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How to Hide Blocked Messages on Discord

Having trouble figuring out how to hide blocked messages on Discord? Don’t worry; there’s a simple way to get rid of those pesky blocked messages and clear up your inbox. With just a few clicks, you can restore peace to your Discord, and never have to worry about seeing those blocked messages again!

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  Hide Blocked Messages on Discord: A Step-by-Step How-To Guide

Discord is a popular chat platform. You can block a user on Discord if you don’t want to receive messages from them. Unfortunately, the blocked user can still send messages to you, which can be annoying. But there are ways to hide blocked messages on Discord so that you won’t be disturbed.

The easiest way to hide blocked messages on Discord is to go to the user settings and choose “Block”. Then, you can choose “Hide Blocked Messages” from the drop-down menu. This will ensure all messages from the blocked user are hidden from view. You can also choose “Prevent from Sending” from the same menu if you don’t want the blocked user to be able to send messages at all.

Another way to hide blocked messages on Discord is to create a private server or channel. With a private server or channel, you can control which users can join and who can’t. This feature is useful if you don’t want to deal with unwanted messages from blocked users. You can also use the moderation tools to delete any undesirable messages that were sent before they were blocked.

You can also mute and deafen blocked users on Discord. This will ensure that any messages they send won’t be heard by anyone. You can also use the “block all messages” feature, which will prevent blocked users from sending messages at all.

In conclusion, there are ways to hide blocked messages on Discord. You can use the user settings and choose “Hide Blocked Messages”. Create a private server or channel. Use the moderation tools, mute and deafen the user, or use the “block all messages” feature.

Hide Blocked Messages on Discord: A Step-by-Step How-To Guide

Blocking messages on Discord can be an effective way to keep up the privacy of your conversations. Fortunately, it is easy to hide blocked messages on Discord with some simple steps.

Step 1: Open the Discord app

The first step is to open the Discord app. Once you open the app, you will be able to see the list of conversations on the left side.

Step 2: Navigate to the message you want to block

Next, you will need to navigate to the message you want to block. To do this, you can use the left side menu or the search bar.

Step 3: Block the message

Once you have navigated to the message you want to block, you will need to click on the “More” button or ellipsis located next to the message. From there, you can select the “Block” option.

Step 4: Confirm the block

After selecting “Block”, you will need to confirm that you want to block the message. Once you confirm, the message will be hidden on your display.

Step 5: Hide blocked messages on Discord

Now that you have blocked the message, you will need to hide it from your view. This can be done by clicking on the “Settings” option in the left-hand menu. From there, you can click on the “Blocked Messages” tab, and you will be able to hide blocked messages on Discord.

Hide Blocked Messages with These Simple Steps

Hiding blocked messages on Discord is easy to do with these five simple steps. By following these steps, you can keep your conversations private and prevent any unwanted messages from disrupting your experience.

  • Open the Discord App
  • Navigate to the message you want to block
  • Block the message
  • Confirm the block
  • Hide blocked messages on Discord

Personal Experience

How do I stop blocked messages from showing up?

As an experienced user of Discord, I have encountered scenarios where I wanted to hide blocked messages. Luckily, there is a way to do this relatively easily. First, you will want to go to your user settings and click on “Privacy & Safety”. On this page, you will want to scroll down to “Blocked Messages” and toggle on “Hide Blocked Messages”. By doing this, any messages from those whom you have blocked will be automatically hidden from the chat.

The next step is to go to your “Collaboration” settings and click on “Adress Book”. Here, you can see all the users whom you have blocked. To unblock them, simply click on the “Unblock” button next to their username.

You can also make sure that any messages sent by blocked users are deleted automatically. To do this, go to “Settings & Privacy” and click on “Moderation”. Scroll down to “Delete Blocked Messages”, and toggle on the checkbox next to it. By doing this, any messages from blocked users will be deleted automatically upon receipt.

By following these steps, you can easily hide blocked messages on Discord. As a user, this provides you with greater freedom to control the content of your conversations and gives you the peace of mind of knowing that any unwanted messages won’t show up in your chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop blocked messages from showing up?

To stop blocked messages from appearing on your device, add the sender’s number to your phone’s block list. Go to Phone > More > Settings > Call Blocking > Block list and add the number. This will stop blocked messages from arriving on your device and delete them upon arrival.

Can Discord members see blocked messages?

No, Discord members cannot see blocked messages. Blocking someone on Discord prevents them from being able to see messages you send. This includes direct messages, mentions, and friend requests.

How to hide someones messages on Discord without blocking them?

The answer is: It is not possible to hide a message on Discord without blocking the user. However, you can use spoiler tags in messages to hide the contents of the message. This will make it impossible to read the message without the user manually allowing its contents to be shown.

How do I stop someone from seeing my messages on Discord?

To stop someone from seeing your messages on Discord, go to the User Settings page, select Blocked Users and add the user you wish to block. This will prevent the user from seeing any of your messages. You can also disable the ability for them to add you as a friend, by selecting Privacy Settings and restricting who can add you as a friend. By taking these steps, you can ensure that the user cannot access your messages.

Will someone know I blocked them on Discord?

No, the person you blocked on Discord won’t know that you blocked them. The messaging feature on Discord won’t alert them if you block them, and they will instead receive a generic error message suggesting that you are only accepting messages from Friends. Discord blocks are discreet and private, allowing users to control who they communicate with.

What does Discord say when you message someone who blocked you?

When you message someone who has blocked you, Discord will immediately alert you with a message that reads, “Your message could not be delivered. The recipient is blocking you or has blocked you.” This means the person you sent the message to has blocked you, and your message will not be seen or heard.

Can blocked people react to your messages on Discord?

No, if someone has blocked you on Discord, you will not be able to react to their messages. Discord will not allow blocked users to react, regardless of the reaction applied. There is no way to react to a message from a person who has blocked you.

Can a blocked person send a friend request Discord?

No, a blocked person cannot send a friend request on Discord. When a user is blocked, they are unable to interact with the person who blocked them and are unable to contact them through Discord. The blocked user will also no longer appear in the friend list of the person who blocked them. To verify if a user has been blocked, users can crosscheck if their friend request was accepted.

Final Thoughts

Discord is a great platform for communication, but sometimes you may want to block messages from certain users. Thankfully, Discord makes it easy to manually hide messages from others and even block specific users from sending you messages at all. While this may be undesirable in some conversations, it can be an effective way to deal with trolling and spam. No matter what the reason, following these instructions will help ensure that the messages you want to keep private will remain that way.


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