracking, text & pictures tracking, and much more. With Premium Plan, you also get access to social media & instant messaging tracking. So, if you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution for monitoring your kiddos or employees, mSpy is the right choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does mSpy cost?

mSpy’s Premium plan is an effective and user-friendly way to monitor your kids’ online activity. The cost for this plan is $41.99 per month, $23.56 per quarter, and $9.91 per year, making it an affordable option. In conclusion, mSpy’s cost depends on the duration of the plan, ranging from $41.99 for 1 month to $9.91 for 1 year.

Will someone know if I use mSpy?

No, someone will not know if you use mSpy. mSpy is a discreet phone tracking app that is invisible to the average user and won’t appear on the target device. This means that the user won’t notice any unfamiliar app logo associated with mSpy. As a result, the user won’t be able to tell that they are being monitored.

What do you need for mSpy?

For mSpy to be installed, you will need an iPhone or iPad which is compatible with iOS 11 – 14.8.1, and must be jailbroken. Additionally, the monitored device must be connected to the internet, and you need to have physical access to the device in order to install mSpy. In summary, you will need a compatible and jailbroken iPhone or iPad connected to the internet, as well as physical access to the device, in order to install mSpy successfully.

Is mSpy a subscription?

Yes, mSpy is a subscription-based service. It offers three subscription plans – 1 month for $26.99, 3 months for $59.99, or 12 months for $99.99. All subscriptions last until Jan 1, 2023.

What spy app is better than mSpy?

An effective answer to the question, “What spy app is better than mSpy?,” could be: Android 007 is the best spy app alternative to mSpy. It is not free, but for a free alternative, Find My and iKeyMonitor are both excellent options. Other great apps like mSpy are MxSpy, FlexiSPY, SPYBUNKER, and Mobile Tracker Free.

Which is better mSpy or uMobix?

mSpy is the superior choice of the two. It is quicker and smoother to use, and offers more advanced features than uMobix, such as taking screenshots of online activity. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive tracking capabilities, mSpy is the clear frontrunner in comparison to uMobix. Bottom line: when it comes to choosing between mSpy or uMobix, mSpy is the superior option.

How can you tell if your phone is being monitored by someone else?

You might notice unusual sounds during calls when speaking on your cell phone. Your phone might also show activity when not in use, take a long time to shut down, have a warmer battery temperature, and receive unusual texts. Additionally, your battery capacity may be decreased and your data usage may have increased. All of these signs indicate that your cell phone could potentially be monitored by someone else.

Does mSpy let people know your tracking them?

Yes, mSpy lets people know they are being tracked. mSpy runs in the background in incognito mode, making it difficult for the target to be aware of being tracked. Since it was founded in 2010, mSpy has become one of the most popular and well known mobile monitoring apps in the world.

Will someone know if you are using mSpy?

Yes, it is possible to detect mSpy software on an Android smartphone. This test has been confirmed in multiple tests. To make sure no one knows you are using mSpy, it is important to consider the features of invisibility that mSpy provides. These features provide the highest level of assurance for users.

Does mSpy run in the background?

Yes, mSpy runs in the background on the the target device. After installation, it will stay hidden and allow users to monitor all aspects of the device, such as incoming and outgoing calls, location tracking, social media usage, and instant messages. mSpy is a powerful tool for monitoring and protecting phones.

Is using mSpy safe?

Yes, MSpy is safe to use. It is discreet and easy to use, ensuring that your child’s privacy is protected at all times. With MSpy, you can monitor your child’s SMS messages, social media activity, and calls, as well as their exact location. Rest assured that your child is always safe and sound with MSpy.

How much does mSpy cost?

mSpy offers a range of subscription options to best suit your needs. Prices start at $26.99 for a one-month subscription and go up to $99.99 for a 12-month subscription. Prices are affordable and you can choose the option that fits your requirements. Choose from three basic plans to install mSpy on a mobile phone: 1 month: $26.99, 3 months: $59.99, and 12 months: $99.99.

Does mSpy cost money?

Yes, mSpy does cost money. The mSpy premium plan provides the user with access to all the features of the service, with the cost being $41.99 per month, $23.56 per quarter, or $9.91 per year. A cheaper Basic plan can also be purchased for budget-concious customers.

What is the cost of mSpy?

The cost of mSpy depends on the package you choose. The mSpy Basic version for mobile devices is available as either a 12-month package for $99.99 or a monthly fee of $29.99. Plus, all mSpy subscriptions come with a 10-day money back guarantee, so you can try the product without risking anything.

How much is mSpy?

mSpy is a cell phone monitoring software that starts at $29.99 for 1 month. The Premium package gives better value for money and if you choose the one year package, mSpy will cost you $16.67 per month. So overall, you will be paying a minimum of $29.99 for mSpy cell phone monitoring software.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, mSpy is an affordable yet powerful application that allows you to monitor a user’s activity on various platforms. Its starting price of $19.44 per month gives users access to its most basic features, while higher-priced plans grant access to more advanced features. In the end, the user should take the time to compare the different plans and decide which one works best for them.


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