how to loop a video on iphone without an app

How to Loop a Video on iPhone Without an App: Step-by-Step Guide

Looping a video on an iPhone without an app is easy with HitPaw Loop Video Online. Get the perfect GIF configuration and export quickly and easily with no specialized app required.

Quick Summary

Looping a video on your iPhone without an app is easy. To get started, upload the video you want to loop to HitPaw Loop Video Online. From there, you can click the “Choose Files” button or drag and drop your file to upload the video. After that, select how many times you want the video to loop, or you can also choose to make it loop as a GIF. At this point, click the “Save” button to export your video and start playing it on your iPhone. It’s really that simple!

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Loop a Video on iPhone Without an App

Using HitPaw Loop Video Online

Are you looking to find out how to loop a video but only want to use your iPhone? You’re in the right place! Loop Video Online by HitPaw can easily help you loop videos without needing to download any apps. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to loop a video using your iPhone:

  • Get into HitPaw Loop Video Online and click “Loop Video Now”.
  • Click “Choose Files” or drag and drop your file to upload your YouTube video.
  • Select how many times you want to loop this video or loop it as a GIF.
  • When you finished, click “Save” to export.
  • Once you’ve followed the steps above, you’ll have successfully looped your video or GIF on your iPhone! Keep in mind that this method also works for computers and Android devices.


    Thanks to Loop Video Online by HitPaw, looping videos and GIFs on your iPhone is really easy. Get looping today and start sharing gifs/videos with your friends!

    Personal Experience

    How do I loop a video on my iPhone without an app?

    Looping videos on an iPhone without an app is easier than most people think. Using a site like HitPaw Loop Video Online, it is relatively straightforward to achieve in a few simple steps. First, upload the YouTube video of your choice by clicking “Choose Files” or dragging and dropping it into the designated area. Then, you have the option to choose how many times the video will play or loop as a GIF. Once you’re done, finalize the changes by pressing “Save” and your video will be exported in no time.

    One of the major benefits of looping videos online is the feasibility of editing them if needed. Many of the sites give users the opportunity to cut and trim any part of their videos or add music to make the video more entertaining. If a certain clip needs to be spliced, or if a longer video needs to be shortened, users can simply cut any part they wish without requires a separate app. Overall, applying this easy process to loop videos or produce a mini clip without an app is a great option, especially on an iPhone.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I loop a video on my iPhone without an app?

    The answer to loop a video on an iPhone without an app is to use the built-in settings. Tap to select the video on the page and go to the settings tab. Then tap ‘Loop’ to enable continuous repeating of the video. Play forward and then backward is possible by tapping ‘Loop Back and Forth’.

    How do I loop my iPhone screen recording?

    To loop your iPhone screen recording, go to the “Library” tab in the bottom left corner of the Photos app. From there, select a pre-recorded Live Photo that you want and tap the dropdown menu at the top of the photo and select “LOOP.” This simple step will help you to successfully and quickly loop your iPhone screen recording.

    How do you get a video to repeat on IPAD?

    To make a video on an iPad repeat, go to the watch screen and tap “More” in the video player. Then tap “Single Loop” and the video will repeat continuously. With this method, you can easily set any video to repeat on your iPad.

    How do I enable looping on a video?

    To enable looping on a video, go to the watch screen of the video, tap “More” in the video player, and tap “Single Loop” to have the video repeat continuously. This is an easy way to have a video continually play without needing to manually restart it. Looping videos is an effective way to continuously view content in an automated fashion.

    How do I loop a video on my IPAD without an app?

    You can easily loop a video on your iPad without an app. To do so, start by opening the video you want to loop in the Photos app. Then navigate to the “Settings” and “Photos” menus from your iPad’s Home screen and turn the “Repeat” option for slideshows to “On”. Finally, go to your Photos window and select the new album, select the “Slideshow” button and the video will now loop.

    How do you make a video loop on Instagram?

    Answer: To make a video loop on Instagram, click on the ‘+’ icon at the bottom left of the screen. Select the video from your storage. Then click ‘Next’, which is located on the top right of the screen, and finally click ‘Play’. After that, the video will automatically repeat.

    Can you loop a video on Instagram reels?

    Yes, you can loop a video on Instagram Reels. It’s easy to do and an effective way to attract more views to your videos. Instagram Reels also has tools and privacy settings in place to protect your account and keep it safe.

    How to flip and rotate a video on iPhone?

    Rotating and flipping videos on an iPhone is easy and can be done in 3 different ways. Using the Photos app, users can quickly and easily rotate their video directly from the app. Alternatively, one can download the free iMovie app from the App Store and edit and rotate the video using that app. Lastly, for a specifically designed tool for rotating and flipping videos, users can download the Video Rotate + Flip app from the App Store.

    How to speed up a video on the iPhone?

    To speed up a video on an iPhone, open the Photos app, go to Albums and select the Slo-mo option. Select the video and tap the Edit button in the upper-right corner of the screen. There will be a timeline of the video, from which the speed can be adjusted.

    How to crop a video on your iPhone?

    To crop a video on an iPhone, open the Photos app and enter and select the video you want to crop. Tap Edit, then the crop icon from the bottom menu. Using your fingers, adjust the outline to define the desired crop and tap Done when finished.

    How to repeat YouTube videos on iPhone?

    You can repeat YouTube videos on your iPhone with Clideo’s Video Looper. Simply upload the video you wish to loop, decide how many times you want to repeat it and save it. With Clideo, you can quickly and easily create video loops for YouTube on your iPhone.

    Final Thoughts

    Looping videos on a phone can be useful for entertainment or educational purposes. With some simple steps, it is possible to loop a video on your iPhone without an app. The free online service, HitPaw Loop Video Online, allows you to easily upload and loop a video or GIF. Once the video has uploaded, simply select the desired amount of times you would like the video to loop, and click “Save”. The video will then be available to view on your iPhone without having to navigate through an app.


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