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[Solved] How To Create Django Project?

To get started with Django you have first to install Django. After installing Django you have to create your first app.

In this article, we’ll look at how you can install Django and most importantly, how to create your own Django app or project.

What’s Django?

Django is a powerful, open-source, and very popular web development framework written in Python programming language. It follows MVT (Model View Template) architecture.

You can create a Django project with just one command!

How To Create Django Project?

Assuming that you have already installed Django, now to create a Django project, follow the steps below:

Create a New Project

Create a new directory with your desired name and open a terminal in that directory and enter the following command:

django-admin startproject myProject

Our project is referred to here as myProject, but you can give it whatever name you like.

**Remember: Don’t give a name similar to an existing Python module like Flask, os, math, time, etc**

Image with command for creating a new django project
The command for Creating a new Django Project

Hooray! It has successfully created your new Django project.

Managing Your New Project

Now to see your newly created project folder enter ls in the terminal. It will show all the files in the current folder including the new Django project folder that in our case is myProject.

listing all files in current folder how to create django project edited

After this you have to go into your myProject folder and use the following command:

cd myProject
Image showing the command for going to the project directory

Now if you want to see the files autogenerated by Django you can use the ls command:

Image showing command for going to your main project folder

Here you see that there’s a file named manage.py. This file is used for executing many Django-specific tasks like starting the server, making migrations, etc.

To get your first project running, enter the command below:

python manage.py runserver

If you’re using Python 3 and getting an error like

File “manage.py”, line 17 ) from exc ^SyntaxError: invalid syntax, then run this command:

python3 manage.py runserver

This command will make your project live on the URL Enter this URL in your browser and you will see a page like this

Image showing default django page after creating new project
Default Django Page


You can now easily make changes to your new Django site if you know how to use Django.

How To Install Django?

Setting up a framework or a language is very important and the very first step for development. Django is pretty easy to set up than any other framework because of the pip package manager in Python.

Install Django

To install and set up Django first of all you’ll need to install Python on your system. On Linux, you can easily install Python by running this command.

sudo apt install python3

On Windows, you can download and install Python from this link https://python.org/downloads/.

After installing Python and pip you can install Django by running this command.

pip install Django

Is Django Hard To Learn?

As Django is written in Python, Python is a very easy-to-learn and use programming language. But Django is a little bit hard to learn as compared to PHP.

If you know some basic concepts of Python programming language then it’ll be very easy for you to learn Django or even any other framework of Python like Flask, etc.

Pros of Django

  • Very well-designed Web framework.
  • Fast
  • Very secure
  • Easy to extend
  • Good for deployment

Stats of Django

Django is a very popular language, that’s why many big companies use it. Following are some of the interesting stats about Django:

Companies Using Django

Django is a very powerful and popular web development framework. It’s a very scalable, versatile, and secure framework. That’s the reason many big companies use Django.

Some of the famous companies using Django:

  • Bitbucket
  • Disqus
  • Dropbox
  • Instagram
  • Mozilla
  • Pinterest
  • Spotify


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