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How to Hide Mutual Friends on Facebook: The Step-by-Step Guide

Are you looking to manage your social media presence, starting with hiding mutual friends on Facebook? Taking advantage of the privacy settings on Facebook allows you to control who can see your mutual friends, so you can remain in control of your account. Learn how to hide mutual friends on Facebook easily with this guide.

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  Hide Mutual Friends on Facebook: Step-by-Step Guide for How-To

Hide Mutual Friends on Facebook with a few easy steps. First, open the Facebook app on your Android device. Then, tap the ≡ menu located in the upper right corner. Scroll down and tap ‘Settings’. Under ‘Settings’ look for the ‘Privacy Settings’ and click it. Now, you’ll see the ‘Privacy Settings’ page. Scroll down and select ‘How You Connect’. Tap the ‘Who can see your mutual friends?’ and select the ‘Only Me’ option to hide mutual friends. You’re done. Now, no one except you can see your mutual friends on Facebook.

How to Hide Mutual Friends on Facebook

Are you looking for a way to hide mutual friends on Facebook? ​It can be annoying if a mutual friend is constantly showing up in your notifications or on your news feed. Luckily, Facebook makes it easy to safely hide these mutual friends from your profile, giving you more control over your news feed.

Step-By-Step Guide

  • Open Facebook on your Android.
  • Tap the ≡ menu.
  • Scroll down and tap Settings.
  • Tap “Privacy”.
  • Tap “Friends”.
  • Under “Who can see your friends list”, tap “Only Me” to hide your mutual friends.
  • No need to worry, anyone who isn’t a mutual friend will still be able to view your friends list if you share it with them.


    You’re now aware of how to hide mutual friends on Facebook. No more annoying notifications and clogged news feeds – now you have the freedom to choose who you want to share your friends list with. Keep in mind that anyone who isn’t a mutual friend will still be able to view your friends list if you share it with them.

    Personal Experience

    How do I see hidden mutual friends on Facebook?

    Hiding mutual friends on Facebook is a simple process. First, open Facebook on your Android device and tap the menu icon (represented by a three line menu button on the top right corner of your screen). Scroll down and tap Settings & Privacy, then Privacy Shortcuts. On the Privacy Shortcuts page, tap See more settings and select Privacy on the left-hand menu bar. Once you’re on the Privacy page, tap the drop-down menu under Who can see your friends list and select “Only me.” This will ensure that no one else can see the list of who you are connected to. Finally, save your selection and you have successfully hidden your mutual friends list on Facebook.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I see hidden mutual friends on Facebook?

    To view hidden Facebook mutual friends, open the profile of the user whose mutual friends you want to see, and then click on the Friends tab. This will open a list of all the mutual friends you have with that person, including any that have been hidden from view. You can then click on the friend’s name to view their profile and contact them.

    Can you see mutual friends if friends are hidden?

    No, you cannot see mutual friends if friends are hidden. Privacy settings allow users to decide what information they want to make public, so if someone has their friends list hidden it will not be visible to other users. Additionally, the hidden friend list can only be seen by the individual that set the privacy settings.

    Why are some mutual friends hidden on Facebook?

    Mutual friends may be hidden on Facebook because of the privacy settings of the users. Each person controls who can see their friends list, so friends may not be visible to everyone. Depending on the privacy settings of the individuals, some mutual friends may be hidden from view.

    Can you have secret friends on Facebook?

    Yes, you can have secret friends on Facebook. To add a friend to a “secret” list, go to their profile page and select the “Add Friend” button. When you select “Add Friend,” a window will pop up with the option to add them to your “Close Friends” or “Secret” lists. Select the “Secret” list to add them as a secret friend. You can have as many friends as you like on either list, depending on your privacy settings.

    How can I see someone’s friends on Facebook if they are hidden?

    Viewing someone’s hidden friends on Facebook is possible through the use of a Social Revealer Chrome extension. This extension enables users to view any private friends list by simply going to a person’s profile and clicking the extension. It is then possible to view a person’s hidden friends list with ease. In addition, Social Revealer also provides access to other hidden profile information, such as profile pictures, posts, and other data.

    Does Facebook tell you if someone searches for you?

    No, Facebook will not tell you if someone searches for your profile. While you can limit what others can see on your profile and searches, you cannot know who specifically is searching for your profile. This means that if someone searches for you on Facebook, it is completely anonymous unless they take more action.

    Can people see when you creep their Facebook?

    No, people cannot see when you ‘creep’ their Facebook. However, there are clues that can indicate when someone is interested in looking at your profile or posts. Facebook does not provide a way to track who views your profile or posts. It is not possible to get a list of people who have viewed your profile over a given period.

    Why do people show up in your people you may know section on Facebook?

    People show up in the People You May Know section on Facebook due to potential connections formed from shared networks and having mutual friends. These connections are determined from data such as your current location, school, or place of work, as well as other factors such as any Facebook groups you are both a part of. Put simply, People You May Know connects you and other users through common connections.

    How do you hide certain friends on Facebook?

    To hide certain friends on Facebook, log into your account, go to your profile page, click on your friends list, select the friends you wish to hide and click the ‘Friends’ drop-down box, then select ‘Add to another list’ and select ‘Restricted’. Your friends will now only be able to see posts shared with the public or those shared with friends only.

    How to smartly hide friends list on Facebook from others?

    The best way to hide your Facebook friends list from others is to adjust your Facebook privacy settings. Within Settings, click on the Privacy tab and then select ‘Friends’ from the left-hand menu. Finally, choose the ‘Only Me’ option to make sure that none of your friends can view your full friend list.

    How do you become mutual friends on Facebook?

    Becoming mutual friends on Facebook is simple. Start by searching for the person’s name in the search bar, or directly visit their profile page. You can then click ‘Add Friend’, and they will be sent a notification. If they accept, the two of you will become mutual friends.

    How do you set up mutual friends on Facebook?

    To set up mutual friends on Facebook, go to the person’s profile page, click the “Friends” tab, then select “More” and “Add Mutual Friends”. You can then search for a mutual friend or group of mutual friends, and then select “Add Mutual Friends” to confirm the connection. Once you add mutual friends, you and the other person will now be connected and able to view each other’s posts.

    Final Thoughts

    Hiding mutual friends on Facebook can protect your privacy on the platform and ensure that your presence on the site is only known to people you wish to have access. By follow the steps outlined above, Android users can easily make use of this function, allowing them to control their own privacy settings with ease.


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