how to buy more storage for iphone

How to Buy More Storage for iPhone: Step-by-Step Guide

Are you running out of storage on your iPhone? Do you need more space for photos, videos or apps? Don’t worry, we can help you learn how to buy more storage for your iPhone quickly and easily.

Quick Summary

  Guide: How to Buy Additional Storage for iPhone

If you’re running out of storage space on your iPhone and need more, you can purchase additional storage space directly from your device. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to buy more storage for your iPhone:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Select General, then tap on “iPhone Storage”.

3. You will see how much space you have used, and how much free space remains.

4. Tap on “Buy More Storage”.

5. Select the amount of additional storage you’d like to purchase. (You can choose a 50GB, 200GB or 2TB plan).

6. Confirm your purchase.

Once the purchase is complete, your device will have the extra storage area. You can use this extra storage space to store photos, videos, music and other data.

Guide: How to Buy Additional Storage for iPhone

iPhone users can often run out of storage space quickly. To help make sure iPhone users don’t run out of storage, there are several ways to buy additional storage.

Using iTunes

The simplest way to buy extra storage for an iPhone is through iTunes. To do this:

  • Launch the iTunes app on your iPhone
  • Select the “More” tab at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap the “Purchase More Storage” button
  • Select the amount of space you need
  • Choose the payment option
  • Confirm the purchase and wait for the storage to unlock
  • Using iCloud

    iOS users can also buy storage through iCloud:

    • Launch the “Settings” app on your iPhone
    • Tap the “iCloud” option
    • Select “Manage Storage”
    • Choose the amount of storage space you need
    • Tap “Buy”
    • Confirm the purchase and wait for the purchase to unlock

    Personal Experience

    Can you buy iPhone storage for someone else?

    Whether you’ve run out of space for apps, photos and videos, or are simply looking for ways to expand the capacity of your iPhone, there are several ways to purchase more storage for your device. Here’s a short guide on how to buy additional storage for your iPhone:

    1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.

    2. Select General on the Settings menu and tap iPhone Storage. Here, you’ll find an overview of how much storage you currently have and what’s taking up the most space. For the best performance, make sure you have at least 1GB of free storage.

    3. If you need to upgrade your storage, tap Manage Storage. You’ll be presented with a range of options which include purchasing additional iCloud storage. Choose the plan that fits your needs and follow the steps to complete your purchase.

    4. If managing your iCloud documents and compressing photos won’t give you enough space, you can also buy additional storage directly from Apple. Head to the website and select the type and size of iPhone you use. Then, choose from the range of storage options available.

    Once the purchase is complete, the additional storage will be added to your iPhone and you’ll be able to store more photos, videos, and apps on your device, enjoy better performance and free up some space.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you buy iPhone storage for someone else?

    Yes, it is possible to buy iPhone storage for someone else! With Apple’s Family Sharing feature, users can share an iCloud+ subscription that includes up to 2TB of iCloud storage with their family members. This allows users to provide additional storage to another family member without having to pay for it separately.

    How can I buy more GB?

    To buy more GB of cloud storage, you can use the Google One app. First, make sure you’re signed into your Google account from your Android phone or tablet. Then, download the Google One app from the Play Store. After launching the app, select the plan you want to purchase and follow the prompts to complete the purchase. With Google One, you can get up to 30TB of cloud storage and get access to other premium benefits.

    How can I increase my iPhone storage from 64gb to 128gb?

    The best way to increase your iPhone storage from 64GB to 128GB is to purchase a new iPhone with more storage capacity. iPhones cannot be upgraded to add extra storage, so you’ll need to buy a new device with the amount of storage you require. Visit your local Apple store to browse a variety of iPhones with different storage options and pick the one that best suits your needs.

    How can I add more storage to my iPhone without paying?

