how to hide following on instagram

How to Hide Following on Instagram: A Comprehensive Guide

Feeling overwhelmed by the number of followers you have on Instagram? Take control of your account and ensure your privacy by learning how to easily hide following on Instagram.

Quick Summary

  Guide to Hiding Your Following on Instagram: Learn How,

Select Followers and access the settings of it. From the available settings like Everyone, Friends, Private and more, select Private and your followers will be hidden. You can also block a follower and they won’t be able to follow you again, and their interactions with you won’t appear in your activity either. Keep in mind that any changes you make to this setting will be applied to all your followers, so choose wisely.

Tap on Followers. Toggle “Private Account” to ON.

Guide to Hiding Your Followers on Instagram: Learn How

With social media sites such as Instagram, it’s increasingly important to protect your privacy and control who knows who you follow. If you’re looking to conceal the list of people you’re following on Instagram, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a guide on how to hide your followers on Instagram.


  • Go to your Instagram profile and tap on the menu icon.
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Tap on Privacy.
  • Tap on Followers.
  • Toggle “Private Account” to ON.
  • To finish, press Done in the top right hand corner. Now anyone visiting your profile will not be able to see who you’re following. Keep in mind that if someone requests to follow you, you’ll have to accept or deny the request before they can see your followers.

    Personal Experience

    Can I hide who I follow on Instagram from my followers?

    Hiding your followers on Instagram is a great way to keep your profile private and protect your personal information. By using this feature, you can control which accounts can see the people that you follow on Instagram. It’s also a great way to reduce the visibility of people you don’t want to be associated with. To do this, simply follow these steps:

    1. Go to your Instagram profile and click on the settings icon. 2. Select the Privacy option and click on ‘Followers’. 3. Tap on the ‘Hide My Followers’ option. 4. Toggle the ‘Hide Followers’ button to enable the feature.

    After you have enabled the feature, it will mask your current followers from everyone except you. No one else will be able to view the list of people that you are following nor will any of those people be notified of the change. With this feature, you can browse Instagram without worrying about being followed. You can also use this privacy setting to remain anonymous and enjoy the content without being interrupted.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I hide who I follow on Instagram from my followers?

    Yes, you can hide who you follow on Instagram from your followers. To do this, go to your profile, select Settings, then choose Privacy. Toggle the “Private Account” slider to the On position to make your account private and hide who you follow from your followers.

    Can other people see who you follow on Instagram?

    Yes, other people can see who you follow on Instagram if you have a public account. However, in a private account, only your followers can see your list of followers and those you follow. If you block someone, they won’t be able to see your list of followers or those you follow.

    How do I hide who I am following on Facebook?

    Go to the Privacy Settings in your Facebook account. Under the section “Your Activity,” look for the “Who Can See Your List of Follows on Your Profile” setting, and select to either make it visible to Everyone, Friends, or Only Me. You can also click on the “Edit” option to change the visibility of individual follows. Once you have made your selection, click on “Done” to save your changes.

    Can other people see who you follow on Facebook?

    Yes, other people can see who you follow on Facebook. To change who can see the people, Pages and lists you’re following: Go to your profile, click your profile picture in the top right of Facebook, then click Friends. From there, you can adjust your privacy settings.

    Can Facebook friends see if you follow or unfollow them?

    No, Facebook friends cannot see if you follow or unfollow them. Unfollowing someone will only cause their posts to no longer appear in your news feed. There is no notification sent out to a person when they are unfollowed, so the person will not know you have unfollowed them.

    Can I secretly follow a page on Facebook?

    No, you cannot secretly follow a page on Facebook. Facebook does not allow users to secretly follow or view the profile or page of any other user without their consent. If you would like to follow someone, you will need to send them a friend request or a message asking for permission and access.

    How to hide followers and following lists in Instagram?

    Hiding your following and followers lists on Instagram is easy. First, open the menu by tapping on the hamburger icon. Under the Settings menu, select Privacy > Activity Status, and toggle the switch to turn off your visibility. Lastly, confirm the change and your following and followers list will be hidden from view.

    How to hide who you follow on Instagram?

    To hide who you follow on Instagram, go to your profile, tap the three-dot button, tap ‘Edit Profile’, and then toggle off the ‘Followers’ option. This will hide the list of accounts you follow from others, but you will still be able to view the accounts you follow.

    How can I hide my activity from followers on Instagram?

    The best way to hide your activity from followers on Instagram is to switch your account to private. In this mode, only people you’ve approved will be able to view your posts, stories and followers or followings list. You can also remove followers from your account if you do not want them to see your activity. If privacy is not enough, you can also opt out of public activities like comments and likes by using the ‘comment and like control’ setting on the app.

    How to get 1K followers on Instagram in 5 minutes?

    The quickest way to get 1K followers on Instagram within 5 minutes is to boost your page by running sponsored campaigns. This could be done with a budget, investment, and specific target audience to attract relevant followers. Additionally, engaging with other users and leveraging features such as hashtags and geotags to reach a wider audience is also a great way to achieve 1K followers in 5 minutes.

    Final Thoughts

    In conclusion, hiding your followers on Instagram is a simple and effective way to protect your privacy and control who sees your content. With the help of this comprehensive guide, you can easily navigate the settings and make sure that only people you allow can see your followers. With just a few taps and some security options, you can protect your profile from unwanted attention and maintain a level of privacy that you are comfortable with.


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