how to delete all empty rows in google sheets

Delete Empty Rows in Google Sheets: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you wondering how to delete all empty rows in Google Sheets quickly and easily? This article will show you how to get rid of those pesky empty rows with a few simple steps.

Quick Summary

How to Delete All Empty Rows in Google Sheets - Step by Step Guide

Deleting empty rows in Google Sheets can be done in a few easy steps. The first step is to select the cells you want to delete. To select an entire row, click the row number on the left side of the sheet. To select multiple rows, drag your mouse over the corresponding numbers. Next, right-click the selection and hit “Delete rows.” Confirm the deletion. You could also select multiple rows at once by holding down the “Ctrl” key and clicking the row numbers. Then, right-click the selection and choose “Delete rows.” Finally, confirm the deletion.

Instead of manually deleting the empty rows, you can also automate the process by creating a script. To do this, open the Tools menu, then click Macros > Record Macro. Give the macro a name, then click OK. Select the rows that you want to delete, then right-click and select “Delete rows.” Close the macro window and click Save. Now, you can apply the macro to multiple sheets at once. To do this, select the rows and click Tools > Macros > Select Macro. Choose the macro that you just created, and click OK. This should delete all the selected rows in one go.

How to Delete All Empty Rows in Google Sheets – Step by Step Guide

Do you have multiple Google Sheets documents with empty rows that are causing your data to be misaligned? If so, this is the guide for you. In this article, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide to help you delete all empty rows in Google Sheets quickly and easily.

1. Open the Google Sheets File

To start, you will need to open the Google Sheets file with the empty rows. If the file is not stored in your Google Drive, you can upload it by clicking the “File” option in the top-left side of your screen.

2. Select all Rows with Empty Cells

Now that you have the file open, you can select all the rows with empty cells. To do this, hover your cursor over the row number on the side of the document, and press and hold the left mouse button. Then, drag the cursor all the way down until you reach the end of the document.

Once you have all the empty rows selected, you should see them highlighted in blue.

3. Delete the Selected Rows

Once the rows with empty cells are selected, you can delete them. To do this, right-click the row, select “Delete row” from the menu, and then click the “Delete” button on the pop-up window.

4. Repeat the Process

After you have deleted one empty row, you will need to repeat the process of selecting the rows and then deleting them until all the empty rows have been cleared.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to delete all the empty rows in your Google Sheets document, you can quickly and easily clean out any unwanted blank rows. This can help to keep your data organized and improve the overall look and feel of your documents.

Personal Experience

How do I mass delete blank rows in Google Sheets?

Deleting all empty rows from a Google sheet can be a tedious task if you don’t know where to begin. Fortunately, with the help of certain functions and process, it can be done in a few clicks. To start with, you must identify which cells are empty and then determine the range of cells with empty values. To do this, select the entire sheet by clicking the browse key, which is located on the left-top corner of the spreadsheet. Next, select ‘Data’, followed by ‘Filter’. Check the ‘Show empty cells as’ tickbox, followed by selecting ‘Blanks’. You’ll now be able to see all the empty cells in the entire sheet. To continue deleting all empty rows, select ‘Data’, then ‘Filter’ again followed by ‘Delete Row’. This will delete all the empty rows. However, if you wish to delete rows where most of the data is missing or empty, then you must use the COUNTBLANK function. By dragging the function until it counts down the remaining cells, you’ll be able to delete any row that has more than two empty cells. Lastly, save your spreadsheet and you’re done.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I mass delete blank rows in Google Sheets?

To mass delete blank rows in Google Sheets, first select all the blank rows by holding down the shift key and clicking on the last empty row. Then, right-click on any of the selected rows and choose ‘Delete’ from the menu. Finally, confirm that you want to delete the selected rows and they will be removed.

How do I delete blank cells in Google Sheets?

In Google Sheets, you can delete blank cells by selecting the range of cells containing the blanks and then clicking ‘Data > Filter > Remove empty rows’. This will delete any blank rows within the range. Alternatively, you can use the ‘Extensions > Clean Sheet > Delete Blank Rows’ option to quickly delete all empty rows across the entire spreadsheet.

How do I select all blank cells in Google Sheets?

To select all blank cells in Google Sheets, open the Find & Select menu and choose Go To Special. Select Blanks from the drop-down menu and click OK. All blank cells within the selection area will be selected, allowing you to perform any desired operations on them.

How do I get rid of infinite rows and columns in Google Sheets?

To remove infinite rows and columns in Google Sheets, select the column or row you would like to delete by left-clicking the letter/number at the top/side of that column/row. Right-click and select ‘Delete column’ or ‘Delete row’. This action can be done for both single columns/rows or range of columns/rows. When finished, the infinite columns/rows will be gone.

How do you Delete blank columns in Google Sheets?

To delete blank columns in Google Sheets, simply go to the ‘Extensions’ tab in the toolbar at the top. Select ‘Clean Sheets’ > ‘Delete Blank Columns’. This will delete all blank columns in the sheet and make your data more organized.

How do I mass Delete blank rows in Google Sheets?

To mass delete blank rows in Google Sheets, select all rows to be deleted, go to the ‘Data’ tab and choose ‘Sort range’, select the ‘Data has header’checkbox and hit ‘Sort’. This will automatically delete all blank rows.

How do I Delete blank columns?

To delete blank columns, first select the columns by clicking on the first column letter, pressing Shift, and then clicking the letter of the last blank column. Then, right-click the selected columns and choose Delete from the pop-up menu. This action will delete all blank columns from the worksheet.

How do I hide columns in Google Sheets without affecting other users?

To hide columns in Google Sheets without affecting other users, select the column or columns you want to hide, right click, and select “Hide Column”. When you share the sheet with other users, the columns will remain hidden from their view. You can also password protect specific cells and ranges to ensure that only people with that password can view and make changes.

How do I delete rows in Google sheet on Mac?

To delete rows in a Google Sheets spreadsheet on a Mac, open the spreadsheet, click and drag to select the row or rows you want to delete, click the “Edit” tab in the top menu bar, and click the “Delete Rows” option. Additionally, you can press the CMD + Delete keyboard shortcut to delete the rows quickly.

How do I delete multiple rows in Google sheets on a Mac?

To delete multiple rows in Google Sheets on a Mac, first select the rows by holding the Command (⌘) key and clicking each row. Next, click the ‘Edit’ menu and select ‘Delete rows’ from the list of options. Finally, confirm the deletion of the rows by clicking the ‘Delete’ prompt.

How do you let everyone edit a Google sheet?

To let everyone edit a Google Sheet, first open the file you want to share (that you own or have edit access to). Then click ‘Share’ and enter the email addresses or groups of people with whom you want to share. Finally, set the permission to ‘Can edit’ to allow everyone access to the Sheet.

How do I delete specific rows in Google Sheets?

To delete specific rows in Google Sheets, open a spreadsheet in the Google Sheets app on your Android phone or tablet. Then, touch and hold the row or column you want to delete. Finally, tap ‘Delete’ in the menu that appears.

Final Thoughts

Deleting empty rows in Google Sheets can be a time-consuming task, but with the step-by-step guide provided in this article, it doesn’t have to be. By using the built-in tools Google Sheets provides and following the steps outlined in this article, deleting empty rows quickly and effectively can easily be accomplished.


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