    You can add more storage to your iPhone without paying by taking advantage of iCloud, connecting a USB flash drive, or storing your data and files in the cloud. iCloud allows you to store photos, documents, and other files up to 5GB for free. You can also use a USB flash drive to store data, but the amount of storage will be limited to the size of the flash drive. Finally, you can use cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive to store and access your data from anywhere.

    How can I increase my iPhone 64 GB?

    To increase the storage capacity of an iPhone 64 GB, users can free up space by deleting large files, uninstalling unused apps, and backing up photos and videos to cloud services. Additionally, they can purchase an iCloud storage plan to store additional photos and videos. By taking these steps, users will be able to maximize their iPhone’s memory.

    How do I ask for more storage on my iPhone?

    To request more storage on your iPhone, you should contact Apple Support directly. Apple offers iCloud storage plans which you can purchase to increase your available storage space. You can reach Apple Support by telephone, live chat, or by submitting your question through the web form available at

    Is iPhone 64GB enough for a normal user?

    Yes, iPhone 64GB is more than enough for a normal user. With 64GB, you have plenty of storage for making calls, using WhatsApp, and storing photos, music, documents, and other data. It can also handle web browsing, streaming videos and music, and playing games. For most users, 64GB is perfect for day-to-day usage.

    Can I add GB to my iPhone?

    No, you cannot add GB to your iPhone. However, you can access additional storage space through iCloud to save music, photos, videos, and backups both at home and on the go. With iCloud you can store and access large amounts of data and documents from multiple devices, making it the perfect solution to your storage needs.

    What happens when iPhone reaches full storage?

    When an iPhone reaches full storage, the device will automatically delete cached and temporary files to free up space. This happens when the device does not have enough space for photos, videos, or apps. To improve performance, it is important to regularly monitor storage and delete unnecessary files.

    How much iPhone storage Do most people need?

    Most people will need at least 128GB or 256GB of storage on their iPhone. This amount of storage allows users to store thousands of photos, videos, and apps. For anyone who wants to ensure they have enough storage for their needs, 128GB or 256GB of storage is the best option.

    Why does my storage keep getting full for no reason iPhone?

    The storage on an iPhone keeps getting full for various reasons. Caching can play a major role, as it stores web pages, images and other elements from apps and websites to increase loading speed. Additionally, large files like music, photos, and videos can take up significant space, as can unnecessary apps and data. To free up storage, users can clear the cache, delete unwanted apps, and remove large files.

    How to buy more iCloud storage on an iPhone?

    To buy more iCloud storage on an iPhone, open the Settings app. From there, choose your account, tap iCloud, and tap Storage. Select a storage plan and follow the instructions to purchase the desired amount of storage. Up to 2TB of additional storage beyond the free 5GB can be bought directly from the iPhone.

    How do I get more storage on my iPhone?

    It is possible to get more storage on your iPhone. You can buy additional storage, deep clean your iPhone to clear up storage space, or use iCloud storage to offload content from your iPhone and store it in the cloud.

    How to increase iPhone storage with expandable memory?

    Adding expandable storage to an iPhone is a simple process. A specialized case with a built-in micro SD card slot attaches to the device and allows users to increase their available storage. To use the expandable memory, users must insert a compatible micro SD card into the case, which will enable them to store additional files, photos and apps that would not fit onto their existing iPhone storage. Adding expandable memory is a great way to gain more space on your iPhone, allowing users to keep more data and freeing up valuable storage.

    How to free memory on the iPhone?

    Freeing memory on an iPhone is quick and easy. To start, check the storage usage to find out what is using the most memory. Delete any unused apps and clear the cache to reduce memory consumption. Finally, reduce photo and video resolution and offload unused music, books and podcasts to free up even more storage.

    Final Thoughts

    Buying more storage for your iPhone can be a great way to keep up with all your data needs. The process is quite straightforward and simple, allowing you to purchase additional storage with a few clicks. By following the step-by-step guide above, you can easily upgrade your storage plan to better suit your needs.


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